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Grazia combines 'A-list' celebrity exclusives with thought-provoking, real-life features and agenda-setting fashion. Each week we bring you: - 'A-lister' celebrity news and gossip - The very latest in fashion news and trends - What's hot NOW - Amazing real-life stories - Reports from all the key fashion shows around the world. Love fashion and celebrities? Then you'll love Grazia!

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welcome to the issue

GIVEN EVERYTHING that’s happened since, it might surprise you that this month marks a year since news broke that Meghan and Harry were walking away from the royal family – and that it was greeted with such shock. But, at the time, the couple’s move was divisive, sparking much debate about whether they were revolutionary or wrong to exit the establishment. Chief among the commentary was the book Finding Freedom, not least because of speculation that Meghan and Harry sanctioned their friends to speak to its authors. On page 12, one of the authors, Carolyn Durand, revisits a momentous year in royal history – and reports on what’s next for the now independent, LA-based couple.…

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over to you...

WHAT ABOUT THE KIDS? I’ve just read your whole magazine in 24 hrs. For a mum of two boys aged six and four, this is a massive treat. I’ve had to self-isolate with my younger son. He’d only been to one day’s preschool since March, then started school full-time and was off within three weeks. To him, the virus means death. He hasn’t seem his grandparents for a year and they too are sadder than ever. What impact will Covid have on kids? Miranda You’re not alone! Get support for all things child-related at The Juggle, our new community on Instagram for parents. Follow @thejuggleuk. BIRTH CONTROL I read with interest Could ‘Pieces Of A Woman’ harm the home birth debate? (11 Jan). A planned home birth can be rewarding, but it’s important…

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star letter

BE A GOAL-GETTER Make 2021 count! (11 Jan) was a must-read. 2021 could be the fresh start we’re all looking for: Brexit done; the vaccines rolling out. And it’s the time of resolutions. Fearne Cotton’s were great. Many of us set goals too difficult to keep, be it a promotion/ exercise regime/relationship goal. The only one I’ve ever kept was to go vegan – that was nine years ago and it was the easiest one I ever made. Why? Because a goal that helps you offset your environmental footprint is one you’re more likely to stick to. Such a brilliant, thought-provoking article. Stephanie…

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"five dead and democracy defiled. fake news’s legacy

The world was shocked when a mob of Trump supporters, some armed, invaded the US Congress’s Capitol building in Washington DC, incited by lies about a ‘stolen election’ spread by the President. Trump’s baseless claim that he is the true winner of the presidential election has encouraged groups peddling conspiracy theories. At a time when misinformation about the Covid-19 vaccine is also being disseminated in the UK and elsewhere, the need to check the truth is more vital than ever before. Social media is brilliant, but we need to think carefully about what we read, because – as we’ve seen – fake news can be dangerous.…

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a big 2021 welcome to all those who’ve suddenly gone a bit mad

A NEW STUDY BY Mind determined that vast quantities of people who’ve never experienced mental health issues before now are experiencing them; which will come as little surprise to those of you who’ve only just stopped having a secret cry on the sofa for no reason other than it’s another grim day in corona, and you’re really not sure how much more of this you can take. I’m one of Mind’s crisis-born newbies to disrupted mental health. It’s quite a shock to my system; quite the bash to my sense of identity, too. I am, under normal circs, pretty emotionally solid. I’m not without vulnerability, not unfamiliar with melancholy, anxiety, doubt… But still. Essentially, I’m a toughie. I’ve done some shit. I’ve lived some lives. Stiff upper lip, loin-girding, dusting myself…

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currently obsessed with...

THESE GAUGE81 PANTS And the faint promise of the parties to which I’ll wear them. Available at Net (where else?). THE THIRD MONDAY IN JANUARY Remember when we all thought it was the bleakest day of the year, cos that’s all we had to deal with? Bless our little cotton socks! BELTING MY OVERSIZED PUFFERS It makes them feel like new coats entirely! This American Vintage with a brown belt, for example. DEIMA KNITWEAR HOODIES I love to wear a hat inside for added cosiness, don’t you? IT’S A WONDERFUL LIE A podcast from the geniuses behind Mega. It’s admittedly festive-holiday themed, but what does time matter?…