Good Issue 77 Oct/Nov 2021

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contributors @maddieballard27 @sianac Siana Clifford Having completed an MA in publishing and cut her teeth on editing in London, Irish-born Síana upped sticks and flew halfway around the world, intending to stay in New Zealand a modest 12 months. More than 12 years later, she’s still here and loving it. In that time, she has worked on several publications, both whipping features into shape and writing as the muse strikes. Her experience with breast cancer in 2020 wasn’t the kind of muse she was looking for but she’s written about it all the same (see page 52). Kauri Finlay Kauri Finlay is an award-winning illustrator and designer, born in Japan and based in Auckland. She is passionate about bringing narratives to life through illustration, using a playful mixture of realism and fantasy. Kauri is also co-director…

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growth and connection

Welcome to Good’s first special gardening issue and a place to find refuge and a piece of personal paradise. My small vegetable garden has certainly been that during the recent Level 4 lockdown. Being out in the fresh air with my hands in the dirt tending my plants, pulling weeds, watching vegetables grow and flowers bloom is satisfying as well as joyful and a beautiful distraction. Annabel Langbein shares that nothing gives her more joy than growing her own food (page 18). “You grow it, look after it, harvest it, cook it, eat it – it’s a very connected feeling and something which requires you to be very present in your life.” And it’s great exercise! Did you know that gardening burns the same number of calories as a game of badminton? For me,…

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your feedback

I have been a reader of your magazine for some time now, but have never written in to you. I felt I just had to this month though as this edition has blown me away. I have done two courses in Ayurveda, so was absolutely delighted to see this topic featured all throughout the pages. And oh my, all the beautiful retreats, I want to go on them all they look and sound just what I need. I read the article on the Kansa Wand and promptly went to my computer and ordered one, superfast delivery by the way. It makes my skin feel divine and is a lovely calm special time for me while I’m doing it too, adore it and highly recommend buying one. Once again thanks so…

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good stuff

We will travel again! And when we do, a European cruise might be just the ticket for offsetting your trip. Avalon Waterways has partnered with Trees4Travel to offset the carbon footprint of every guest’s cruise experience in 2022 by donating tens of thousands of trees. Through this initiative, Globus Family Brands, which owns Avalon Waterways, is placing an emphasis on “planet” – one of three pillars in its Lighthouse Project, which strives to make every effort to conserve and preserve each destination visited. According to Trees4Travel, the first 10 years of each tree’s life will supplement travel, while the next 140 years will simply benefit the Earth. Chin-chin State of Grace is a new range of virgin gin 0% alcohol mixed drinks, made in Aotearoa by winemaker Jo Gear, who wanted to create the…

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boh’s house and garden

Boh Runga admits she has quite the “obsession” for houseplants. Her home and office are a veritable leafy paradise filled with different varieties of monstera deliciosa and other leafy friends. She jokes her partner, musician Troy McKubre, probably wishes they weren’t quite so prolific, and she has no idea how many she’s collated or propagated from cuttings – “too many!” And while monstera house plants are trending right now, Runga’s relationship with the plant goes back to her childhood when she used her pocket money to buy small plants from a lovely lady up the road who had a greenhouse. Mostly she bought succulents and cacti (though she gave up on cacti “because they are not very friendly”) but one purchase included her now massive and multi-faceted monstera. “There’s a picture of…

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a bella life in wanaka

Nothing gives Annabel Langbein more pleasure than growing her own food. She’s been doing it since she was a hippie living up the Whanganui River at age 17 and since that golden time, it’s been a passion that has become a lifestyle. Since making the permanent move to Wanaka from Auckland four years ago, she’s never been happier. “Living off the land is a lot of hard work but it’s also fun. It’s a very engaged physical life. My life is busier now and I’m fitter,” she says. The lakeside 27-acre property that Langbein and husband Ted have owned since 1996 is now a swamp-free mecca with a beautiful garden as well as a view over the lake. Planted out with trees over the years on frequent family holidays south, Langbein admits Ted…