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June 2018

gonatural for health and wellbeing; the magazine for freedom lovers and those who embrace the naturist lifestyle features clothes free events and destinations from New Zealand and overseas; plus a great selection of photos. Published quarterly by the New Zealand Naturist Federation.

New Zealand
NZ Naturist Federation Inc
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from the editor

“I like me better naked. I don’t mean that in a vain way. When you put clothes on, you immediately put a character on. Clothes are adjectives, they are indicators. When you don’t have any clothes on, it’s just you, raw, natural, and you can’t hide.”- PADMA LAKSHMI(WENDY MORGAN)Kiwi naturists should be immensly proud of our gonatural magazine - now in it’s 62nd year of continuous publication. As printed newspapers close or get reduced to a fraction of their former glory, magazines are still growing and prosperous. In a more digital age, a magazine offers indepth life stories and a journal to share and display.As winter is upon us as the June issue of gonatural arrives in your hands. I dug out this photo (above) from 2015 when we visited…

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I’m hoping you will not feel too disturbed by this. The reason for this letter is I’m feeling disappointed by the Autumn Farm advert, then saw that there was an article [#244 March 2018]. I don’t feel comfortable with the promotion of homosexuality. Regardless that it is legal, and socially acceptable, the Bible says that both male and female homosexuality is abnormal, so I don’t feel I would feel comfortable renewing my subscription. I do not endorse homosexuality. Also there was a letter [from Bob & Debbie Turlington] stated that nudity is not approved of in the Bible, this is wrong.- Jesse Laila, ChristchurchWe have been a regular reader of gonatural magazine for some time and always look forward to the variety of stories and the wonderful photos.- Joan and…

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WHY? Ghastly ‘naked’ swimsuits have hit the market marking Prince Harry and Meghan Markle royal wedding.World record broken: 2,505 naked womenWomen stripped naked on an Irish beach breaking the world record for the largest skinny dip.Magheramore Beach, just south of Wicklow Town, saw the women-only event in early June. 2,505 women broke the existing Guinness World Record, which had been set in 2015 when 786 people bared all on South Beach in Perth, Australia. The event marked the sixth year of the annual Strip and Dip charity swim, which was founded by Deirdre Featherstone when she was undergoing treatment for breast cancer.In 2013, 510 New Zealanders skinny dipped in Midway Beach, Gisborne. The following year, 749 took part in a world record attempt at the same beach.Nude boys and girls…

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naked female image censored by otago university, media, trademe

The latest issue of Otago University student magazine Critic Te Arohi, that features a cover illustration of a naked female on the cover, was removed and thrown in the rubbish by Campus Watch staff, directed by the universitiy’s proctor Dave Scott.The magazine, published since 1925, like many student magazines, enjoys great freedoms of expression. The magazine presented a feature on female menstruation with a cover that was intended to be provocative to open up discussion.“Honestly, it’s quite disheartening,” editor Joel MacManus. “We’ve got a team of writers, designers, photographers and illustrators who worked their arses off producing a magazine to help [students] procrastinate and entertain while you put off doing any real work. So it’s a real shame to see our work stolen and possibly destroyed.”Claudia Kellersch, a member of…

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vitamin d in winter

When Pamela von Hurst climbed Machu Picchu last year in the Andes mountains, Peru where the 15th-century Inca citadel sits at 2,430 metres (7,970 ft), she was a lot closer to the scorching sun.“This is an interesting spot because the high altitude means that UV radiation is much higher than at sea level,” Pamela von Hurst says. “There’s a higher risk of burning as I discovered – and I forgot to put sunscreen on my hands!”As Associate Professor of Human Nutrition at Massey University’s Vitamin D Research centre and advisor to the Ministry of Health, she is acutely aware of the importance of vitamin D.“With shorter days over the winter months, have we stored enough vitamin D from the summer sun to get us through the winter? Of course it’s…

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gardening au naturel, down under in november

Naked gardening has again been marked with the annual World Naked Gardening Day in May, but in New Zealand it doesn’t inspire many to strip and prune as our summer temperatures have vanished.The event has taken off in recent years in an informal way to encourage many across the globe to tend their garden unclothed as nature intended. “We need a date that more suits our climate,” says Olga Sakey, marketing officer of the New Zealand Naturist Federation. “The corresponding Southern Hemisphere date would be the first Saturday in November when temperatures have warmed up. It’s also the beginning of the third month of Spring – things should be out blooming and very picturesque. We can take the lead and encourage the other naturist federations down under to support and…