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Good Housekeeping July 2018

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beauty buys from $7

SUNNY SKIN This fun brightening mask combines purifying clay and smoothing exfoliators. LAB LOWDOWN Citrus extract evens texture while apricot seed powder whisks away flakes. HAIR FOOD Mist on this milky detangler with oat extract and aloe to make summer-snarled strands soft and manageable. EYE COOLER Give tired, thirsty eyes a “drink”: Dip into this soothing, hydrating hyaluronic acid and cucumber gel. LAB LOWDOWN The high water content creates a cooling sensation as the gel dries. FACE SAVERS Stop oil slicks sans cakey powder by tapping a translucent mattifying balm over skin. *Details, page 94 LOOK FOR THE GH SEAL THROUGHOUT THE ISSUE. IF WE TEST IT, YOU CAN TRUST IT. YOU COULD WIN BEAUTY LOOT!* bit.ly/1Yd1aoh $AVE SMARTER Keep your fridge well stocked. Who knew?! Fridges and freezers run more efficiently when full. Fill ’er up and perform general maintenance to save money on your energy bill. Mike…

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digital dynamo

WHAT I DO AT GH Whenever there’s a viral news story — whether it’s about a recalled product or a dangerous tip being shared thousands of times on social media — I connect with our scientists to get a smart take on the trending topic. Together we suss out what readers actually need to be concerned about and come up with real advice they can use. I also work with the Labs to find the most interesting products (that truly work!) for our gift roundups, buying guides and more. WHY I LOVE MY JOB I get the inside scoop from the experts on hot products and trends — and also on what’s too good to be true. The fact that friends or celebrities are buzzing about something doesn’t always mean it’s the best…

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thrill of the hunt

When I was growing up, there was a store called Family Warehouse, a local version of discount shops like Marshalls and T.J.Maxx, that my family loved to shop at. Picture racks and racks of brand-name clothing marked down to now-I-can-afford-it prices. My mom and I used to cruise the aisles, discovering treasures like the perfect pair of designer jeans for 19 bucks. One of my all-time-favorite finds was a trench I bought in 10th grade — and wore straight through college. It was a label I never could have afforded at the department store! Who doesn’t love a fab find, like a cute indoor/outdoor side table, page 28, or a pair of chic summer slides (from $30!), page 11? We all do, right? That’s why we dedicated this issue to helping…

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3 experts on… sagging skin

THE DOCTOR says: “Lax skin can be the result of gravity; heredity; body changes like repeated weight gain and loss; and environmental factors such as sun damage that cause the breakdown of the elastin and collagen fibers that give it structure. The best noninvasive professional treatment for tightening sagging skin is a laser like the Nd:YAG, which heats the deeper layers, encouraging collagen production. You’ll see improved firmness and plumpness with one to two treatments (about $500 each).” — Gerald Imber, M.D., cosmetic surgeon at Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City MAKEUP ARTIST says: “Highlighting your cheeks instantly makes your face look more lifted. For a subtle effect, blend a concealer or foundation one shade lighter than your skin tone along the high points of your cheekbones to draw the eye upward. For more…

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3 -minute makeup

1 Boost lashes. Swipe mascara from roots to tips, fanning lashes out toward temples for a fluttery effect. 89/100 WINNER SEPARATE & DEFINE Maybelline’s magic wand was the favorite non-waterproof mascara, giving natural definition. LAB LOWDOWN This outscored the rest for separating lashes and not clumping. 86/100 RUNNER-UP GREAT LENGTHS Setting the bar for extending, It Cosmetics’ mascara lends the look of “fake lashes.” LAB LOWDOWN A “game changer,” it beat all others at increasing length with no flaking. 86/100 RUNNER-UP FULL VOLUME Make it look “like you have more lashes” with Sephora’s formula, which won for thickening. LAB LOWDOWN Testers gave this high marks for upping volume and smudge resistance. 89/100 WINNER WATERPROOF La Roche-Posay batted best of the waterproof mascaras tested at lengthening and separating lashes without budging. LAB LOWDOWN It didn’t smear or run after repeated vigorous warm-water exposure in the Lab’s splash test. 2 Line eyes. Trace a thin…

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a week of awesome outfits

TREND ALERT built-in belts Ones that blend in with your pants give that hourglass shape. TREND ALERT Subtle ruffles Soft frills just around the neckline or sleeves are pretty and feminine, not overly sweet or girly. Q I bought a dress for a shower—how do I get more wear out of it? A: “Turn that special-occasion dress into an everyday one by layering it over a tee or pairing it with sneaks,” says Aya. “Casual staples that have a little extra something, like a striped print or studs, add personality.” Q I've heard that stripes widen you. Any flattering options? A: “Pick pieces with vertical lines, which visually stretch your frame and make you look long and lean,” says Kristen. “Of-the-moment rainbow stripes are bold, playful and just as slimming as monochromatic ones.” MEET THE GH EXPERTS AYA KANAI CHIEF FASHION DIRECTOR KRISTEN…