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Grazia combines 'A-list' celebrity exclusives with thought-provoking, real-life features and agenda-setting fashion. Each week we bring you: - 'A-lister' celebrity news and gossip - The very latest in fashion news and trends - What's hot NOW - Amazing real-life stories - Reports from all the key fashion shows around the world. Love fashion and celebrities? Then you'll love Grazia!

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welcome to the issue

It’s been an awards season like no other. Gone are the red carpets, in favour of photoshoots from beds, gardens or swimming pools. Stars zooming in to collect their award wearing everything from a lumberjack shirt to Schiaparelli couture. But, as the stylists reveal on page 40, socks and slippers have slipped in behind the scenes of the glamorous shot you’ve seen splashed across social media. The best part though? The wave of new talent that’s emerged: from BAFTA Rising Star Bukky Bakray (page 39) to Emerald Fennell, who’s already made history as the first British female director nominated at the Oscars for her film Promising Young Woman. And if you haven’t seen it, stream it asap. A powerful take on male sexual behaviour, it couldn’t feel more relevant. @hattie_brett/feedback@graziamagazine.co.uk…

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over to you...

ROYAL RETURN In Is this the end of the monarchy as we know it? (5 April), by ITV’s royal editor Chris Ship, I read the following with incredulity: ‘The Sussexes’ claims have divided Britain and that is dangerous for an institution that depends on public money – and survives on public support.’ Forbes puts the monarchy’s worth at around $88bn (£72.5bn). The Sunday Times’ Rich List estimates the Queen’s personal wealth at £350m. A family that wealthy does not depend on public money or support. The monarchy is still adored by millions and even those who resent their privilege are a very long way from insurrection. If the current debacle makes the royal family more inclusive, it’s well overdue. Kerry HAIR RAISING Loved your great beauty piece, Comeback cuts (19 April). I will…

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exposing sexism

I read with interest ‘Schools get their #MeToo moment’ (19 April). It’s only now, in my late-thirties, that I’ve realised how deeply entrenched sexism has been throughout my life – starting at school, where girls were rated in order of attractiveness and subjected to objectifying taunts and the public exposing of ‘flaws’. This behaviour had a profound effect on my self-esteem, lasting way beyond the school gates. Rather than simply preparing girls for its aftermath, we need to re-educate and hold accountable those responsible. Abuse of any kind is normalised and exacerbated by silence. To be rid of it, we must expose it completely. May…

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the power of beauty

“Many women woke up last week feeling different. We felt fresher, more confident. Human again. That this coincided with hair and beauty salons reopening is no coincidence – oh no. With every split end that fell to the floor, a frazzled, tired, lockdown version of ourselves was swept away too. Whether you’ve had your appointment, are still eagerly waiting, or don’t feel the need, having the beauty industry back in business means choices – and puts us back in charge of how we present ourselves to the world. Now we can focus on every other important area of our lives knowing how we look and feel has been taken care of. That’s the transformative power of beauty.”…

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unexpected grief, and our complex relationship with the royals

I DID NOT EXPECT to feel so sad about Prince Philip – did you? Having anticipated his death for a while, as one does that of a 90-something; having felt marginally more connected with him than I did before I watched The Crown (though that isn’t saying much)… I assumed I’d barely notice when it happened. Assumed I had bigger things to think about – things that affected me more directly than the death of a man I’d never met, whose existence encapsulated a bizarre quirk of our national psyche, the merits of which have been questioned for as long as I can remember. But then he did die. I was alerted to the fact while queueing for Tesco’s self-checkout by my Instagram feed, and bugger me if I didn’t utter…

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chart of lust

1. New in KID CUDI In floral strappy Off-White for a Saturday Night Live performance, which people have speculated was a Kurt Cobain tribute in fashion form. Hot, whatever it referenced. 2. Up AMANDA GORMAN Poet from Biden’s inauguration ceremony, just got booked to host the 2021 Met Gala, which – all y’know, things allowing – will happen in September in real life. 3. New in CAPTAIN SANDY Our capacity to binge watch Below Deck has not faded with time; latterly, our lust has turned to firm-but-fair, eye-for-the-details Sandy, who can park a yacht like no other. 4. Up LINE OF DUTY CHIC Catapulting its way back up the charts with season 6. It all depends on a well-dangled lanyard, and knowing your way around an acronym. 5. Non-mover REGÉ-JEAN PAGE Another week, another He’s The New Bond! rumour, which R-J P has gracefully-yet-non-committally…