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AFTER THREE COVID delays, the Bond film finally had its glittering premiere last week, giving us all a reason to return to the cinema. It also reminded me of what makes something a classic. Quality, for sure. But also a subtle line between timelessness and a capacity for reinvention. (No spoilers, but you can certainly feel the influence of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s writing in No Time To Die.) That essence is something we’ve also explored elsewhere in the issue – including the creation of our first ever Grazia x Lyst Forever 15, which ranks fashion’s most popular classics using a bespoke algorithm. You’ll find items long-revered in fashion – think Max Mara’s camel coat – but also new labels set to be future classics. But most importantly, I hope you find…

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Have your say… Email us at Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @GraziaUK Polly was spot on when she wrote that we can shift the shame around abortion by speaking up about our own, but that’s not the only thing we can do to support the women of Texas. Three organisations are accepting donations to enable women to travel out of state for terminations: The Lilith Fund, Fund Texas Choice and the Texas Equal Access Fund. Meanwhile, Jane’s Due Process gives advice to pregnant teens in Texas. I’ve been lucky enough not to need an abortion, but my life has been immeasurably better for knowing it would be an option. It’s not just about the consequences of unwanted children, it’s the impact of the fear that would accompany that…

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star letter

A CHOICE WORTH FIGHTING FOR Good on Polly Vernon for speaking so openly about her abortions (The one thing we can do about the Texas abortion laws, 4 Oct). I am pro-choice but wish that choice was real. As much as women are pressured into having children they can be pressured into having a termination because they’re scared and not in a good place emotionally. Women often prefer not to talk about abortion because they are judged for it – by other women or health professionals who are not neutral on this matter. I wish it was a better world in which we could all show more compassion for each other. Thank you Grazia for not shying away from difficult topics.…

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don’t let the back-to-work time warp steal ‘me time’

“Remember when there were too many hours in the day during lockdown? For many of us, it could be a challenge to fill our time: we’d bake more than we could eat and rearrange items that we’d already organised. Now, with many of us back in the office, socialising, commuting and doing the school run again, we’re finding ourselves in a back-to-work time warp. ‘Me’ time feels like a distant memory. But we should try to avoid getting sucked back into the pre-pandemic busyness vortex that wasn’t always healthy. Alongside enjoying the regained freedoms, make time to wind down, do nothing, sleep and prioritise some time for yourself.”…

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blow-dries, cleavage and lipstick: what glamour really says about the glamorous

IN A RECENT INTERVIEW in The Times , Labour MP Angela Rayner talked about her childhood in Stockport, where she grew up poor and struggling with a bipolar mother – a woman who self-harmed, attempted suicide, was sectioned, and was in no position to care for Rayner or her siblings. As a consequence, ‘We were feral,’ Rayner said in the interview. ‘We got ourselves ready [for school]. My mum wouldn’t be able to get up… I got bullied because my hair was an absolute mess. That’s why my hair is always immaculate now.’ As origin stories on a trademark blow-dry go, this one wins. All others need not apply. Rayner’s hair is not just a rigorously maintained ’do, but rather: a proud statement of defiance, of deprivation overcome. A rejection of…

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currently obsessed with...

HIGH REACHING ‘ANKLE’ BOOTS Allow you to tuck your jeans in, a silhouette I love. These are Russell & Bromley (who else?) HAYLEY MENZIES’ BOMBER JACKET Extra Elevated Casual (EEC), with a rich seam of Portobello whimsy running through it. GIRLY PHONE STRAPS The eternal seven-year-old in me is utterly obsessed by this Talis Chains wristlet. TRINNY LONDON BFF REBALANCE SERUM This woman really knows how to make a skin tint, tho. MADELEINE THOMPSON’S ONESIE And you thought ‘chic onesie’ was an oxymoron……