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Gourmet Traveller December 2018

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editor’s letter

I confess I am part of that small minority who is not offended, worried or angered by the early appearance of Christmas décor. As I write this letter in the first few days of November, Christmas trees have already sprung up around the Sydney CBD, baubles adorn shop windows and supermarkets shelves are heaving with gift wrap. I am completely at ease with these conditions. I am unashamedly a Christmas enthusiast. That doesn’t mean I like to overcomplicate things. You can still love the decorations, traditions and trimmings, and favour keeping it simple at Christmas. This year I find myself in a unique set of circumstances with a baby due and a new house settling dangerously close to the big day. The only solution? Start Christmas even earlier. So yes, I’ve already…

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where we’re eating

Pat Nourse, managing editor; Chupacabra, Byron Bay Grilled fish with cabbage escabeche. Roast suckling pig with crackling and aguachile. Watermelon asado and pepitas. The tacos at Chupacabra are as wonderful as they are wild. @patnourse Max Veenhuyzen, WA editor; Fu Dao Home Made Satay, Singapore This satay stall at Old Airport Road Food Centre serves a black-pepper variant that’s juicy, charry and – yes – more than a little peppery. @maxveenhuyzen Emma Breheny, digital editor; Momofuku Seiobo, Sydney Surprise! The coconut turnover on the bar menu at Seiobo isn’t some mere triangle of pastry filled with coconut – it’s a fluffy, syrupy, generously iced Caribbean cake that you never want to end. @breheny…

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mix it up

When Bridget Raffal became Sixpenny’s sommelier in late 2017, she noticed something odd on the wine list: a lack of women. She decided to make a change. Female winemakers will, one day, make up half the slate. “But without doubling the list, which is not feasible at a place like Sixpenny, a 35-seat restaurant, you’ve got to be reasonable and take it slow,” she says. Her solution is to ramp up the number of women on the matching and by-the-glass options: the pours that diners hear about most. At a recent guest lunch with Belon’s Daniel Calvert, Raffal created wine pairings that featured all-female producers, including glasses of Claire Naudin’s “Le Clou 34” aligoté and Veronica Ortega’s “Quite” Mencía. Many distributors have suggested winemakers worth including on the Sixpenny list,…

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karl van buuren, moon dog

Moon Dog has used some interesting ingredients in its beers, such as pumpkin and Redskins lollies. What else have you done? Some of the wildest ingredients we’ve added have been part of our single-keg program, where we brew just one keg for the bar and see how it is received – things like a whole roast chicken, Carolina Reaper chillies and camembert. Have you had any disasters? Absolutely. The chicken didn’t produce the best beer. But boiling a roast chicken in beer for an hour definitely made for some succulent chicken breast. What will you play around with this summer? Our innovation brewer Adrian will be doing some pretty special things with fruit, such as using watermelon, guava and orange to create a sour beer blend, so keep an eye out for…

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restaurant news

NSW Chef Tristan Rosier (Farmhouse, Dead Ringer) named Surry Hills’ latest neighbourhood diner Arthur after his grandfather. Expect kangaroo tartare with pickled cukes and strawberry meringue with makrut lime cream. Drinks, meanwhile, are all local – selected by Hubert’s Nathan Kam. Biota spin-off Barn is a unique blend of luxe farm accommodation and restaurant in East Kangaloon, offering foraging experiences and a menu that celebrates local produce, including “Maurice’s tomatoes from Fitzroy Falls with fresh curd”, honey from onsite beehives and yabbies from the farm’s dam. VIC Igni’s Aaron Turner takes The Hot Chicken Project beachside. The Anglesea pop-up will dish up seafood with a Nashville twist, plus Turner’s own Radicale beer and wine made with Anthony Brain of Livewire. BRISBANE Happy Boy’s team has launched Snack Man next door to their…

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jonathan barthelmess greca, brisbane

When did you start cooking professionally? I was working at a restaurant called Julio’s when I was in school. I was making pizza al taglio: 22 of those slab pizzas a day. I had burns all up my arms from the pizza oven. How is Greca, your new modern Greek taverna in Brisbane, different to The Apollo in Sydney? Even though we’re doing taramasalata, Greek salad and slow-roasted lamb, we’re doing them differently. The taramasalata is a lighter, gluten-free version that I’ve been working on; we’re doing different breads with the dips; we’re going to have a baker in-house. And if anyone knows of any Greek grandmothers who can roll dolmades, we’re looking for someone. I’ve got an ad calling out all yia-yias in the Greek newspaper. Your parents live near Greca.…