Good Issue 78 Dec 2021/Jan 2022

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Kelsi Boocock After developing digestive issues, Kelsi turned to whole, plant-based food and couldn’t believe the impact it had on her health. The 24-year-old Kiwi surfer, diver and recipe developer set up @healthkelsii on Instagram during the 2020 lockdown to share her recipes. She now has 13,600 followers and has written her first book, Healthy Kelsi. She shares some recipes from her book on page 58. Malayka Yoseph Malayka is an Auckland-based freelance writer with a passion for sustainable living, outdoor adventures, travel and wellness. She discovered the life-changing benefits of surfing during a particularly challenging time in life and now heads up the coast any chance she gets! When she’s not helping sustainable brands connect with their audience or creating her next story, you’ll find her working on personal projects and exploring…

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the beauty issue

Welcome to Good’s summer issue, which we’ve filled with beautiful things to fill up your cup as well as get you thinking. Our “Beautiful Things” wordfind will have you searching for sunrises and rainbows, while our gardening pages share how to plant a butterfly-friendly garden. Read about how to feel beautiful in 2022 and consider joining Gen Z’s self-accepting beauty revolution if you haven’t already! Our ethical beauty guide also rounds up the latest trends in skincare to help you choose for your skin and the planet, and our interviews with beauty industry heavyweights who are leading the way globally in sustainable skincare from New Zealand (pages 32 to 37) are super inspiring. Currently a whopping 120 billion units of waste are produced every year by the beauty industry and these Kiwi women are…

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your feedback

I found the article “The Girl With the Golden Heart” (issue 76) really inspiring. So much so that I shared it with my class of 12 year olds. We have been talking a lot about resilience and learning to cope with challenge and change. Harper is an inspiration to children of her age that often give up because it’s too hard. To read about her commitment to Te Reo Māori and Kapa Haka and the way that she is giving a voice to disability was empowering. Harper is a wāhine toa who has connected with her roots and will be a force to be reckoned with in the future. I’d love to read more inspiring stories about the rangathi of Aoteaora in future editions. M Meade I read about Re.stor Laundry…

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good stuff

Somewhere Man Maggie Marilyn’s highly anticipated menswear line, “Somewhere Man”, is here. It’s been designed to maximise wearability and create boundless mix and match styling opportunities, all manufactured via a conscious and visible supply chain. A supreme solution Coffee Supreme now comes in paper-recyclable coffee packaging that keeps coffee fresh. The bags use Detpak RecycleMe technology which allows the thin plastic lining to be easily removed from paper packaging when processed at any recycling mill. POT RECYCLE If you don’t already reuse your plastic plant and seedling pots, Mitre 10 will take them! They’re closing the loop with the nationwide roll-out of Pot Recycle, an initiative to stop pots and plant labels made from plastic ID 5 (polypropylene) from ending up in landfill. The pots need to be dirt-free to avoid contaminating the recycling process.…

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From the outside, Matilda Green’s life looks like a fairy tale. She met her prince, Art Green, on TV’s The Bachelor, got married and now has two children, a boy, Milo, 3, and a girl, Autumn, 5 months. Living the good life after trading Auckland city for a semi-rural lifestyle in Warkworth, they couldn’t be happier. Green, 31, agrees that life has been pretty good so far. She often wonders what her life would be like if she hadn’t gone on The Bachelor. Most likely she’d be climbing the corporate ladder in media. Instead, the media spotlight has swung onto her life – and mostly that has been positive, though there have been times when Green has copped some flack, which she is learning to take in her stride. “I’ve made a lot…

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matoodles’ hair mask

“Don’t forget to use cold water to wash this out otherwise you’ve got scrambled eggs all through your hair. I know that’s really hard to get out because I’ve done it before!” 2 eggs1 tablespoon honey2 tablespoons coconut oil Mix everything together, then apply to dry hair. Try to leave the mask on for as long as you can, but at least an hour. You can wrap your hair in cling film or tinfoil if that helps to keep everything tidy, as it can be quite cold and drippy. Rinse out in the shower with cold water and follow with your usual shampoo and conditioner. Full-Body Exfoliant “If I have a bath I rub it all over myself and keep it on for a while, then wash it off. It’s just beautiful, though it does…