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Good Housekeeping September 2018

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GH ON TV HACK YOUR WORK OUT WITH HOUSE HOLD ITEMS Our executive editor (and hack master!), Meaghan Murphy, joined the hosts of Hack My Life, the quirky weekly show on TruTV that road tests popular Internet shortcuts. Her “hack challenge”? Create a nogym, no-equipment tone-up routine (she also happens to be a certified fit pro!). Spoiler alert: She shows you how to turn a bottle of laundry detergent into an 8-lb kettlebell! And if you think that’s nuts, wait until you behold the firming power of a paper plate! Tune in on Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m. (9:30 p.m. CST) on TruTV. GH ON YOUR SIDE MAKING IT EASIER TO BE GREEN A GH survey recently revealed that readers (like you!) are eager to make sustainable choices, especially when shopping for skincare, baby products and…

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san antonio

My home away from home is Bird Bakery. It’s my happy place, and if I’m in San Antonio, I’m usually there. We bake all our family recipes from the finest ingredients, on-site each and every day. Our goal is to be sure everyone who walks through our doors leaves happier than they were when they walked in — who wouldn’t want to be there every waking minute of the day?! RESTO WITH A VIEW Nothing is more San Antonio than eating delicious food overlooking the river. I love the old-world vibe of Ocho at Hotel Havana, not to mention the incredible food. The pan-Latin menu takes inspiration from Mexican, Cuban and Texas cuisine — it literally never disappoints! ELIZABETH CHAMBERS HAMMER Owner and chief baker at Bird Bakery, Elizabeth is also known for being…

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the best for fall

Tell us which cover you like best! The September issue is a pretty big deal in the magazine world — it’s always jam-packed and bursting with fun, fresh ideas to help you kickstart the school year. Because let’s face it, even if you’re not packing lunches and sending little ones off on a big yellow bus, there’s a sense of renewal in the air — and excitement for what’s ahead. We had a blast (and spent some giddy late nights) making sure this issue would deliver everything you need, from backpacks and pens (top-tested picks, pages 106 and 108) to easy style ideas and drugstore beauty stars from $4! And you know what? I want to let you in on a little behind-the-scenes fun. We often debate a cover image, not making…

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true love

I remember the day I met my first pet. My dad and I went to pick up a used piano at the house of a couple who were moving to Asia. They needed a home for their Siamese cat, and I fell in love instantly! Fuji was the first (but not only!) pet my dad and I brought home unannounced. Fast-forward, hmmm, a few years (seven cats and four dogs later)… now you don’t even have to leave home to find a pet needing adoption. I spotted the scruffy terrier above (her name’s Pam!) on Instagram and can’t stop thinking about her. Is it time for my cats, Choco and Nim (top), to get a new playmate? Rescuing a pet has so many benefits… for you (they’re often pretrained), for…

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ask the gh beauty lab

Q Is it true that silicones are bad for hair? —STEPH S. DANUSIA SAYS: First up, silicones are polymers derived from quartz. They’re added primarily to conditioners and styling products like serums to help soften and smooth hair. You’ll find them listed on ingredient labels with the suffix “-cone” (e.g., dimethicone). Silicones vary in thickness based on formula and intended use (you can gauge a product’s weight by its feel on hair). Thicker silicones make a product more conditioning but can also make hair heavier, which is why they get a bad rap for causing flatness and buildup. LAB LOWDOWN: Silicones are great for conditioning, enhancing shine and protecting strands. Hair will only be negatively affected by them (weighed down or not conditioned or smoothed enough, for example) if you’re using the wrong…

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golden glow

WHAT’S NOW Everything from cheeks to lids to lips and tips is gilded this season — the versatile metallic instantly gives skin a luminous warmth. HERE’S HOW Choose a shimmery sheer gloss, highlighter, eyeliner, nail polish or even body mist and add shine to just one feature, keeping the rest of your look neutral. DRUGSTORE STARS…