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First for Women May 4, 2020

First for Women is a women's interest magazine that gives its readers the tools and inspiration they need to feel great, look beautiful and love every dimension of their life. Published every three weeks, First delivers positive information on everything from health and nutrition, to beauty and fitness, to home and family.

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7 things making us happy

Bliss in every bite Chocolate perfection “Boxed cupcakes drizzled with chocolate sauce are my go-to treats for last-minute get-togethers,” says Charles Grayauskie, FIRST associate food editor. “To start, bake cupcakes using fudge cake mix, then dress them up with easy homemade toppings. To make frosting, beat 8 Tbs. of butter until fluffy, add ⅔ cup of melted chocolate, then 1 cup of powdered sugar and 2 Tbs. of milk. After piping the frosting over the cupcakes, stir ½ cup of heated heavy cream with 1 cup of dark chocolate chips until smooth, then drizzle the sauce over the frosting and garnish with berries. They’re triple-chocolaty delicious and always win rave reviews.” Dazzling on a dime Fresh-picked joy! “There’s nothing quite like mini bouquets of just-clipped flowers to brighten up a patio table,” says Lauren Blum,…

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smart you solutions

Stay-comfy trick for long car rides You like to sleep through the three-hour drive to your in-laws, but resting your head awkwardly against the window is sure to do a number on your neck. For a cramp-free snooze, cushion your seat belt with a pool noodle! Simply cut a foot-long piece off the noodle, slice it vertically to create a slit and slip it over the seat belt. The foamy roll is firm enough to hold your head in place but soft enough to cushion it for total sleeping comfort. QUICK POLL What’s your go-to bee-sting soother? That stroll through the community garden was such a stress-reliever—until you got stung by a bee! FIRST readers share their tips to soothe the sting—stat 59% ❤ this idea! Slice an onion and place it on the sting, says…

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spring stripes

Dress Keep stripes uniform ✓ Looks long and lean A dress with stripes that move in different directions and meet just below the bust creates optical bulk at the belly while shortening the body. The fix: One with simple vertical stripes directs the eye up and down, “stretching” the figure for tall and slender! ✗ Erases curves A baggy top with billowy sleeves broadens shoulders, thickens the middle and magnifies hips, countering any of the slimming benefits of vertical stripes. Top Nix a baggy fit ✓ Highlights an hourglass When tucked in and paired with a belt, a tailored top with vertical stripes visually narrows the torso and defines the waist to carve out the appearance of feminine curves. Jumpsuit Avoid horizontal stripes ✓ Subtracts 10 pounds Thick horizontal stripes wrap around the body, creating the illusion of a fuller, rounder appearance. But…

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slip on beautiful with a headband

Beautiful with a bold ‘bow tie’ FIRST pick: Qiabao Womens Solid Bow Tie Headband, $9, Amazon.com Elegant in big pearls FIRST pick: LYDZTION pearls White Pearl Headband for Women, $10, Amazon.com The once-plain hair accessory has gotten a dazzling upgrade! “Besides keeping hair in place, today’s headbands come in varieties like lock luster–boosting satin, skin-brightening pearls and wrinkle-blurring stones—offering age-defying benefits to hair and skin,” says celebrity hairstylist Daniel Koye. ”Plus, the bands add depth so hair looks twice as thick.” Find the one that will make you shine! Glowing in glittery, golden beads FIRST pick: Brilliant Splendor Gold Padded Headband, $25, Lulus.com ZUMA PRESS; GETTY (2). TEXT: LEANN GAROFOLO…

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body-beautiful by memorial day!

For a marvelous midsection Thanks to things like bloat, stretch marks and saggy skin, the belly ranks high on the list of body parts we’re most self-conscious about showing. Put it in the spotlight with ease using these solutions: A bloat-busting wrap Mix 3 Tbs. of guarana powder (like Starwest Botanicals Guarana Seed Powder, Starwest-Botanicals.com), 2 Tbs. of water and ½ Tbs. of olive oil. Rub on the belly and loosely wrap with plastic wrap; let sit 20 minutes, then rinse. Do twice a week. The diuretic powder and sweat-inducing plastic flush out bloat-causing toxins and water for a flatter belly in 30 days. A stretch mark–reducing rub Combine 3 drops of licorice root extract (available at health-food stores), ¼ cup of coconut oil and the liquid of 1 vitamin E capsule. The plant’s liquirtin…

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pretty spring nails for pennies

LENGTHEN NAILS with dazzling daisies Linear stems and a sparkling center direct focus vertically for the illusion of longer nails. To do: Apply two coats of bright pink polish (like essie in Pin Me Pink, Walmart.com) onto nails; let dry. Dip a toothpick into yellow polish (like OPI Nail Lacquer in Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet, OPI.com) and dot two sets of five circles (the petals) onto the ring and index nails. Once dry, dip a toothpick into a clear top coat (like Orly Polyshield, Ulta.com), dot it on the back of 4 stones (like Faceted Studs in Apricot, DollarNailArt.com), then place 1 in the center of each daisy. Next, use a green striper polish (like China Glaze StripeRite in It’s All About Monet, SallyBeauty.com) to draw stems from the base of each…