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Spring 2021

Foiling Magazine brings the best features, the latest tech and the finest tricks-and-tips to you from the world of foiling. Within this relatively new sport, Foiling Magazine is essential reading for any surf, SUP, Wing, wake or eFoiler. Working with the best riders, the biggest brands and the finest photographers, Foiling Magazine provides the ultimate representation of the most exciting sport on the planet…

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If you’ve been with us from the start, and you have been following closely, you’ll notice two things… Firstly – and this should be instantly clear if you’re holding the mag while reading this – we’ve grown. The reasons I’ll come back to, but to get a little technical first, when we put together a magazine, we do so with some key numbers in mind. Of course, one of the major ones is cost – putting a magazine together is not a cheap undertaking. Balancing things up to make it viable is part ‘art form’ and part ‘leap of faith’, and let’s all take a moment to breathe a sigh of relief that this is not one of my responsibilities, because – trust me – it would not have gone well.…

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RIDER Adrian Geislinger LOCATION Majanicho, Fuerteventura PHOTOGRAPHER Alex Schwarz Adrian: Majanicho picks up any swell from the north and is probably best known for its perfectly predictable righthander on the inside. However, on this day we had a moderate sized swell with some nice ones coming in on the outer reef. Majanicho is blessed with a small natural harbor which makes it perfect to access the spot with the wing. Getting surf shots from this angle is quite tricky, but Alex followed along on a Jetski… RIDER Simon Axmann LOCATION Fingal Head PHOTOGRAPHER Phil Gallagher Simon: This was one of the first rides on the new Series 2 ULTRA from Fliteboard – testing out the footstraps and getting some solid airtime in the waves. Conditions were pretty challenging – lots of chop/moving water but it was a…

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kalani morin

Hey Kalani, could you first tell us a little about yourself… How old are you, where do you live, and where’s your favorite spot to ride? Hello, I’m 8-years-old, I live in Mo'orea (the island in front of Tahiti). My favorite spot is the one where I learn every water sport called Haumi Pass. It’s just in front of my house, so it’s super easy to get in the water. What kickstarted your love of foiling? The main thing that really excited me about learning to foil was the movie from Takuma that was shot on my island Mo'orea with Matahi Drollet, Tikanui Smith and Lorenzo Avvenenti. I love the style of the riders so much and how cool they are in such heavy conditions. They inspired me and I really want to…

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gwa wingfoil world cup

The Wingfoil World Tour started the 2021 World Cup season with the traditional event in Leucate, the Mondial du Vent, at the end of April. Under extremely challenging conditions and Covid-19 protection requirements, the GWA managed to get this important event off the ground, in which the two official World Cup disciplines – Surf-Freestyle and Surf-Race – were held. A total of 53 riders from all over the world registered for the event. They made all the effort needed to participate in the GWA Wingfoil World Cup, such as the mandatory seven-day quarantine. Significantly more riders (especially from Maui and other water sport hotspots in the USA) had registered, but had to cancel their participation at the last moment due to the stricter border-entry regulations. The event then kept to what…

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toeing the line

Picture this: An international brand books a shoot to create content on a range of new products in one of the only places in the world where travel is accessible, and the wind is blowing: South Africa. The shoot gear gets air-freighted to Cape Town, and on the day the gear arrives, the president announces another lockdown. Beaches are closed, and foilers are officially persona non grata! This was the situation that we on the Flysurfer team found ourselves in this past January. All geared up and nowhere to go. With our new MOJO wing ready to hit the market, we had a mission to accomplish, and we were going to find a way… Alarms were set for 4:30am, leaving just enough time to brew some hot coffee to keep us…

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the bay

Until recently, foiling for me was mostly about going fast, pointing high, trying to beat people around the course. Wing foiling hit the scene right as I was stepping back from kite racing. Though I’m still launching from Crissy Field in San Francisco Bay most days, winging has changed the way I view my local spot and allowed me to appreciate it in a new way. Instead of looking for steady wind and flat water, the Crissy wingers now congregate in the sloppiest places we can find. A local favorite is the South Tower of the Golden Gate bridge. On a strong ebb tide, 6+ knots of current sucks out under the bridge in a glassy slick, uncharacteristic of a windy venue. The tower’s wake forms a series of standing waves…