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Have your say… Email us at Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @GraziaUK FALSE FREEDOM I loved Polly Vernon’s column (26 July) on barely remembering what we did socially before Covid. But please remember that for those of us with compromised immune systems, 19 July wasn’t Freedom Day, it meant once again we were excluded from society. With mask wearing ‘expected’ rather than compulsory, and our Prime Minister advising us to shop out of hours, it’s back indoors for us. Mask wearing isn’t pleasant but please do it. It’s not about you it’s about all of us. Penny CHILDCARE CRUNCH Regarding your childcare campaign, as a working single mum, with all my family living in another city, I can honestly say it is 100 times harder and more expensive. It’s virtually impossible…

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star letter

CARRY ON CARRIE! Yes, Carrie and co have aged – and we should celebrate that (9 Aug) was a superb article and I agree with everything that was written. There are far fewer roles for women than men as they get older. For all actors, 40 is a critical age. But for the men, 40 represents the midpoint of their careers – about half of all the leading film roles go to actors aged over 40. For women, however, 40 is a sunset year. When an actress reaches 40, she loses access to about three-quarters of the leading roles. It is grossly unfair. Ginette…

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can’t get away? make sure you still log off

“The French have the right idea when it comes to holidays. In August, many turn their OOO on for the month. Obviously, we can’t all do that. Besides, with seemingly every UK Airbnb booked up until 2050, there’d be nowhere to go. But with so many of us still WFH, we’re in the midst of another summer of blurred boundaries as work seeps into home life and, at worst, leads to burnout. In the absence of the traditional week in the sun, we shouldn’t simply keep pushing through. Not after the year we’ve all had. Even if you can’t go away, step away. Block out time to have zero obligations. And nothing’s stopping you from wearing that holiday wardrobe.”…

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why latin is probably not the way to level up education

AS EXAM RESULTS time rolls around again, it gives rise to the re-(re-re-re?) realisation that private- and public school-educated students have dramatically out-performed those from state schools – just like last year, and the year before, and before that and before that – Covid having made another awkward lil truth about society 10 times more obvious… So, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson announces the kind of ‘levelling up’ initiative you’d expect from a Government that thinks strong messaging is better than meaningful change. Williamson has decreed Latin be taught in 40 comprehensive schools, on the basis it is all that stands between a kid whose education costs £275,000 from start to finish (according to 2018 figures) – and a kid whose education costs 0 pounds, 0 pence. Must I really type the…

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chart of lust

1. New in ADAM DRIVER AND A HORSE In the new Burberry ad. Adam and the horse run into the sea and swim/dance together balletically, underwater! Then, Adam becomes a centaur! It’s all very post-Covid* (* the artistic sensibilities destined to define this era). 2. New in ‘PARTY GRANNIES’ A concept newly punted by Sarah Ferguson, who says she and Diana would fo sho have been this, and that it involves hogging prime bouncy castle space. 3. Non-mover TOM DALEY, KNITTING It may not amaze you to learn we are not natural born crafters, however… TD’s gentle efforts at the Olympics have lent a certain sexy sheen to the endeavour. 4. Non-mover RITA ORA AND TAIKA WAITITI Following whatever did/did not happen with Tessa Thompson, these two have now gone red-carpet official. We could not be more keen to see what…

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what’s new keeping us going now!

STEALTH WEALTH If you, too, feel like the outside world is a lot more expensive than it was pre-pandemic, grab Otegha Uwagba’s We Need To Talk About Money – a brilliantly written, wholly relatable memoir that will inspire you to reassess your relationship with money. £12.99, Waterstones SLIP UP This breezy, slip of a dress is the perfect heatwave staple. Wear on its own or layered under a loud Hawaiian shirt. £9.99, Mango COOL CURRENTS I’m a sucker for a gadget and NuFACE’s Trinity Facial Toning Device helps me keep tech neck at bay after a year (or rather many, many years) of compulsive scrolling. £315, NuFACE at FACE VALUE Hot, humid days of mask-wearing have not been the kindest to my skin. Kiehl’s retinol has helped set things straight. Retinol Skin-Renewing Daily Micro-Dose Serum, £62 ART…