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welcome to the issue

SOME EXTRAORDINARY things are emerging from this crisis. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who stood on my doorstep last week sobbing as my entire street clapped for the carers who are working tirelessly to fight coronavirus. Undoubtedly there are many heroes that have emerged over the last few weeks – from delivery drivers and supermarket workers to teachers keeping classrooms open. But those on the frontline, most exposed to the virus, are the NHS workers. They’re going above and beyond to battle the physical and emotional effects of Covid-19 – risking their own lives to help us all. We owe them all enormous gratitude; and this week’s issue of Grazia is our attempt to say thank you to the NHS and let their workers send a clear message…

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over to you...

Have your say… Email us at feedback@graziamagazine.co.uk Post comments on graziadaily.co.uk Tweet us at @GraziaUK Find us on Facebook at Grazia UK Follow us on Instagram @GraziaUK FIGHTING COVID-19 I have been self-isolating after showing symptoms of Covid-19. I was in bed for two days feeling awful, with a fever, cough, diarrhoea, piercing headaches, plus sore eyes, ears and throat. But I’m now emerging out the other end, even without needing help from my GP or 111, so it is not a killer virus for all. I was lucky to have support from my son, friends and neighbours. But the best surprise was the delivery today of my Grazia. You rightly praised frontline staff, but kudos to all the Grazia team for getting my favourite magazine out as usual. Stay safe but…

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letter of the week

SHOUT OUT TO THE HEROES Grazia View (30 March) stated what we all surely must be thinking: to the heroes on the frontline, thank you. So, doctors and nurses on the frontline of the global Covid19 pandemic; paramedics, midwives, hospital administrators, managers, secretaries, rota coordinators and other pillars of a desperately overstretched NHS; the cleaners and supermarket workers; the teachers who continue to educate children of key workers, etc. When this is all over, let’s fight for the wages and conditions they all deserve. This crisis should lead to a reassessment of who we value most in society. Geraldine…

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grazia view

This pandemic is bringing out the best in us “It’s easy to feel overwhelmed right now and spend evenings panic-scrolling and screen-shotting death tolls to send to your mother, who JUST WON’T STAY INDOORS! But, doom and gloom aside, this country is shaping up to be pretty incredible when it comes to handling a crisis. Last week, over half a million volunteers signed up to help the NHS, and more than 10,000 retired NHS staff have returned to work. Then there are the huge community efforts to help neighbours who feel lonely or isolated, and a rush of gifts being left on ambulances. Considering the awful circumstances, we’re doing an amazing job.”…

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love in the time of coronavirus, part one (and more to follow!)

PROPS TO US AS a race, for our incredibly speedy rates of adaption. I mean, I knew we were good. I just didn’t realise we were quite this good. I speak in this instance of how All This is inspiring us to rapidly reinvent our love lives – evolve new etiquette, branch out into daring new relationship territories, survive the ignominy of a billion new flavours of romantic humiliation – with special reference to the men I know who are not in stable relationships (thanks for the content, you guys! I’d be nothing without you!). Let us begin with my man friend A, who just got dumped by self-isolation. ‘It’s the new ghosting,’ he tells me, in-between crying on WhatsApp. I send him the hug emoji – it’s my favourite: so sinister-needy-creepy…

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chart of lust

1. New in LA LEGIÓN An elite branch of the Spanish army, deployed in the virus effort last week to the delight of an international community in search of light relief. The uniforms! 2. Up SOPHIE RAWORTH Of the news. Last week described as ‘brave and beautiful’ by Pete of Pete and Sophie on Gogglebox, which is entirely accurate to us. 3. Non-mover RYAN REYNOLDS For his ‘celebrities are gonna get us through this’ video… ‘Right after healthcare workers. First responders. Ping pong players and mannequins.’ 4. Non-mover TIFFANY HADDISH Stealing the show just a little in Netflix’s Self Made, a mini series about the life of entrepreneur Madam CJ Walker. Top notch looks throughout. 5. New in TOM NOOK Of Animal Crossing. It comes to our attention, while quarantined, that ‘gaming’ is a thing, and Animal Crossing: popular. This chap runs the village…