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Good Housekeeping January 2019

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michelle opens up to oprah

We bet your dream book club includes good snacks, inspiring questions, maybe some wine. But what if the author showed up…with Oprah in tow?! Well, here they are: Michelle Obama with the inside scoop on her new memoir, Becoming — filled with humor, struggles, love and sheer humanity — in conversation with the queen of book clubs herself, Oprah Winfrey. Settle in… Oprah: Why Becoming? Michelle: We actually had a blooper list of titles that we won’t go into. But Becoming just summed it all up. A question that adults ask kids — I think it’s the worst question in the world — is “What do you want to be when you grow up?” As if growing is finite. As if you become something and that is all there is. Oprah: You grow…

8 min
you asked, michelle answers!

Q: What was one of the most fun days you had at the White House? — Buni, Florence, SC A: It’s impossible to single out one day, because there were so many good ones, but something that always made me feel good was being around children and young people. One of my priorities as First Lady was to bring as many kids into the White House as possible — in part because it was fun, but also because I hoped that if they visited a place with such history, it might open up their world a little bit. I wanted them to explore and feel like the White House was their house too, no matter what they looked like or how much money their parents made. That’s why we began a…

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how healthy are we?

At some point you’ve probably been lured into taking one of those “What’s the best diet for your zodiac sign?” types of online quizzes. We’ve got something as fun as that, but with a greater purpose. The Good Housekeeping Wellness Lab has partnered with Elaine Chin, M.D., and William Howatt, Ph.D., a behavioral-science and coping-skills expert, to create Your Total Wellness Index, a science-backed survey that will give you real insight into your health. This New Year, we owe it to ourselves to take a few minutes to think about our health and wellness. How are you feeling? Do you like how you spend your days? What are you doing to take care of yourself? In just 15 minutes, you’ll understand your physical and mental well-being better so you can…

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watch “I can’t talk about Pittsburgh without talking football! I try to go to a game at Heinz Field once a year. Fun fact: There are two giant ketchup bottles above the scoreboard, and if they were to fill both with ketchup, every spectator would get a 14-oz bottle!” eat “When I go home, I always get the Capicola & Cheese sandwich from the famous Primanti Bros. In addition to meat and cheese, the sandwich has coleslaw and french fries inside. Think of it as the easiest way to eat side dishes.” explore “My father, who loves modern art, introduced me to The Andy Warhol Museum. While I’m a fan of any piece with soup cans or Edie Sedgwick, I especially love the painting Flowers (above). The colors are so vibrant, and it makes me…

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ultimate gift shop

FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY A beautiful screen for game day and movie night. Lab lowdown: Our tests found that the technology delivered phenomenal picture quality—four times the resolution of an HD set—in a standout showpiece design. SAMSUNG 2018 QLED TVS (FROM $1,900) FOR YOUR BFF A warming cup for those cold winter mornings. Lab lowdown: Sets of 80 tea bags made with top-quality ingredients and extras from around the world, wrapped in pretty and creative packaging. THOUGHTFULLY TEA STORY: A TEA LOVER’S GIFT SET (FROM $30)…

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it’s citrus season!

LIME This is best squeezed over seared or broiled beef and chicken. PINK GRAPEFRUIT Sprinkle with sugar and broil until it caramelizes. Heat helps bring out the sweetness. RED GRAPEFRUIT It’s naturally sweeter than the pink variety and can be diced as a relish for fish or shrimp. BLOOD ORANGE Perfect paired with spinach salad or in fun cocktails like palomas, margaritas and winter spritzes. CLEMENTINE Dip pieces in chocolate and freeze for a chilly winter dessert. Last chance to visit our GH LAB store at Mall of America ONLY TWO WEEKS LEFT!…