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Good Housekeeping December 2019

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feel more joy this season

Celebrate early. Stores that stock holiday decor in the fall have the right idea. Thinking about and planning a holiday extends its bliss beyond a few short weeks. One study found that anticipation in the weeks before a vacation is a big part of the happiness the vacation brings. Have an intermission. Try taking a break in the middle of gift giving, or waiting an hour before serving dessert at your holiday feast. Even a brief hiatus from something enjoyable can reset your pleasure level. Create mini traditions. Engaging in a short ritual before doing something you like can make your experience even better. Study subjects told to unwrap and eat a chocolate bar in a specific step-by-step style savored it much more. Find ways to turn tree decorating into a fun routine. Take a photo…in…

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ROAST Toss radicchio wedges with olive oil and season; roast at 425°F until slightly charred, 10 min. Toss with 2 Tbsp sherry vinegar whisked with 1½ Tbsp honey. GRILL Marinate 3 quartered heads radicchio in ¼ cup each olive oil and balsamic vinegar, 15 min. Grill on medium until charred. Separate leaves and toss with torn fresh mozzarella and parsley leaves. STUFF Mix 2 Tbsp each red wine vinegar and oil, 2 tsp anchovy paste, 1 tsp honey and ½ clove grated garlic; season. Toss with chickpeas, halved grape tomatoes, diced provolone, sliced pepperoncinis and parsley. Serve in radicchio leaves.…

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“i was an extra in a christmas movie”

It was the middle of May, but Christmas was in full swing in the fictional town of Grandon Falls (FYI, they used ice from local fish markets to turn the Canadian back lot into a winter wonderland). I was bundled up and ready to make my debut as a treelighting spectator in the Hallmark Channel movie Christmas Town. Though things moved at record speed (most Hallmark Channel movies are filmed in just 15 days), I was pleasantly surprised to find the set just as cheery and loving as I’d hoped. Maybe that—and the editing effect used to give all the movies the same twinkly glow—is what makes them so magical.…

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→ stay “If you want to be within walking distance of some of the city’s best restaurants and nightlife spots, book a room at The Hoxton in the trendy West Loop district. The hotel’s rooftop has a pool, a lively Peruvian-inspired restaurant and incredible views of downtown Chicago.” → eat “Stan’s Donuts is my favorite place for a morning coffee and donut. Choosing between flavors isn’t easy, but I’d start with Pistachio Glazed and Lemon Raspberry Old Fashioned. For an amazing cheeseburger, go to the upscale diner Au Cheval. People will wait hours in line to eat there, so show up early!” → drink “Enjoy a refreshing cocktail on the patio of Beatnik on the River while lounging on Indonesian daybeds under Moroccan lanterns. The restaurant is a bohemian escape from the concrete jungle that…

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gifts that keep on giving

Finding the perfect present for everyone on your list is probably at the top of your mind right now — and maybe even a source of stress. That’s why our editors and experts worked so hard to pack this issue of Good Housekeeping with gift ideas for everyone from your mother-in-law to your hairdresser to your best friend to the kids. There are even some perfect presents for your own list! (I’d be thrilled if someone surprised me with the long-sleeved ice-blue sequin top on page 26.) Hopefully these carefully curated holiday finds, starting with a gorgeous hostess favor for only $3 (page 40), will brighten your holiday and lighten your load. Our bonus treat to you: pages and pages of tasty recipes and dazzling decorating ideas to help you make…

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join our kindness revolution

Our first-ever Kind Cycle Challenge is like entering to run a charity 5K — without the sweating! Just pledge to do five random acts of kindness and fundraise by getting friends and family to sponsor you. The proceeds go toward spreading even more kindness by giving kids and families who want to make a difference in the world the tools they need to do good. WE Charity has built more than 1,500 schools, provided 15 million meals to communities in need and helped more than a million people gain access to clean water — only part of the reason WE has earned the GH Humanitarian Seal! Simply put, it transforms kindness into real change. So will you when you join the Kind Cycle Challenge. GH KIND CYCLE HERE’S HOW #KIND CYCLE WORKS 1…