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Good Housekeeping March 2018

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it takes a village

I’ve always admired people who’ve found big ways to give, from mission trips to relief projects. The truth is I could never quite imagine finding the time to do it myself. But kindness really is contagious. The life-changing stories I’ve heard over the years finally sparked me to action. So, when I learned that our GH Humanitarian Seal partner WE Charity had opportunities to volunteer in Kenya, I jumped at the chance—and roped my guys, Colin and Grey, into the adventure. Our trip was an incredible learning experience for all of us. It truly altered our perspective on the world and brought our family closer together… plus, we got to see baby elephants! I wanted to share some of the moments we brought home. YOUR TRIP OF A LIFETIME... If your family…

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march @ gh

1 CALLING ALL HOME DESIGN AFICIONADOS Join GH on April 18 at High Point Market in North Carolina for the largest home trade show in the world. For the first time ever, it’s open to the public, and you’re invited to get the inside scoop on all the latest decor trends. Tour showrooms, listen to seminars from a GH expert (HGTV Magazine, Elle Decor and Country Living will be there too!) and shop for cool home goods and furniture at the Market Bazaar. For tickets ($350), visit secure.accessmarket.hearst.com. 2 DINNER IS SERVED! The Instant Pot has quickly become a cult-favorite kitchen gadget, thanks to its multitasking powers—it can pressure-cook, slow-cook, make rice and yogurt and even double as a sauté pan. So we made a cookbook to help you use yours like a…

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gleaming kitchen

DE-STINK YOUR GARBAGE. Stash a scent-lifting sachet in the bottom of your trash can to minimize smells. GH LAB PICK Fresh Wave Odor Removing Packs contain little pearls of plant oils that eliminate odors for up to 60 days. CONQUER CABINET GRIME. Wipe sticky spots around pulls with a cloth dipped in a mix of dish soap and warm water, or an all-purpose cleanser. Wipe with a clean cloth. GH LAB PICK Parker & Bailey Kitchen Cabinet Cream is safe for wood. ZAP COOKING GREASE. Pop out your range hood’s mesh filter (check first that it’s removable). Clean it in hot sudsy water or the dishwasher. GH LAB PICK Dissolve baked-on grime from metal with Krud Kutter Kitchen Degreaser All-Purpose Cleaner. REFRESH YOUR FRIDGE. Don’t forget to clean behind the bins and shelf tracks. Drips and food particles can cause…

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spotless living spaces

SHINE A LIGHT ON HIDDEN DUST. Flick on overhead fixtures to see cobwebs and particles lurking on moldings, fans and fixtures. With an extension tool, wipe globes and trim. GH LAB PICK Oxo’s Microfiber Extendable Duster is washable and pivots to get every spot. TAKE A FLOOR-UP APPROACH. Pull furniture away from walls to vacuum under and behind. Nab dust along baseboards; clean out carpet dents with your upholstery tool (not crevice attachment). GH LAB TIP Fluff matted carpet tufts with a steam iron or garment steamer. CLEAN CARPETS, NO MACHINE NEEDED! Deep-clean dingy traffic lanes with a moist cleaning powder. Shake it on, brush in, wait 20 minutes and vacuum to refresh without wet cleaning. GH LAB PICK Resolve Carpet Cleaner Moist Powder absorbs dirt and odors. TOSS DRAPES IN THE LAUNDRY. Wash or dry-clean curtains—or, if they just…

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sparkling bathroom

MAKE TILES SING. Clean grout gives your whole room a facelift. GH LAB PICK CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner erases stains and soap scum sans bleach. Pair it with Casabella’s Smart Scrub Grout Brush—its pointed tip and double-sided design cleans in corners and at any angle. NIX RUST STAINS ON SINKS & BATHTUBS. Rust makes fixtures look old and worn. Never use chlorine bleach—it may set the stain. For light marks, saturate a cloth with lemon juice and apply. Scrub with paste of lemon juice and salt. GH LAB PICK You can also try a product made to remove rust, like Whink. RESCUE TUB MATS & SHOWER CURTAINS. Toss tub mats and plastic shower liners in washer to remove gunk and mold. Use a gentle cycle and warm water. Add bleach if safe. Tumble-dry liners on low…

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floor cleaning guide

THE RIGHT WAY TO VACUUM Yes, there’s a correct way. Master these must-know secrets from our Lab to clean like a pro 1 PERFECT YOUR PASS To get more deeply cleaned carpets, do at least two slow forward strokes and two slow backward strokes with the vacuum on each pass. As you move from side to side, be sure to overlap your strokes so you won’t miss spots. 2 BE DELICATE When cleaning lightweight items like curtains, small rugs, and lampshades, dial down the suction (look for a special button or check for an air opening on the wand). This keeps things from being sucked into the nozzle and damaged. 3 BRUSH UP Switch off the rotating brush or raise the nozzle as high as it goes when you move from carpeting to bare floors to prevent…