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welcome to the issue

IT’S HARD TO believe that it was 20 months ago that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding had us all buzzing with optimism. Seeing this smart, 30-something woman who’d had her own career and was outspoken about key issues, I’m sure I wasn’t alone in feeling that Meghan’s ability and attitude would be a modernising force for the royal family. It was perhaps inevitable then that she would feel frustrated by her new role; it’s understandable that she and Harry would want to move away from an environment that’s become increasingly hostile towards them. So despite the bombshell nature of Megxit, explored on page 12, it could end up being the smartest move the couple have ever made. In choosing to prioritise their family, they’ve once again set out…

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over to you...

GET THE HAPPY HABIT So many New Year’s resolutions disappear like a lost sock in the laundry. And when my normal routine leaves me tired, busy and distracted, it is difficult to get back on track. So I was really grateful for The power of (good) habits (13 Jan). Hanging out with friends, going to the movies, buying myself that magazine – I am going to indulge myself and these frequent, healthy rewards will keep me on track. Thank you. Clearly, setting and reaching goals isn’t about willpower, it’s about the power of one’s own intention. Once I’ve mastered these few steps, I’ll be well-equipped to follow through on my resolutions – this time, for good. Corrina Williams Thank you for an issue (13 Jan) overflowing with inspiration. I identified with Rhiannon…

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letter of the week

MOVED BY BRAVERY As I was preparing to face the first Friday night of dry January, I decided indulging in my favourite magazine would ward off temptation. Reading South Sudan – the women in need of hope (13 Jan) humbled me. Murder, abductions and rape are a common reality for these outstandingly brave women. I was in awe of their ability to wake, survive and love what family they still have left. I was so moved by the delicate delivery of the article and empowered that as a woman sat on a sofa I could make a small gesture to support CARE International by donating. Hopefully, we can continue to follow the journey of the women of South Sudan.…

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grazia uk

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grazia view

“Samira Ahmed proves justice is worth fighting for Hooray for journalist Samira Ahmed, who last week won her employment tribunal, which she brought against the BBC for sex discrimination. In her equal pay dispute she claimed she was underpaid for hosting Newswatch compared with Jeremy Vine’s salary for hosting Points Of View . She argued she is owed almost £700,000 in back pay because of the pay disparity. Her victory is a huge feat for anyone who has been discriminated against on the grounds of their gender, race, class, sexuality or disability. There’s still work to be done, but this is a turning point. So thank you, Samira, your bravery has led the way for us all and proved justice is always worth fighting for.”…

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i’m starting a revolution. step one: twerking

I DON’T BELIEVE in doing things differently just because it’s a new year, any more than I believe in To Do lists and horoscopes. They’re all vain attempts to impose purpose and order on the rambling, doomed chaos that is the human experience; to think otherwise is to indulge the kind of harmless delusion that made crystal therapy happen. And yet… When I get a WhatsApp from my boxing trainer suggesting we switch shiz up in 2020 by adding an hour’s twerking session to the back end of our weekly boxing training, oh! I cannot respond quickly enough. ‘A thousand times YES!’ I reply, though my message is lost in a mounting deluge of equally giddy responses from the rest of the group. So it is On; we launch this brave…