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Grazia combines 'A-list' celebrity exclusives with thought-provoking, real-life features and agenda-setting fashion. Each week we bring you: - 'A-lister' celebrity news and gossip - The very latest in fashion news and trends - What's hot NOW - Amazing real-life stories - Reports from all the key fashion shows around the world. Love fashion and celebrities? Then you'll love Grazia!

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welcome to the issue

There’s no doubt Christmas is going to be very different this year. But, after the year we’ve had, we still deserve to make it special. So whether you’re after ideas for kitchen discos, decor delights or high impact party pieces that’ll bring a touch of joy to your Zoom drinks, this issue has got you covered. And, as Polly Vernon writes on page 56, there are some advantages to PFH (that’s partying from home): a quick exit back to your sofa and boxset of choice. If that’s sounding more your vibe this December, Paul Flynn’s rounded up the new must-watch TV on page 49 – assuming, of course, that you’ve already binged the latest series of The Crown with our very worthy cover-star Erin Doherty!…

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over to you...

CRIME MISDEMEANOURS I totally agreed with Katherine Ryan in Stop serving up women’s murders as entertainment (30 Nov). While I am all for crime fiction, I’m not a fan of real-life murder documentaries. It’s distasteful to use real tragedy to create entertainment and disrespectful to the victims who cannot have their say – and for what? So we can sit back with our popcorn, helping a murderer become ‘famous’. No thanks, I’ll stick with The Duchess. Katie GENDER POLITICS I read How the response to Kamala shows some still have a problem with female leaders (30 Nov) and thought how sad. Kamala Harris is now one of the most powerful Black women in the world and could one day be President. Over the years, the push for gender equality has found renewed energy.…

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star letter

A NEW FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS I’ve just read the amazing Polly Vernon’s Abortion rights: yet another victim of the Covid crisis (30 Nov), about the horrific and barbaric way women all over the world are being treated. Thankfully, I had the comfort of knowing abortion was available, if I needed it, until the time was right for me to have children. I am disgusted that Amy Coney Barrett, the woman Trump recently installed on the US Supreme Court, is also anti-abortion. What gives anyone the right to authorise what women in the 21st century can or cannot do with our own bodies? I love both my kids but got pregnant at the time that was right for me and I will fight to my dying day for every woman to…

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grazia uk

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2020: finally, the death knell for presenteeism

“Before this year, we would struggle into work when we felt ill with an air of stoicism. Now, you’d be considered selfish for potentially causing a virus outbreak. Last week, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said we should stop ‘soldiering on’ by going to work when sick. Meanwhile, a study by marketing agency The Audit Lab found 56% of us have felt obliged to go to work when unwell, with the number rising among women. Let’s hope 2020 has put an end to our ‘work till you drop’ culture and need to tell people we’re fine when we’re not. If the pandemic means the death of presenteeism, then at least something positive has come out of this ordeal.”…

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how do we bridge the great vaccine divide?

WE NEED TO TALK about the vaccine(s). It’s come to my attention they’re divisive: which at first I thought was bizarre, because, why would the medical response to Our Great Woe be divisive? Yeah. So. Turns out, it’s more complicated than that. Me? I’d roll up my sleeve now , offer my shoulder to the sweet (pointy) approach of that needle – Pfizer’s, Moderna’s or Oxford-AstraZeneca’s, I’m not fussy! – if I could. When I heard about the first, the Pfizer – sitting on my sofa, eating a sandwich, watching the lunchtime news, 1pm or thereabouts, 9 November 2020 – I cried with relief. Then I took myself off, out, to dance in the streets, as (I assumed) everyone would. ‘There’s a vaccine!’ I yelled gaily at the first person I saw. ‘You before me, eh,’…