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Good Housekeeping November 2019

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ice cube tray

JUNK DRAWER ORGANIZER Tuck away miscellaneous small items like keys, screws and buttons—if you toss them, you will inevitably need them! JEWELRY “BOX” Rings, earrings and necklaces are the icing on your outfit, so keep them neatly sorted in this cheap alternative to a fancy holder. PAINT PALETTE Designate one tray per kid, then squirt a blob of color in each space: No more fights over who gets the big jar! #MomTruth FLAVOR SAVER Use it to freeze extra herbs like basil and thyme topped with olive oil. Toss a cube in your frying pan as the base of a sauté. quote of the month After a good DINNER one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations. - OSCAR WILDE, #QOTM…

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shop waste free

CHOOSE SIMPLE PACKAGING Skip anything with a ton of extra paper, plastic or cardboard that can end up in the trash. CONSIDER ECO-AWARE DELIVERY A new service, Loop (loopstore.com), delivers everything from laundry detergent to ice cream in shipping boxes and containers that are then picked up, cleaned and used again! LOOK FOR REUSABLE MATERIALS Buy beauty and food products in glass or metal containers that can be saved and upcycled for craft or organizing projects. BRING YOUR OWN BAGS Stash a few reusable ones in your car or on your bike so you’ll never forget them on shopping trips (some stores now charge for bags). INSTAGRAM TAKEOVER On October 24, the GH Institute will be taking over GH’s Instagram account (@good housekeeping) to share brilliant green-living tips from our #RaisetheGreenBar Sustainability Summit. Follow along!…

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→ explore “Walk across the Stone Arch Bridge, which goes over the Mississippi River, and you’ll get the best views of the city skyline. When the weather is warm, my family and I love renting a paddleboat at Lake Harriet. It’s also just a great place to hang out and listen to live music or watch movies in the park.” → eat “For the past two years, Martina Restaurant has held a very high spot on my ‘must’ list. From the cocktails to the warm gnocchi to the potato churros, everything on the Argentinian-inspired menu is a win! Plus, it’s really pretty and has an upbeat vibe.” → indulge “You’ll find me at Rose Street Patisserie any time of day, enjoying pastries or dark chocolate macarons. Sebastian Joe’s is another one of my go-tos for…

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an ultimate cordless vacuum

CLEANING LAB RESULTS IMPRESSIVE PICKUP It removed pet hair from carpet in two swipes and got 99.4% of debris off bare floors, helping it earn a perfect performance score. GETS TO THE HARD SPOTS A low nozzle, a telescopic wand and a slim design give it greater reach under low furniture than other vacuums we’ve tested. LIGHT AND VERSATILE It’s super-easy to switch up components to use it on stairs—simply remove the wand to turn it into a handheld. SCORE 98/100 IT’S A TEST WINNER! CordZero A9 Ultimate Cordless Stick Vacuum, $724, amazon.com/shop/ghtested PARTNERS OF THE MONTH Look for the GH Tested symbol starting on page 44 for our take on other impressive new products from brand sponsors.* Then shop for them through the GH Lab store: amazon.com/shop/ghtested.…

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maximize the 5 most important minutes of your day

✗MINUTE ONE Reflect on the day’s accomplishments. At the end of the day, it can be hard to think of the big picture of the good we’ve done, so taking time daily to reflect makes a huge difference. ✗MINUTE TWO Focus on evaluating your day. Did you put too much on your plate? How was your stress? Attitude? Focus? If you consistently score high on stress and low on attitude, make some adjustments. ✗MINUTE THREE Assess what you did to move closer to accomplishing your goals. A little progress each day matters. ✗MINUTE FOUR It’s all about gratitude. Find three things you are grateful for. The trick is, they need to be specific to that day. ✗MINUTE FIVE Set up your dominoes. Write down a few notes about tomorrow’s action items—the important tasks you would like to focus on…

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count your many blessings

My grandmother used to record the goings-on of her days in a very simple notebook. She didn’t pour her heart out, but instead detailed her every moment…daily. A typical entry might read something like: “Went to Knob Hill Farms [her favorite grocery store, which was kind of a bulk-food farmers’ market] and got five baskets of ripe tomatoes for chili sauce. Then bumped into Evelyn. Had a nice talk with her about her grandson. Jane came over after school to chat, and had some of my bread.” Her journal was essentially a life tracker, reminding Grandma what she’d done and whom she’d seen. Her goal was to recall both little details and the momentous occasions. Her journal was a true memory chest — a constant reminder for her of how full…of…