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Flying July 2019

The sharp wit and experienced judgment of Flying’s experts cover all the challenges and rewards that aviation offers to all flying enthusiasts. From industry news updates, regulations, trends, air shows and events to carefully researched reports on all categories of airplanes, helicopters, avionics, products, technology, accessories and equipment to pilot technique, flight training, safety, weather, operations and maintenance.

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introducing flyingtv

Here at Flying we’re always looking for new ways to connect with our audience. Whether that means adding fresh departments and columns to the print magazine; creating new content hubs for the half-million-plus monthly visitors to our Flyingmag.com website; offering a unique perspective on general aviation for the 80,000 subscribers who receive our free twice-weekly Flying eNews blasts; or uploading must-see videos and other captivating aviation content for our 350,000-plus fans on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, being a leading independent voice for the GA community is a full-time endeavor that requires thinking outside the box, inside the box, under the box and—well, you get it. An exciting new way for us to interact with you is the launch of FlyingTV.com, an on-demand video service offering 24/7 access to a vast library…

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ECSTASY IN THE ISLANDS I just finished reading Dick Karl’s ode to Princess Juliana International Airport [“Eleven Minutes of Ecstasy,” April]. He hit the nail right on the head! My wife and I returned from there two weeks ago, staying at the same resort and enjoying the same shared love of aviation with our friends and other visitors, including hundreds every day off the cruise ships. Most of those people probably wouldn’t give a second look at an aircraft back home, and that’s one of things that makes this place so special. We’ve been there 11 times in the last 16 years (though on the airlines, not a business jet!), and wish the good folks of St. Maarten all the best in their continued recovery from Hurricane Irma. Phil Brooks via email HEARTENING…

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dc pro x2

We fell in love with David Clark’s lightweight DC Pro X headset when it arrived on the scene in 2013, so we were interested to see what improvements make the newly introduced DC Pro X2 headset better. David Clark has long been known for producing quality headsets, and both models in the Pro series meet this standard. New in the DC Pro X2 ($795 list price) is automatic gain control for improved active noise reduction performance in high-noise environments, enhanced auto shut-off that virtually eliminates accidental battery-power drain and a slightly redesigned profile with an oblong-shaped dome that provides exceptional rest-on-ear stability. Retained in the DC Pro X2 is the 7.5-ounce weight and leatherette ear seals that are perfect for long flights. This headset provides excellent active noise reduction with “feed-forward,”…

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cooling system

It’s been said the simplest ideas work best, so it’s no surprise that a cooler full of ice hooked to an electric fan will get the job done for a fraction of the price of factory-installed air conditioning. Starting at $299, the B-Kool portable cooling system takes this concept one step further by keeping the cabin surprisingly cool even on the hottest of days. The secret is the use of an internal heat exchanger and high-volume ducted fan that pumps out not just cool air, but downright cold air, down to about 40 degrees F. Available in 12- or 24-volt versions, the unit is simple to set up and requires just a few ice packs or bags of ice to work its magic. We tried it on a warm summer day…

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dickson pledges improved faa oversight

By the time you read this, Steve Dickson, a retired Delta Air Lines executive and U.S. Air Force F-15 pilot, is expected to have been named the next administrator of the FAA, finally adding a permanent voice to a job that’s been temporarily in the hands of Acting Administrator Daniel Elwell since January 2018. Dickson retired from Delta last October as the airline’s senior vice president of flight operations. He joins the agency in the middle of a turbulent battle focused on the certification process for Boeing’s 737 Max 8 and 9 aircraft, grounded since March following two deadly accidents that claimed nearly 350 lives. Rebuilding public trust in the agency is also expected to be high on Dickson’s list of tasks. Under questioning from senators during his confirmation hearing in May,…

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flagstaff, arizona ils/loc runway 21

Even the simplest instrument approach can present challenges to pilots who don’t plan ahead, but in this month’s chart, the ILS Runway 21 at Flagstaff Pulliam Airport, Arizona (FLG), pilots will encounter some issues unique to flying an approach into an airport with an elevation in excess of 7,000 feet—7,003 feet to be exact. This procedure demands careful consideration of aircraft performance limitations, especially in warmer months when density altitudes can climb toward the stratosphere. In winter, higher altitudes add the risk of icing. A. INTERCEPT ALTITUDES Because Flagstaff is located some 130 miles northeast of Phoenix, from which it derives some of its approach-control services, radar following may or may not be available depending upon the time of the day. This translates into pilots needing to be ready to fly the…