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welcome to the issue

WHAT ARE YOUR earliest memories of the high street? For many, it was the gateway to fashion – the place you went to buy the first handbag you saved up for or where you learned the responsibility of working a Saturday job. And then there was the social side, the fun of heading out to dinner after a day spent shopping, then on to the theatre, and beyond, for a night out. We’ve spent the past year without that. So there’s huge anticipation about non-essential shops reopening. There’s a societal benefit, too. As Mayor of London Sadiq Khan says in his conversation with Susie Lau (page 40), ‘It’s really important to understand the link between fashion, the high street and the economy. But also for normal shoppers, like a dad…

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Have your say… Email us at feedback@graziamagazine.co.uk Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @GraziaUK TRIPLE TREAT I felt compelled to write after reading The kids are all right (5 April). My daughter also gave birth during the pandemic, to spontaneous triplets. Both a miracle and life-changing. Her husband wasn’t allowed at appointments with her – she found out the triplet news on her own and was alone for all antenatal appointments, while her maternity leave was nothing like the one she was expecting. Carrying triplets is incredibly hard physically and mentally – she held on to them until 35 weeks! Triplets in a global pandemic – that’s tough – and I’m in absolute awe of how she has coped. Janet CONFIDENCE BOOST Thank you for your Life Skills advice to Break free of…

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star letter

ABUSE SO PREVALENT Labour MP Jess Phillips’ article, ‘I’m tired of begging people to care about the abuse’ (5 April), stood out for me. I was struck by her drive and determination to really bring women’s safety to the fore. It pains me to see the words ‘begging’ and ‘tired’ when asking people to care; to hear women still asking why abuse is so prevalent. Ironically, Jess’s week had started with speaking about International Women’s Day and celebrating women, while unease about the then missing Sarah Everard mounted in the background. Let’s pray her death wasn’t in vain and we can forge ahead with a societal change from men. Another #MeToo moment. Julie…

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“we can dare to feel hopeful once more”

Spring is here and lockdown is coming to an end. At last, we can meet in small groups in parks and back gardens without breaking the law! We can’t know for sure, but the worst of the pandemic may be behind us. Boris Johnson has said he doesn’t see anything in recent data that will cause the UK to deviate from its Covid roadmap (though urged people to ‘remain humble’). Despite all this, it’s hard to flick the panic switch off after a year of living in fear. But it’s important to feel hope. So let’s make plans and embrace our optimism without a cloud of guilt hovering over us – because we deserve, and need, to feel excited again.…

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is it time to start flirting again? (masked up and at a distance, of course)

YESTERDAY, A FRIEND told me off for flirting with a homeless man (known locally as ‘the fit one outside Tesco’). She and I had been a-walking, when I’d paused to check how this chap was getting along – something she claimed I did with more forward-thrusting cleavage than was technically necessary. What if I did, I asked. ‘It’s problematic to sexually objectify a man who’s on his uppers,’ she said. I think it’s problematic to deny a man his right to be fancied, just because he’s struggling socio-economically, I replied. That’s denying him his humanity! ‘Because one’s humanity is entirely related to how fit you are?’ she said. Not ‘entirely’, I said. Anyway, he flirted back! ‘Only because you bought him a large hot chocolate from the Costa machine!’ I didn’t do that so he’d flirt back!…

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chart of lust

1. Up LIL NAS X Whose new video depicts him sliding down a pole, from heaven to hell, and lapdancing Satan in thigh-high stiletto boots: now the lead option for our re-mergence-fit. 2. New in JONICA T GIBBS Star of Lena Waithe’s Twenties (iPlayer), openly gay hotness incarnate, a Shane from The L Word for the new decade. 3. New in PARK SHIN-HYE Turns out, we’re totally into South Korean sci-fi as a TV genre, who knew! Currently deeply digging the vibe of this woman, who stars in Netflix Original Sisyphus. 4. Up YUNGBLUD Rumours he was dating Miley have been quickly replaced with rumours he’s dating Jesse Jo Stark (of Bella Hadid friendship fame)… We’re enjoying the rapidly evolving nature of this! 5. Non-mover MAYA JAMA Newly confirmed as a regular on Celebrity Juice, which delights her because – she says – she…