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Golf Monthly Summer 2020

Published by TI Media Limited Golf Monthly is the market-leading magazine brand in the UK in a sport that continues to grow and grow. Golf Monthly is a lively and welcoming brand targeted at good golfers who are regular players - and keen to get even better. With over 100 years of heritage and authority behind it, it represents the real 'voice of golf' with leading columnists, top players and unrivalled coverage of equipment and instruction. The Golf Monthly brand also has a strong and growing presence in digital publishing, with a popular website delivering over 1 million page impressions each month, and a strong following on the key social media platforms.

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from the editor

It’s good to be back! “Where is your first drive back after the coronavirus lockdown going?” This was the question we posed on social media back in April, with an image of a golfer about to tee off and users being able to pick one of 11 options. Choices ranged from a long fairway splitter to a duck hook and even the dreaded Scottish shot. Thousands posted comments on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, with a sizeable percentage opting for an outcome that would have had them reaching into the bag for a provisional! I mention this as it was an image I just couldn’t get out of my head when I stood on the 10th tee at my home club on the first day the course was open for play. The hole is a tight…

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your view

Your club needs you It has been well documented over recent years that participation in the game we all love has dwindled. The current Covid-19 epidemic could sadly be the final nail in the coffin for some clubs, but perhaps there is a glimmer of hope. The upside of being placed on furlough is I am playing more golf than ever. Last week, I encouraged three lapsed golfers to dust off their sticks and return to the links on three separate occasions, all paying green fees. Out of this horrendous situation, we can all do our bit to actively encourage former golfers to get back into this beautiful game for the social, mental and physical benefits. This will get our local courses some much-needed income and could well lead to new memberships. Daniel Jackson,…

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our view

The European Tour has come up with an innovative solution to the schedule crisis and we can’t wait to see so much golf at UK courses on our screens soon. Tour chief Keith Pelley has promised to use these events to try a few new ideas, with one of the proposals being to mic up the players. Recent charity events such as The Match II have proved a huge hit using innovations like this, but should it be employed at the top level? These matches relied on the players being relaxed and buying into the ‘trash talk’ they were being asked to take part in, and the banter did seem a little forced at times. With players’ livelihoods at stake, is it fair to add this extra level of scrutiny? It would…

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the game

Golf is back! A very welcome return With the easing of lockdown, golfers across the UK and Ireland have made tentative steps back out on to the fairways. Professional tournaments are also scheduled to return, both in Europe and the States, after the success of charity events such as the TaylorMade Driving Relief (pictured). Clubs here have worked tirelessly to make sure courses are ready and players can abide by strict government restrictions. We’re sure we speak for all golfers in saying we’re extremely grateful to those involved! BY THE NUMBERS $20m The amount raised by The Match II for Covid-19 relief 30 European Tour tournaments cancelled or postponed due to coronavirus so far 6 Number of events planned for the ‘UK Swing’ once the European Tour returns 2002 The last time the English Open – one of the six UK…

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should you be able to practise on the course?

No says Fergus Bisset Yes says Jeremy Ellwood If a lone visitor turns up at your club and pays a single green fee, would you be happy to see them out on the fairways hitting multiple balls? I definitely wouldn’t. Firstly, they’ve only shelled out for one round, so why should they get two or three times as much for their outlay? And secondly, they’re causing more damage to my course than they should as a result. But should members be allowed that right? I would also say no: it’s selfish and unnecessary. If someone wants to practise, almost all clubs have designated areas for that and there are driving ranges across the country. If a club were to allow members to practise on the course, how would that be policed? Yes, the majority would be…

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find your ideal eyeline

FIND YOUR AUTHENTIC SPOT Tour average is more or less over the hosel of the putter, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Some players are actually past the ball. It’s about finding the authentic spot that works for you. Move your eyes back and forth until you find your ideal calibrated spot. EYES RIGHT OVER THE BALL? The eyes are mostly inside the ball, although for some people they may be directly over it if that’s where they see a straight line between the markings on their putter and a line on the ball. That’s what we’re looking for – when things are lined up, that’s the time to pull the trigger. WHY IT’S IMPORTANT If you’re not seeing the line correctly, chances are you will compensate in your stroke and either hold…