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IT SHOULDN’T HAVE taken Sarah Everard’s death to start a national conversation about violence towards women. We’re all far too familiar with shocking statistics and heartbreaking stories. That two women a week are killed by a partner or ex-partner in the UK. That, despite a rise in rape cases being reported to police, only 1.4% end in the suspect being charged. Or new research showing that 97% of UK women have been sexually harassed. But after a year where the pandemic has hit women hardest, perhaps it’s not a surprise that so many women felt moved to share their stories – and their grief. The resounding sentiment was: enough is enough. So on page 16, MP and Shadow Minister for Domestic Violence and Safeguarding, Jess Phillips, analyses the collective outpouring…

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over to you...

READY, STEADY, OUT! Polly, pick me! I’ve just read I can’t tell when it’ll be over. But when it is... (8 Mar). Thank you for that injection of energy and excitement. I literally felt a fizz of energy in my body and such feelgood vibes after reading it! Do I wanna join Polly? That’s a big fat yes from me. Gemski Oh hell yes! was my reaction to Polly’s column (I can’t tell you when it’ll be over...). When this is over, I too am going to go wild. I’ve already booked meals and drinks in gardens, parks and beer gardens. I’ve got my hair and nail appointments sorted and I intend to dress up in style. If you think it’s dreadful to lose a year of nights out in your twenties,…

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star letter

LIGHT AFTER DARK DAYS I often find myself in agreement with Polly Vernon, but never more so than during her Covid columns, which have kept me going for the past year. Her latest, The end is nigh (in a good way)… But which re-entry tribe are you? (22 Mar), chimed. As a ‘Keeno’ married to a ‘Tentative’, I’ve struggled with lockdown, while my husband has sailed through. In Scotland we have no end date in sight, so I’m counting the days until the shops (hopefully) reopen on 26 April. Race you to the Zara checkout! Angela…

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bingeing netflix vs reading the classics.

I DO NOT APPROVE of memes: the dad jokes of the internet, founded on the principle a not-especially-funny thing becomes funnier with repetition, except: does it? Still, on the first anniversary of the first lockdown (23 March) I will indulge a currentish meme: the How it began Vs How it’s going concept, through the prism of which we can reflect on this bizarre episode… How it started OK, lockdown. Not a crisis, a challenge! A time for contemplation, a gentle bootcamp of the soul. And when it is over – two weeks, max? – I’ll emerge, the spiritual equivalent of a butterfly coming out of the chrysalis of restrictions, and everyone will admire how emotionally and intellectually refreshed I am! How it’s going Sure, hun. Sure you will. How it started Zoom’s rather fun! Shall we…

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chart of lust

1. New in THE ENTIRE CAST OF PRU Gem of a BBC iPlayer comedy, as hilarious as it is moving, as authentic-feeling as it is silly. We want more, which is good, because more’s coming. 2. Up WESLEY SNIPES Steals the show in Coming 2 America (Amazon Prime), a revisiting of an ’80s classic that should not work – yet absolutely does. 3. New in THE ENTIRE CAST OF THE WILDS Super-classy teen girl survival drama (Amazon Prime); Lord Of The Flies meets Mean Girls meets Lost. Binge if you must but, once it’s over and there’s no more, don’t say we never warned you. 4. Non-mover MICHELLE OBAMA Achieved balance while commenting on Meghan and Harry’s interview, saying she wasn’t ‘surprised’ to hear the feelings articulated, but that ‘public service, it’s about the people we serve’. 5. Up JARED HARRIS It seems strange…

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what’s keeping us going now!

GOLDEN TOUCH I wore these for a walk around the park the other day just to cheer myself up – and I can safely say it worked. They’re comfy, glitzy and the perfect shoes in which to re-enter the world. £180, Sezane BLUE SKY THINKING I’m spending my time daydreaming about the weekend when I can wear this divine dress, hug my friends and enjoy feeling sunshine on my skin. Bring on the summer, hopefully free of restrictions. £125, NRBY GET SHIRTY Like most people, I’ve spent the last year in comfy tracksuits and pyjamas. So, S.A.R.K’s new collection of beautiful silk shirts with a modern twist feels even more luxurious than usual. £365, S.A.R.K SNACK ATTACK Launched only seven months ago, The Good Canteen provides boxes filled with all sorts of treats, from healthy snacks to…