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First for Women March 2, 2020

First for Women is a women's interest magazine that gives its readers the tools and inspiration they need to feel great, look beautiful and love every dimension of their life. Published every three weeks, First delivers positive information on everything from health and nutrition, to beauty and fitness, to home and family.

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7 things making us happy

Bliss in every bite Too-cute fruit tarts “Homemade mini fruit tarts are my go-to effortlessly elegant dessert for family get-togethers,” says Charles Grayauskie, FIRST associate food editor. “And when I’m running short on time, store-bought pie dough saves the day! To make: Roll out 1 (14.3 oz.) pkg. refrigerated piecrust dough and coat 16 muffin cups with cooking spray. Using 3" round cookie cutter, cut out 16 rounds. Fit into cups; line with foil, then fill with pie weights. Bake at 375°F for 7–8 min.; remove weights. Bake until golden, 3–5 min. Fill with sweetened whipped cream and fresh fruit, then finish with a squeeze of lime. They’re so light and so tasty!” Dazzling on a dime Pretty potted trio “I recently hosted a brunch for my best girlfriends, and I wanted to dress up…

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smart you solutions

Press here to reverse a stomachache The buffet at your niece’s bridal shower was delicious, but there were so many tasty treats, your belly now feels a little crampy. To relieve the ache so you can enjoy the rest of the celebration, firmly press your index and middle fingers four finger-widths below your kneecaps, where the shinbone and calf muscle meet, for 90 seconds. Activating this stomach-corresponding pressure point stimulates nerves in the belly responsible for reducing pain and spasms, while helping improve digestion. QUICK POLL What’s the best way to nix shoe odor? Did the booties you’ve been sporting all season develop a sweaty odor? FIRST readers share their go-to tips for removing shoe smells in a flash 52% ♥ this idea! Place lemon peels in shoes overnight, says Mae Dixon. The pith absorbs odor…

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polka dots 3 style secrets

Highlights an hourglass Small linear dots on a shapeless maxi skirt create a 3D effect that magnifies the body, sapping any figure-flattering shape. But a style that hugs the hips and flares out at the knee helps carve out feminine curves. Broadens the body Not even a self-belt can rein in the body-widening combination of puffy sleeves, thick pleats and a large, shiny tone-on-tone print. Looks long and lean A fitted sheath creates a slimming column that visually stretches the body so it appears more statuesque. Even better? Miniature contrasting dots help detract from any trouble spots. Subtracts 10 pounds Large-scale dots, oversize sleeves and a huge bow-tied neck add visual bulk to the torso, creating the look of lumps and bumps. The fix: A petite pattern on a tapered blouse with a neck tie that hangs…

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wow in a winter hat

A cloche masks wrinkles The small brim and bucket-like design of a cloche is a smart and stylish way to conceal deep-set forehead furrows. Plus, its sturdy structure protects hair and skin from winter’s harsh elements. FIRST pick: Betmar, $44 (Hats.com, Sophiya) A beret lifts features With its innate side-heavy style, a beret directs focus diagonally, creating the illusion of lifted eyes and cheeks. Plus, the sheen from a colorful “leather” design reflects light, giving skin a gorgeous glow. FIRST pick: SS/Hat, $19 (Amazon.com, Vegan Leather Fashion Beret) An oversize beanie slims the face A tall ear-skimming knit topper directs the eye vertically, “stretching” the face so it appears slimmer. Even better? It also hides any thinning or grays along the temples and hairline. FIRST pick: Sportsman, $6 (Amazon.com, SP12-12 Inch Solid Knit Beanie) GETTY (2); SHUTTERSTOCK. TEXT: LEANN…

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what a difference the right color makes!

Argh! How is it that the same exact store-bought box color that left your friend looking radiant aged you by 10 years? A difference in skin tone is likely to blame, but you can easily turn back the clock just by knowing which hair color best complements your complexion. Beautiful with buttered toffee BEST FOR ✓ Fair to medium skin✓ Warm undertones BEFORE: “Allover yellow-tinged hair against warm skin intensifies any redness in the complexion, resulting in a ruddy appearance,” says Mike Petrizzi, colorist at the Chris Chase Salon in New York City, who’s worked with Mandy Moore and Joan Jett. NOW: A mix of both light and dark shades of blond helps pull out the golden undertone in warmer skin for a gorgeous glow. GET THE LOOK: First, create lowlights using a dark blond dye…

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outsmart thinning from the inside out

For allover thinning Research has found that daily intake of marine proteins (they deliver amino acid to follicles during the growth phase) can increase hair count by 32% and reduce fallout by 40% in just three months. FIND IT IN: Viviscal Advanced Hair Health, Viviscal.com For excessive shedding As we age, a slowdown in hair-building keratin production leads to weaker, more fallout-prone strands. Supplementing with cynatine daily can help! The easily absorbed form of keratin has been shown to reduce hair loss by 34% within two months. FIND IT IN: Reserveage Nutrition Keratin Hair Booster Powder with Biotin, LuckyVitamin.com For sparse spots Taken once a day, the growth-enhancing combination of biotin (it helps produce amino acids needed to make new keratin) and folic acid (it helps deliver blood and oxygen to follicles) can help “fill in” bald…