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Gourmet Traveller August 2018

Each issue is packed with great dish ideas, hot restaurants and bars, entertaining tips, the best hotels and lavish spreads on some of the world’s most intoxicating travel destinations - everything you should expect from the Australia's premier food and travel magazine.

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editor’s letter

Welcome to our annual Italian issue. We’ve done something a little different this month and changed the format of the magazine to mirror the country that it’s dedicated to, dividing the issue into three distinct sections: north, south and central Italy. In each section we explore the food, wine and places that make the region special. Though in Italy you’re only ever really scratching the surface, aren’t you? Up north we’re drinking Amarone and nebbiolo, eating zuppa and risotto al Barbaresco, and hopping between mountain and lake in the picturesque surrounds of Lake Garda. Down south it’s all about Marsala from Sicily and the purple primitivo from Puglia, chicken with ’nduja, white chocolate and ricotta cannoli, and the hidden treasures that lie waiting for visitors to Naples and Matera. In central Italy we take…

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where we’ve been

Helen Anderson, travel editor; Lewis and Harris, Scotland Harris Tweed redefines the overused word “artisanal”: a world-class cloth dyed, spun and handwoven in homes on the spectacularly beautiful island of Lewis and Harris. @handersonglobal Pat Nourse, managing editor; Shanghai Martinis atop The Peace Hotel after a GT x APT tour that roamed from Beijing to Hubei, up the Yangzi to Chongqing, on to Xi’an and finally Shanghai. @patnourse Sarah Oakes, editor; South Yarra A trip to Melbourne that included checking out luxurious new boutique hotel United Places: thoughtfully designed rooms with Scott Pickett’s excellent restaurant Matilda conveniently located on the ground level. @sarahaliceoakes…

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JOANNA SAVILL journalist The other lake, p78 Once upon a time, Joanna Savill met an Italian chef on a Tuscan island. Then she fell for Giuliano’s home city – Brescia, in the northern region of Lombardy – and the spectacular lake nearby. “Of all the Lombardy lakes, Garda is the biggest and most fascinating. Postcard landscapes, freshwater fish, mountain cheeses, a freak Mediterranean climate and a murky fascist history. The perfect spot for a holiday home.” CHRISTOPHER WISE photographer Renaissance man, p120 “Piero della Francesca is the insider’s Renaissance artist,” says photographer Christopher Wise. “I don’t think his brilliance is fully appreciated.” Known for their dream-like serenity and humanism, della Francesca’s frescoes can be seen in chapels located in a small triangle at the corner of Tuscany, Umbria and the Marche. “The sites form a trail, dotted…

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what we’re eating

GRILLED PRAWNS WITH CAPER LEAVES, Bells at Killcare Grill some nice big king prawns. Daub them with brown butter and a little lemon, scatter the plate with some herbs from the kitchen garden. Throw in some caper leaves for piquancy. And there you have it: winter at the beach on a plate. Bells at Killcare, 107 The Scenic Rd, Killcare Heights, NSW, (02) 4349 7000. DAVID MATTHEWS, SENIOR EDITOR SPAGHETTI, OMBRINA AND PESTO AL FINOCCHIETTO, Vinoir Natural vino aplenty. An address on the canal. Smiling service. All reasons I clocked plenty of flying-hours at this new-school Milanese wine bar. The dining is as rewarding as the wining, especially when lunch options include this splendid fennel and umbrine pasta. Vinoir, Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 93b, Milan, +39 02 3981 1202. MAX VEENHUYZEN, WESTERN AUSTRALIA…

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highway of the sea

For Paola Bacchia, the Adriatic Coast is more than a simple entry in an atlas. It’s the groves of ancient olive trees on the Salento peninsula, the spindly wooden fishing machines along the shoreline between Ortona and Vasto, and the horses on the coast of the Gargano taught to trample on sun-hardened broad beans to release their edible seeds. The author’s love of the region was inspired by her father, Nello. “He grew up on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, on the Istrian peninsula, which was part of Italy at the time,” says Bacchia. “It is the sound of my father’s words and the taste of my mother’s cooking that drove me to write Adriatico.” As Bacchia researched dishes from the northern part of the Adriatic, she realised they were…

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ben devlin

Ben, does hospitality run in the family? My uncle had a restaurant up the road. Two of his sons are chefs, and it turns out I have a grandparent on each side who worked as chefs, in RSL clubs. Which ingredients are you currently excited about? Citrus fruit. Rangpur limes are tasty – they look like you’re going to bite into a mandarin, but then they taste like a lime. Do you have any kitchen disaster stories? One of the chefs didn’t cover his garums properly. You usually add salt after 24 hours and he forgot to, so this fish sauce ended up sitting in this room for 48 hours. Eventually the smell left that room and started disturbing guests. That was certainly frustrating. The room is still part of the hotel,…