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Grazia combines 'A-list' celebrity exclusives with thought-provoking, real-life features and agenda-setting fashion. Each week we bring you: - 'A-lister' celebrity news and gossip - The very latest in fashion news and trends - What's hot NOW - Amazing real-life stories - Reports from all the key fashion shows around the world. Love fashion and celebrities? Then you'll love Grazia!

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welcome to the issue

WHEN WE STARTED planning this week’s high street issue we never could have imagined that the world would be in the grips of a pandemic. But as coronavirus takes hold here in the UK, we now face the prospect of long periods of self-isolation that our counterparts in Italy are already living through. On page 18, Tamu McPherson prepares us for the reality of life in lockdown – and an economy in free-fall. But when we emerge from this period, I hope our high streets will remain; not only because they’re a crucial part of our culture, but because they help connect communities.…

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over to you...

Have your say… Email us at feedback@graziamagazine.co.uk Post comments on graziadaily.co.uk Tweet us at @GraziaUK Find us on Facebook at Grazia UK Follow us on Instagram @GraziaUK THE POWER OF ‘NO’ Thanks for your timely and hopeful interview with Yara Shahidi, ‘Sometimes you have to be disruptive’ (9 Mar) for International Women’s Day. As a positive psychology coach, I loved that she felt the power of her ‘year of saying no’; it takes many of us a few decades past 20 to grasp that... Also, her framing of our duty as women to be as good to ourselves as we are to others. Here’s to a generation of young women empowered to say no to anything that doesn’t light them up, and a hard yes to being kind to themselves first. Lucy COST…

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letter of the week

THE ‘SILENT’ DISEASE It was fantastic to readEndometriosis? It’s just women’s problems, right? (16 Mar). I’ve had 17 operations due to this disease, so it makes my day to see awareness raised about this little known and often stigmatised illness. However, when Eleanor states ‘it isn’t life-threatening’, I’d says that, indirectly, in some circumstances, it can be. I was diagnosed very late at stage 4; endometriosis covered all my reproductive system, bowel and bladder. The worry was that my kidneys would fail. Also, after a bowel op, I needed an emergency stoma after an infection nearly killed me. Thankfully, I am clear of endometriosis now, but monitoring is key.…

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grazia view

Time’s up for men who abuse their power “It’s been a long, traumatic road to justice but, finally, Harvey Weinstein, whose pattern of abusive behaviour ignited #MeToo, has been given a 23-year prison term. Last month, the film mogul, 67, was found guilty of rape and sexual assault and last week was sentenced to spend what could be the rest of his life behind bars. As Ronan Farrow – whose investigative journalism helped lead to Weinstein’s prosecution – tweeted, the jail term shows ‘the power of people who speak up, from a position of far less power, at great personal risk’. Let’s celebrate this as the end of impunity for powerful men and the start of a new dawn, where victims are listened to.”…

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everyone, calm down! i know what we have to do next…

THIS COLUMN will not be about the coronavirus. I feel like, if I start on coronavirus, I might never stop, plus everything else, everywhere else, is about it already – you need a break. Instead, this column will be about how I’m ditching one of the worst habits known to man, and how you’ll be doing it too, soon (assuming we’re still alive), because I’m a proven early adopter (I was the first person I knew to wear Ugg boots and to watch Game Of Thrones). But also – life is better when you do this thing I’m doing. Or rather, not doing any more. What is it – you ask – this revolutionary practice about which I won’t stop jabbering on? Why, it is the convention of standing up! Or, more…

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chart of lust

1. New in CHRIS WHITTY The Government’s chief medical advisor. A voice of rationality in the midst of Covid-19 panic. A pin-up in the time of anxiety. 2. New in AKER OKOYE We don’t normally feature under 18s – unseemly – but when this one nicked a cheeky cuddle from Meghan, the country briefly got its sense of humour back. 3. New in CHIKA ORANIKA Rapidly ascending hip-hop sensation who took issue with Alabama’s anti-abortion bill on Jimmy Kimmel Live. New EP Industry Games is out now. 4. Up JOEY ESSEX VS CORONAVIRUS Is it fashion? Or is it fear? Is this the precise point that the two concepts meet and meld, in which case: is it the future? 5. Non-mover DUA AND ANWAR Did you know it was all the rage to coordinate your bag colour with that of your significant other? You…