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the new storytellers

Flying magazine and its predecessor publication, Popular Aviation, have given top-notch storytellers a platform to share their adventures with our readers since 1927. While this mission won’t change, the men and women who tell these stories will. When I first began reading Flying in the 1960s, writers such as Jonathan Livingston Seagull author Richard Bach, Fate is the Hunter’s Ernest K. Gann, Peter Garrison and Richard Collins were featured regularly. As they moved on, Len Morgan, Peter Garrison and Gordon Baxter became well-known inside the pages of Flying. Today, our dynamic masthead of columnists includes Ben Younger, Martha Lunken, John and Martha King, Sam Weigel, Dick Karl, and—oh, yes—Peter Garrison, all with engaging stories to share every month. Of course, Flying editorial-staff members join and leave us as well. You probably…

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SEAREY & ICON I was excited to see Rob Mark’s article on the Searey vs. Icon [“Adventures on the Water,” August], as I have a friend who has been vacillating between the two for a few months, and I was anxious to show it to him. But after reading it, I changed my mind. The entire “comparison” section emphasizes how very similar the two aircraft are, with the only significant difference being that the Searey is faster. Then the author mysteriously concludes: “In truth, the A5 is the superior airplane, and it isn’t even close.” Where in the world did that come from? Certainly not from anything prior in the article. And the last paragraphs seem to want to shame anyone with $400K from even considering the Searey. I got the…

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pro flight 2

Bose Corporation released the original ProFlight headset in 2018, and reactions from professional aviators flying turbine equipment weren’t quite what the company was expecting from people willing to pay $1,000 each. Many gave up their trusty A20s on a promise that the new lightweight headset at 4.9 ounces would represent a radical upgrade from what some saw as the brain-numbing 12 ounces the older over-ear units weighed. The ProFlights were also fully Bluetooth capable. When cockpit crews began using them—such as the people at Flying who evaluated the ProFlight—they found the headset awkward to put on each flight, as well as keep in place as the person turned their head as they must during flying activities. The unit Flying tested regularly fell off the pilot’s head almost completely. Additionally, many pilots…

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iridium ptt

The nicest part of the old walkie-talkies we played with as kids was the simplicity of their operation. Push the button and talk. No numbers to punch in, no prompts, nothing. Now, ICOM has linked up with Iridium Communications to take person-to-person communications back to those days of simplicity, but in a phone incorporating modern technology. While ICOM built the new IC-SAT100, this push-to-talk unit depends on Iridium’s network of 66 cross-linked, low-earth orbit satellites to connect you with your coworker, whether they’re 7 miles away or on the job in a remote area. The IC-SAT100 offers the best of both worlds as both a PTT walkie-talkie-like radio and a global satellite telephone because it can be quickly programmed with members of a specific group the user needs to communicate with,…

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epic e1000 gains type inspection authorization

The journey to type inspection authorization can move in fits and starts for a manufacturer, so when that momentous piece of paper is granted to an organization, a certain amount of celebration is in order. Epic Aircraft announced on July 22, 2019, that it had passed this critical milestone on the road to type certification on the E1000. CEO Doug King discussed the highlights of the 4,000 FAA test points met throughout conforming flight tests over the course of several years, with the first flight-test article produced in December 2015. Epic completed the tests on July 18, and the company expects final type certification later this year. Key improvements made during the process include an optimized design for the airflow induction system, which increased engine performance, cruise speed and climb rates. King…

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honeywell acquires trutrak autopilots

Honeywell acquired TruTrak Flight Systems in July 2019 to create a series of autopilots for experimental and certified aircraft. The acquisition has become part of Honeywell’s BendixKing business unit. TruTrak Flight Systems offered a well-known and well-regarded line of affordable autopilots for a wide range of aircraft. A couple years ago, BendixKing approached TruTrak to “white label” its Vision autopilots for experimental and certified airframes. According to BendixKing president Gregg Cohen, “It was a partnership that turned into a family.” As part of the transition, the former CEO and owner of TruTrak, Andrew Barker, has joined BendixKing’s executive team to continue to drive the product line forward. Cohen noted the desire to take “the entrepreneurial spirit of the pilot and bring that into our products.” Barker was also impressed with TruTrak’s relationship…