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IT WAS WHEN I HIT MY THIRTIES that it became clear that having a baby – that thing I’d spent a decade trying not to do – wasn’t as simple as I’d thought. In fact, new research shows that in the UK one in four pregnancies ends in miscarriage, 60,000 babies a year are born prematurely and we have one of the highest stillbirth rates in Europe. And yet, we still tend to be hesitant about talking about baby loss. That’s why I’m glad Grazia has been able to team up with Tommy’s charity this week, to highlight their research into stillbirth, miscarriage and premature births. I urge you to read the powerful piece on page 40, and donate to Tommy’s if you can. @hattie_brett / feedback@graziamagazine.co.uk MAIN COVER PHOTO: GETTY…

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NOT GIRL’S GIRLS Could not agree more, Polly (My deep dark secret…, 8 July). I think I am not the first female in my family to feel like I did not get the memo regarding approved behaviour. Therefore, I find myself ill-equipped to help my daughters through the quagmire of hidden agendas possessed by girls at school. I just help them stay confident in the face of it. Phillipa THIS HAS TO STOP If this image doesn’t change Trump’s immigration policy, what will? (8 July) was harrowing to read. Thousands of applicants are seeking asylum in America, claiming persecution in their homelands. But fearing for your life is not enough. The biggest hurdle the migrants face is convincing an immigration judge that they belong to a particular social group that could entitle them…

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KINDNESS IS KEY I cried with empathy and frustration at the ignorance of people as I read Cash Carraway’s feature (8 July). I found myself in a similar situation with a baby and nowhere to go due to a bad relationship. With the help of my family and a bursary that has now been scrapped, I trained to be a nurse while still living in poverty. Eating or heating! One thing I have learned is everyone is at risk of falling on hard times through no fault of their own. The hurtful judgements people express need to be replaced with compassion. Cash should have nothing but pride for getting through tough times with dignity and a happy little girl. Sarah Kelly…

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“The £250 ‘fertility drip’ flags a growing problem” Once the preserve of exhausted celebrities, vitamin IV drips are going mainstream – with one firm, Get A Drip, offering ‘antiageing’ and ‘mood-boost’ drips at shopping centres. Until last week, it also offered a £250 ‘fertility’ drip – prompting the British Pregnancy Advisory Service to state there was ‘no evidence’ it could improve fertility, and the company to withdraw it. Still, when would-be parents will pay thousands for proven treatments, such as IVF, the opportunity to cash in remains: the UK fertility market is valued at £320m. Let’s just remember this ‘market’ is made up of people. Businesses – and regulators – must not let their dearest hopes be exploited for profit.…

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LA DOLCE VITA LIgHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! Enter a world of high-octane glamour as Bulgari opens a pop-up Cinemania boutique in Selfridges’ Corner Shop this July. A cast of exclusive goodies are ready for the spotlight, including the worldwide preview of a Divas’ Dream necklace and a special edition of the iconic Serpenti Tubogas watch. But don’t miss the Serpenti Forever bag: epitomising ’60s Italian Riviera chic, this classic is unveiled in colour-pop shades and finished with witty charms. Bellissima!…