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welcome to the issue

THE POST-CHRISTMAS comedown always hits me hard, which is why I was very happy to hear that awards season kicks off unexpectedly early this year. On page 28, we look at the glitz, gossip and gowns that will cheer us all up – not least because Brits including Jodie Comer, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Olivia Colman are set to sweep the board again. Meanwhile, prepare to hunker down with the first ever winter Love Island – and it’s set to be the friskiest yet, according to the casting directors, who, on page 14, also share secrets of how the contestants are chosen for the villa. See? January won’t be that bleak after all. Happy 2020!…

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over to you...

Have your say… Email us at feedback@graziamagazine.co.uk Post comments on graziadaily.co.uk Tweet us at @GraziaUK Find us on Facebook at Grazia UK Follow us on Instagram @GraziaUK HOMELESSNESS SHAME ‘We need to tackle the hidden homeless epidemic’ (30 Dec) shocked me. Homelessness is devastating and dangerous, especially for children. A friend from uni, who’d lost his home, visited me a few years ago. I gave him clothes and asked him to stay. He only stayed one night, feeling he was in the way. I don’t know what became of him. No one in the UK should be living on the streets in 2020. Shannon DIVIDE AND RULE Perhaps you should have put your features on mental health and homelessness right after It was less an election, more an earthquake (30 Dec), your report on…

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letter of the week

LET’S END COURT SCAM After reading ‘No one can consent to their murder, our friend Grace certainly did not’ (30 Dec) I signed your petition straight away. Grace Millane was the 59th British woman to be killed since 2010 by a man using ‘rough sex’ as a defence. These killers cruelly shift the blame on to the victim, feeding into wider patterns of victim-blaming and forcing families to listen to discussion of their loved ones’ sexual history when it’s not relevant and can prejudice the jury. English courts need to follow NZ’s lead and not allow such a defence to succeed. I admire Chloe and her friends for their fight for justice for Grace. Shanie Lloyd…

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grazia view

This year, let’s sing our own praises “Researchers who analysed more than six million scientific studies found male authors describe their work using more celebratory language than women – ‘novel’, ‘unique’, ‘excellent’ – despite there being no evidence to suggest it’s any better. The study, published in the BMJ , said this could explain some of the gender disparities in the academic world, as men’s work is more likely to get noticed. And it could explain much about the wider world, too. In We Should All Be Feminists , Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie writes: ‘We teach girls to shrink themselves, to make themselves smaller’ – so in 2020, let’s make it our resolution to big ourselves up.”…

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everyday nihilism versus my brave new eating plan… but which one will win?

A MONTH AGO, I went to see a nutritionist. It was a work thing – by which I mean, the consequence of my thinking ‘Yeah, feck it, why not?’ about an invite to meet Sonia Wahlroos, the Nordic Nutritionist, as opposed to: me, finally realising a long-standing personal ambition to heal my innards, and (by extension) outtards, via the medium of food. Truth is: I’m not bothered by food. I’m a disastrous cook who finds modern tendencies to fetishise food (shudder rapturously on placing some morsel upon your tongue, brag about how you went to the soft opening of this ah-ma-zing secret new restaurant, Instagram your sandwich) odd, going-on gross. I think of food as a necessary… Oh, ‘evil’ is probably overstating it – but ‘boring’ seems fair. Food. A…