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Issue 75 Jul/Aug 2021

Good is the magazine for people who think and care about the everyday choices they make. Good is filled with inspirational stories, world-changing ideas and practical, down-to-earth advice on what to eat, grow, wear and more. Good is all about making better choices for your home, health, family and the community around you. It celebrates handcrafted, natural and simple pleasures and helps you to reconnect with things that really matter.

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sea cleaners

Heading out for a day with Sea Cleaners as a volunteer is the kind of work that makes you feel purposeful – and it is. To date, Sea Cleaners has pulled 10.9 million litres of rubbish out of the waterways around Auckland and Northland, and every helping hand has played a part in that statistic. A few weeks ago the Good team joined Sea Cleaners founder, Hayden Smith, and youth ambassador, Ede Bird, for a day to not only lend a hand but to document the important work that Sea Cleaners are doing. We started with the sunrise to catch the right tide and headed across the Waitematā Harbour and up to the head of the Tamaki River, which is where Sea Cleaners concentrates its efforts in the tributaries. It’s here where the storm…

3 min
road tripping in a highlander hybrid

I love a good road trip, so when Toyota offered me the opportunity to take the new Toyota Highlander Limited ZR 2.5L hybrid AWD for a test drive to Northland, I jumped at the chance. Pitched as the SUV for now, it certainly lives up to the hype and driving it you can be assured that you’re doing your bit to help reduce emissions as New Zealand works towards carbon neutrality by 2050. Plus, you’ll save on fuel costs. Aside from its eco-credentials there is a lot to recommend it. This seven-seater SUV is big on space, comfort and driveability making it an easy choice for road-tripping or school pick-up. It glides along the open road with grace, easily ascends hills without missing a beat and comes with the reassurance of Toyota Safety…

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an overflowing cup of kindness

Merrill J. Fernando of Dilmah Tea prefers to just do it – and not talk about it. However, New Zealand now has a view of the true extent of Mr Fernando’s philanthropy with the publication of the Dilmah Purpose Report. The report details Dilmah’s commitments to and membership of many international organisations, including the United Nations Global Compact Network, International Union for Conservation of Nature, and its successful drive for its companies to be carbon neutral. It also profiles initiatives in areas from education, health and enabling people living with disabilities to encouraging entrepreneurs, and helping lead Sri Lanka’s conservation efforts and response to climate change. At the heart of everything Dilmah does is the philosophy Mr Fernando started the company with in 1988: “business is a matter of human service”. Drinkers of Dilmah…

2 min
by the bottle

bythebottle.co.nz Pete Connell describes his early wine journey as incredibly lucky. Science came naturally to him at high school so the decision to study the wine he loved was an easy one. He embarked on a viticulture and winemaking degree at Lincoln University in Canterbury, which led to stints working for industry luminaries such as Kate Radburnd and Hans and Therese Herzog. Fast forward to February 2020 and he managed to get back into New Zealand in the nick of time to avoid living in Melbourne during lockdown. Lockdown was spent planning a new business with his brother John and John’s partner Ashley Roberts. The trio launched online organic drinks portal ByTheBottle (bythebottle.co.nz) in December last year and are now busy getting word out about it. While now based in Auckland, the three have…

3 min

Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body and mood but sometimes it becomes a habit we know we should do, but don’t want to. Here are some practical tips to encourage you. 1. Give yourself a break about extreme consistency People often stress how important consistent, daily exercise habits are. However, being very rigidly attached to any daily habit can be a psychologically unhealthy sign as often as it’s a healthy one. Some people thrive on consistency and prefer rigid daily habits, others less so. Know your temperament and whether you prefer consistency or variety in your daily routines. To reduce boredom, try seasonal habits. Perhaps winter is your season for doing Peloton at home and spring is for hill walks. Every Wednesday doesn’t need to be…

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@caliwoods_eco @archieblohm1 @oliviakirkpatrickphoto Shay Lawrence Founder of the eco products social enterprise CaliWoods, Shay is a passionate surfer and ocean enthusiast. Seeing widespread plastic pollution in the most isolated pockets of the ocean motivated her to start CaliWoods, which has a big focus on education and inspiring Kiwis to live more sustainably. You can see some low waste-living advice on page 108. Archie Blohm When he’s not designing the pages of Good, you’ll usually find Archie strumming away on his guitar with a cup of tea in hand in an effort to stay zen and unwind. He also finds balance through boxing. “I’m an amateur boxer, which keeps my mind and body fighting fit. I enjoy doing my bit to be environmentally friendly and helping others in the positive ways I can – Good encourages that,…