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December 2019

Good Health Choices takes the guess work out of leading a healthy lifestyle. With nutrition advice, meal planners and pull out shopping lists, Good Health Choices is an essential tool for anyone wanting to lead a healthier, happier life.

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get merry

Can you believe it’s nearly Christmas? While December can be an enjoyable time of the year for many of us, it can also be a time of increased stress as work and family pressures start really kicking in! If you’re dreading the shopping, cooking and patient negotiating that Christmas Day sometimes requires, we have a few ideas to help take some of the pressure off (see page 32) so you can relax and enjoy the day. We’ve also included a few tips to make sure you truly leave your work behind if you’re going on holiday. This way, you can rest, rejuvenate and make the most of your break (page 24). If you’re anything like me, December is also a time when exercise tends to go on the backburner as work functions,…

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good health choices magazine nz

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at a glance

Get into a better headspace Switch out of work mode when you’re on holiday Lose weight through the power of the mind Tips for feeling youthful and rejuvenated Incredible women share their stories Jenny-May’s battle with self-doubt and vulnerability Wise words: Jessica Sepel on being kind to yourself Kim Crossman is spreading some joy and helping others In the know Loneliness is on the rise, what can you do? Two busy mums are in the business of wellness Reasons to immerse yourself in a forest Become your best self: be informed, be nourished, be energised, be inspired, simply be... Holiday helpers Yule cool: Ring in some new Christmas traditions Healthy grazing: A sweet festive spread Gifting inspiration for everyone in your life Beauty tips to get your party glam on Seasonal self-care Boost your bone health to avoid osteoporosis Fun ideas to motivate you into getting a move on Simple core…

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have your say

TAKE CONTROL My grandmother had type 2 diabetes. My mother – back in the ‘50s – decided a vegan diet and exercise was the way to go. Considering how little health information was available back then, what she did was quite remarkable. Neither of my parents, nor three of the four children, developed diabetes. Recently however, my sister was received a scarily high reading for type 2 diabetes. She set about doing everything she was advised to do in regard to her diet. Now she is back in the pre-diabetic range. We can’t help our genetic heritage, but it’s great to know we can sometimes take control through altering our diet. – Laura STANDING TOGETHER A timely read in the October issue - living with invisible illness. Everyone is busy and this can…

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rise and shine

Have mornings gone from peaceful to stressful? Whether it’s a case of insomnia, too much late-night Netflix or the ‘snooze’ button becoming your best friend, even the early birds among us struggle with end-of-year-tiredness. Here are some hacks to get your mornings back on track. » START WITH STRETCHES Take a moment first thing to connect with yourself by stretching and intentionally breathing. Try an upper-back release stretch, which targets the back of your shoulders. Standing with feet hip-width apart, clasp your hands and round your upper back, keeping your arms straight. Think about the shoulder blades spreading wide across your back and hold the stretch for two or three deep breaths. » PUT A TIME LIMIT ON SOCIAL MEDIA Did you know that you can set a time limit on social media apps?…

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health now

GET ACTIVE Struggling to manage your weight as you get older? New research from Sweden, published in the journal Nature Medicine, has uncovered why that might be. During ageing, lipid turnover in fat tissue decreases, making it easier to gain weight. Over a period of 13 years, scientists analysed the fat cells in 54 men and women. Across that time, the cells of every subject showed decreases in lipid turnover, meaning the rate at which fat is removed or stored. Everyone who didn’t lower their calorie intake gained weight by an average of 20 percent. Professor Peter Arner says that these results indicate that processes in our fat tissue regulate body weight changes in a way that is independent of other lifestyle factors. That’s all the more reason to stay active! HOLD…