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Good Housekeeping September 2019

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IGNORE THE DRESS CODE If the invite says “black tie optional,” showing up in a sundress isn’t appropriate—nor is showing up in a ball gown for a casual wedding. BRING AN UNINVITED GUEST Surprises are a no-no. If the couple didn’t say you could have a plus-one, don’t assume you can. GRAB A BOTTLE FROM THE OPEN BAR A beer bottle is fine, but when it comes to bubbly, let the waiter or bartender do the pouring. BE OVEREAGER WITH THE BOUQUET TOSS Remember, you’re not catching a pass on the football field. Let the flowers land naturally where they’re thrown. BRING A BIG GIFT TO THE CEREMONY It’s more respectful to send a heavy or cumbersome gift to the couple’s home. Simply bring a card on the day itself. LEAVE YOUR WEDDING FAVOR BEHIND Take it with you even if…

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awesome (soy) sauce

While we celebrate the GH Seal’s 110th anniversary, Kikkoman is enjoying its own milestone: 55 years as a GH Seal star. We caught up with Masanao Shimada, who runs the company’s North American business, to mark the occasion. What’s it made of? “We’ve been brewing soy sauce for more than 300 years, and we still make it the traditional way from four ingredients: water, soybeans, wheat and salt.” (Now there are gluten-free and “less sodium” options too.) North American debut “When we first came to the U.S. in 1957, people knew soy sauce from Asian restaurants, but no one was cooking with it at home. We showed them how to tap into soy sauce’s flavor-enhancing properties in mainstream dishes, and America embraced us with open arms.” Try it with…anything “Dip pizza into soy sauce! When tennis…

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throwback 1885

THEN GH prints its first issue, in which the editor writes that its mission will be “about equal proportions of public duty and private interest” — this still rings true today! NOW With over 1,200 print issues under our belt and over 20 years of goodhousekeeping.com, we’ve been covering everything women care about for 134 years…and counting! READ ON! Learn more fun and interesting GH history on the following pages >> 1886 New research by our editors links poor food safety practices to human health risks, and we launch a series of articles to warn readers, including several about adulterated chocolate, spices and coffee. 1887 We uncover and report that milk dealers are diluting their products with water and adding harmful preservatives to extend shelf life, but not informing consumers. 1900 The Phelps Publishing Company purchases GH and opens the Good…

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o’ahu, hawaii

stay “The Kahala Hotel & Resort is like a private oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Honolulu. I used to come to the hotel a lot when I was a kid, and nowadays it’s my go-to spot when I need a staycation. Plumeria Beach House, one of its five restaurants, is a great place for a scenic seaside meal and has the best dessert bar of all time!” eat “You’ll find amazing fresh fruit on O’ahu. I love having a Hapa Bowl (a blend of açai, bananas, strawberries and blueberries) from Hale’iwa Bowls after a day of surfing. To try fruits that aren’t as common in traditional markets, visit Kahuku Land Farms Fruit Stand on the North Shore. There’s dragon fruit, star fruit and coconuts they’ll open for you…

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Since they are such a critical staple before potty training, our fiber scientists diligently analyze construction, softness and absorbency to find the best of the best. Here’s some of what we do: LIQUID RETENTION TEST We place a 10-lb weight on each freshly wetted diaper to make sure fluid stays inside. POOLING TEST After shaping each diaper so it’s cupped, we pour liquid on it all at once and assess how quickly all fluid is absorbed. GH SEAL STAR PAMPERS SWADDLERS DIAPERS Our scientists say their cores absorb fluid quickly and they don’t leak under pressure, and our panel rated them soft, so Baby will stay comfy.…

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shishito peppers

Many are mildly sweet, but watch out: One out of every 10 is spicy. (Fun, right?) Here are some great ways to enjoy ’em: EASY APPETIZER In a cast-iron skillet, sauté peppers in a touch of oil on medium-high, tossing occasionally until charred, 3 min. Toss with flaked salt and a squeeze of lemon juice. Serve as a snack or appetizer. SUPERB SAUCE Toss ½ lb peppers with olive oil and grill on high until charred, 2 min.; discard stems. In a food processor, finely chop charred peppers, 1 cup parsley, ¼ cup roasted almonds and 1 tsp lemon zest plus 1 Tbsp lemon juice, then puree with ¼ cup olive oil. Serve over steak or chicken. PICKLED GARNISH Add whole peppers to our brine (goodhousekeeping.com/picklebrine) and refrigerate up to a day. Slice and serve on…