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Good Issue 72 Jan/Feb 2021

Good is the magazine for people who think and care about the everyday choices they make. Good is filled with inspirational stories, world-changing ideas and practical, down-to-earth advice on what to eat, grow, wear and more. Good is all about making better choices for your home, health, family and the community around you. It celebrates handcrafted, natural and simple pleasures and helps you to reconnect with things that really matter.

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melaniedower.com @taiyo__space @lukehinesonline Melanie Dower Melanie is a New Zealand writer living in Helsinki, Finland where she’s learned that solitude and its benefits are a big deal. It’s something she has discovered for herself after home-schooling her 8-year-old son and then buying herself a tiny cabin in the woods. She shares her perspective about the advantages of having time alone, in spite of being an extrovert at heart, on page 38. Luke Hines Luke is co-host of Channel 7’s The House of Wellness in Australia and the author of 12 cookbooks. He’s all about ‘real food’ and his mission to show people that healthy food is delicious food. He shares some recipes from his latest book, Barbecue This, with Good on pages 84-85, which includes wonderful ways for cooking vegetables and other tasty dishes. Tennille Ziegler Yoga and…

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manifesting magic in 2021

I’m a big believer in putting what you want out there by having an abundance mindset. It’s worked well for me over the years, surprising me time and time again. And what better way to approach 2021 and the start of a new year. Good digital editor Hemma Vara researches Modern Manifestation on page 32, where she explains that manifesting goes beyond acquiring a new dress or a future husband, although these are likely incidental along the way. It is about getting closer to our true authentic selves, allowing us to strengthen our self-worth and mindset about who we are. We can then wholly believe in and back ourselves on a subconscious level, to achieve what matters most, whether it’s abundance, success, or freedom. One thing I’d most like to help manifest…

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your feedback

@lovebyolivia Olivia Shelley Cosford So happy to get my Good magazine in the mail! Helen Manson’s article about Ugandan mothers (issue 71) moved me to tears. One thing I notice though, as I flick through, is the advertising for anti-ageing products. In a magazine in which body positivity is a cover story, I’d love to see beauty products celebrating our bodies at all stages rather than telling us we could look “better”. This year I was diagnosed with bowel cancer at 32. It’s been a hell of a ride and one thing it has taught me is that our obsession for hiding our age is bullshit! Growing old is a gift and a privilege, so I’m on a mission to love the scars, lines and wrinkles on my body that tell the story…

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good stuff

nisa.co.nz GOOD SWIMMERS Swimsuit shopping can be daunting at the best of times so we’ve made it easy for you with these ocean-friendly suggestions. Designed in Wellington and made from ECONYL, a 100 per cent regenerated nylon recovered from the ocean, Nisa Swim’s styles include separates and one-pieces and range in size from S to XL. Many styles are also reversible for twice the fun. Aurai Swimwear’s ‘Marbella’ one-piece is reversible and the shoulder strap can be adjusted for the perfect fit. It’s also made with Amni Eco Soul – CO2control®, the first biodegradable polyamide in the world, developed in Brazil. auraiswimwear.com We’re loving Australian swimwear label Swimm! Its swimwear is made from merino wool, a natural antibacterial fibre that keeps you warm when wet and cool in the sun. And because it is a natural…

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rewilding the world

If there was one word in 2020 that brought hope for the future health of people and the planet it was “rewilding”, – thanks to David Attenborough. In his latest documentary film A Life on Our Planet, which Attenborough calls his witness statement, he outlines what a mess man has made of the planet in his lifetime but he also offers an answer to fixing it. If we rewild land and oceans we stand a chance. “Rewilding the world is simpler than you might think,” says Attenborough. “And the changes we have to make will only benefit ourselves and the generations that follow. A century from now our planet could be a wild place again.” Now around the globe people have begun to talk about rewilding. Eco fashion brand Maggie Marilyn has even…

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yaris day out at hampton downs

There’s nothing like experiencing a hot lap to appreciate the skill and thrill of motorsport and understand the attraction to it. What makes it even more thrilling is doing one in a hybrid. Admittedly the fastest car on the track the day New Zealand motorsport driver Chelsea Herbert hosted our group for some hot laps was the GR Yaris (not a hybrid, though it is extremely fuel-efficient). It is the first every-day production car to be reverse engineered by Toyota from a pure motorsport car. And while it’s super racy, the Yaris model I’d choose to take home would have to be the new compact SUV Toyota Yaris Cross. The Golden Ore exterior definitely beckoned to my inner fashionista though it wasn’t just the paint job that got me excited. Being an SUV…