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Have your say… Email us at Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @GraziaUK RIGHTS UNDER THREAT I read Grazia View (20 Sept) and agree: everyone should fight the rollback of women’s rights. What is the matter with Texas? Banning abortions from as early as six weeks with NO exceptions, even for rape or incest? Ridiculous. As a foster parent, my mother once looked after a girl of 15 who’d been raped by her stepfather. She had an abortion at nine weeks – how could this not be considered just or legal? Amanda THE MAG TO BAG I recently celebrated my 70th birthday. I’ve always enjoyed magazines, but feel compelled to say Grazia is the only one I now buy. The fashion (which I still love – my grandmother used to say you…

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star letter

ACTION ON DICK PICS May I congratulate you and Laura Bates for campaigning to criminalise cyberflashing (‘Dick pics teach girls that men can force sex on them without consent’, 20 Sept). I’ve just signed the petition. I have personally been a victim of this and, as a transgender woman, find it just as abusive as everyone else. Why someone wishes to harass me with unwanted messages and images, just because I am female and there is nothing to stop them, is quite frankly disgusting. I realise that many of us experience this problem on an almost weekly basis and it really is time that it was stopped, with the people responsible held to justice. Sharon…

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time to rip up the rule book and just enjoy fashion

“Things we promise never to moan about ever again: feet that hurt in heels. Coat check queues. Getting in and out of a jumpsuit. Doing our make-up in the back of a cab. Questions we promise never to ask: can I get away with this? Is it ‘too much’? Does my bum look big in this? As we take tentative steps – in heels or flats – it’s time to celebrate the joy of clothes once more. To see and be seen. There are no rules any more, apart from one: enjoy it. Fashion’s big return calls for big energy to match – because isn’t every day worth making an effort for?”…

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the one thing we can do about the texas abortion laws

I WRITE 10 DAYS after Texas enforced the most restrictive abortion laws in the US – legislation that makes abortion illegal after six weeks, when few people even realise they’re pregnant, and plops a $10k bounty on anyone helping a woman get an illegal abortion, even if they’re, say, an Uber driver, giving her a lift; and also? You don’t even have to know the pregnant woman to cash in! There’s an anonymous tip line! When this new law kicked in, social media and news outlets erupted in anger. TikTok users flooded the tip line with bogus deets; much reference to The Handmaid’s Tale was made. But the Outrage Cycle moves fast and now, as I write, hardly anyone’s angry about it on the socials any more. By the time you…

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chart of lust

1. Up BOBBY CANNAVALE Best name in acting (give or take Claes Bang), partner of Rose Byrne, star of Nine Perfect Strangers, which is getting snobby negs critical comparisons with White Lotus, but why? It’s fab! 2. Non-mover REGÉ-JEAN PAGE The artist formerly known as The Duke/our main reason for carrying on through the bleakest segments of Lockdown 3. Announced he’s ‘respectfully exited’ the Bridgerton WhatsApp group. 3. New in DIANA TROUT As we dive deeper into blissful Comedy Central sitcom Younger, the DT quite unexpectedly wins our hearts, with particular reference to her cabaret act and her Dolly Parton karaoke. 4. Up SARAH SILVERMAN Partly because we never got over her song, I’m F** king Matt Damon; also because we’ve just got heavily into her podcast. She does edge and compassion in equal measure. 5. New in SURANNE JONES’ EYEBROWS We can’t work…

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what’s new now!

LOOKING FORWARD TO Misfits: A Personal Manifesto by Michaela Coel. I felt seen and inspired while watching the actor and screenwriter’s MacTaggart Lecture that led to the book. CATWALK MOMENT The best elements of British autumnal style, cleverly mashed up in a single look. LOOKING FORWARD TO I will go anywhere chef Max Rocha works. His debut restaurant, Café Cecilia in Hackney, draws inspiration from cooking with his mum, growing up in Ireland. CATWALK MOMENT The colour, the volume, the print, the casting! Marc showed at a time when we desperately needed inspiration – and got me out of loungewear. LOOKING FORWARD TO Doron Langberg’s intimate, expressive paintings explore sexuality, grief, nature and family. Doron Langberg: Give Me Love, Victoria Miro Gallery until 6 November. CATWALK MOMENT A word I don’t want to hear for a while: athleisure. I’m craving all-out,…