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August 2021

Future Music delivers the technique and technology behind the hits. Packed with inspiration for today’s modern musician there’s reviews of hot new gear, tons of tutorials to help you get the most out of your hardware and software, and exclusive In The Studio features where the stars take apart their tracks. Our Zinio edition does not include the DVD but DOES INCLUDE the full samples and tutorial files to download. Full details inside. Download does not include In The Studio With video. This digital edition is not printable.

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United Kingdom
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Chase & Status More Than Alot The heavyweight DnB duo dropped this set of bangers in 2008. Sure to have rubbed off on bezzy mate, Sub Focus, right? ADD THESE TO YOUR PLAYLIST: ‘Cant Get Enough’, ‘Music Club’, ‘Smash TV’ Dubfire Hybrid: A Decade Of Dubfire A ten-year chunk of this dude’s deep demented dance. Including examples of the [Roger] Shepard Tone effect that inspired noises in Vapourise. ADD THESE TO YOUR PLAYLIST: ‘Grindhouse (Dubfire Terror Planet Remix)’, ‘Dust Devil’, ‘Lucky Heather (Dubfire’s Lucky 13 Remix Parts 1+2)’ Booka Shade Movements Germanic house and techno LP from 2006 that cast a nice shadow over Sub’s mellower album track, Follow The Light. ADD THESE TO YOUR PLAYLIST: ‘Night Falls’, ‘Paper Moon’, ‘The Birds And The Beats / At The Window’ Daft Punk Human After All Heavy electro loops that bang in the night. These huge stadium synths influenced…

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circuit tracks

“Fun and intuitive while still deceptively deep” WHAT IS IT? This year’s Circuit Tracks is a direct follow-up to Novation’s original Circuit groovebox. Like its predecessor, it has both synth and sample sound engines – the former in the shape of two digital polysynths, the latter four tracks of relatively simple one-shot playback. The highlight is the sequencing workflow, which is fun and intuitive while still deceptively deep, with features like micro timing adjustments, probability and macro automation. This new version adds two MIDI tracks for sequencing external gear. WHY USE IT ON STAGE? Circuit Tracks is something of a compact melodic sequencing powerhouse. Between its synth and MIDI tracks it can independently sequence up to four polyphonic, MIDI-equipped instruments, with automatable macro controls which can output customisable CC messages to each. Melodic sequences…

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packs and components

As with Circuit Tracks, Rhythm is expandable thanks to an SD card port on the rear (though the card itself is sold separately). This lets the instrument load up to 32 ‘packs’, one of which can be saved to the hardware itself at any time, with 31 more available on the card. These packs are effectively a full memory state for the instrument, containing a full bank of samples, along with projects and patterns. It’s handy for expanding the sample memory, though it’s not mix and match – you can’t easily grab saved samples from multiple Packs to use in the same project, without some copy/ paste admin. Packs can be created and organised using Novation’s Components app, which also allows users to edit the Grid FX setup as well as…

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back to live

The return of live music and clubs has been a long time coming. The last proper, unrestricted gig I attended was back in January 2020. While I’ve been lucky enough to ease myself in with a few socially-distanced events, I’m certainly pining for the return of dark, noisy late-night DJ sets and raucous gigs packed into the back room of a pub. From the point of view of performers, the return of live music is more than just a social thing; it’s the return of a vital source of income, and a way to connect to new fans. The forced ‘reset’ of Covid does have one potential benefit though, in that it offers an opportunity to take a step back and rethink or refresh your approach to performing. It’s this we’re focusing…

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“Equally at home on stage as it is in the studio” WHAT IS IT? Released earlier this year, the Korg SQ-64 is a four-channel sequencer, three of which are melodic, while the other is for percussion, making this the ideal sequencer for a complete small rig. The SQ-64 can output via MIDI, USB or CV, meaning it is a fantastic centre for a small studio, connecting either to your DAW, desktop synths or a modular rig. It is small but solid, with an aluminium unibody construction, making it equally at home on stage as it is in the studio. WHY USE IT ON STAGE? The big selling point here is that it has multiple channels of sequencing, each up to 64 steps, so there’s less reliance on mults and clock dividers, freeing up space…

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the alternatives

Novation Circuit Tracks £360 The sampling capabilities of Tracks are far shallower than Rhythm, but the powerful polysynths and external sequencing tracks make this a killer all-rounder for studio or stage novationmusic.com Elektron Digitakt £630 Elektron’s compact sampler is a step up in price range, but its sample engines are more powerful and the inclusion of a screen allows for deeper editing elektron.se Korg Electribe Sampler £399 Probably the closest thing Rhythm has to a direct rival. The Electribe Sampler is a few years old now. It’s screen does help navigation, and the sample engines are more powerful, but overall the Rhythm’s workflow is slicker korg.com…