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June/July 2021

Guideposts is a monthly inspirational, interfaith, non profit magazine written by people from all walks of life. Its articles help readers achieve their maximum personal and spiritual potential.

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inspiration for life

Notice anything different about your magazine? I’m kidding. Of course you do. You’re seeing many of the exciting changes I’ve been telling you about for the past few issues. Start with the better paper and cover stock. That makes your magazine more durable. (I know you like to carry it with you and share.) Our new typeface makes it easier to read. The beautiful new design makes GUIDEPOSTS more vibrant and inviting than ever. And the extra pages, so that each issue is at least 100 pages? More great stories to lift your spirits. I’m eager for you to explore our new Inspired Living section, starting on page 16, which has many features you’ve been asking for. There’s a Q&A with pastor and author Max Lucado—we’ll be talking to faith leaders more…

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more inspiration at guideposts.org

Get Boost your spiritual well-being! Visit guideposts.org for web-exclusive stories, life advice, prayer tips, recipes and more. Watch Michelle Williams (page 42) shares her strategies for coping with depression and anxiety. Learn how prayer uplifts the Grammy winner and what she does to find joy on her hardest days. Check out our exclusive video at guideposts.org/michellewilliams. Explore Celebrate small-town America with our virtual tour of Casey, Illinois. Jim Bolin (page 36) shows you the sights, including the world’s largest rocking chair, mailbox and wind chime! Visit guideposts.org/caseyillinois. Learn Nationally acclaimed life-style expert Katie Brown (page 34) has some tips for you! Try this easy DIY decor project: Sea glass–inspired tableware brings a beachy vibe, no matter where you live. Go to guideposts.org/summerdiy. Connect Join the growing Guideposts online community. Facebook @Guideposts Instagram @GuidepostsMagazine Shop Fascinated by stories of near-death…

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“the up side®

“If you keep being grateful for your life, your heart gets bigger. The bigger your heart, the more you get to love.”actor TED DANSON, 73, on his 25-year marriage to actor Mary Steenburgen“No matter what I see, I choose faith. No matter what I feel, I choose faith.”CRAIG GROESCHEL, pastor and author of Winning the War in Your Mind“We’re only as good as our ability to connect with each other. Everything else is irrelevant.”singer ALICIA KEYS“God doesn’t just create. He also re-creates.”LEVI LUSKO, pastor and author“I know the secret of life: If you want to have loving feelings, do loving things.”ANNE LAMOTT, author of Dusk Night Dawn: On Revival and Courage“No amount of guilt can solve the past, and no amount of anxiety can change the future.”posted on Instagram by…

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someone cares

ADVENTURES IN KINDNESS My mom always made birthdays special. She died of cancer when I was 32. After that, I dreaded my birthday because she wasn’t here to celebrate with me. As I approached 40, I decided that I wanted to have joyful birthdays again. A friend told me that she’d read about someone who spent their birthday doing random acts of kindness. My mom would have loved that. Why not give it a try? I thought. I organized a scavenger hunt. Instead of finding things on a list, my friends and I performed acts of kindness. We split into two teams and had two hours to complete as many kind deeds as possible. We used chalk to write encouraging messages on the sidewalk. We hid dollar bills in the toy section…

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spirit lifting

Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.—PSALM 37:4 (NIV) A recent writing exercise asked me to list everything I loved. Here are some items on that list: Chocolate, of course. The smell of cut grass. The relaxed, quiet pleasure of a job well done. Laughter around the dinner table at the end of a meal. Red barns at summer twilight. My cat’s head butt against my shin. My husband’s greeting as I walk through the door. I delight in these things. Do I delight, in the same way, in God? Where is God on that list? The way my mom folds me up in her arms when she hugs me. My dad’s patience. The sparkly way the air feels before a thunderstorm. Being all alone in a…

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take our positivity challenge!

Who doesn’t want to be more optimistic? More energetic? Happier? That’s why we’ve put together 21 positivity boosters for you. Try one or more of these each day. Notice some of these activities really make a difference to your spiritual wellbeing? Great! Do them more regularly. You’re on your way to becoming your most positive self! 1 Do a happy dance. Move to music. Dancing sparks joy. 2 Change up your morning routine. Add a devotional practice. 3 Take a deep breath. Learn a stress-relieving breathing exercise, like five-finger breathing. Make a fist. As you inhale through your nose, slowly uncurl your thumb and index finger. As you exhale through your mouth, slowly open your middle, ring and pinky fingers. When you exhale for longer than you inhale, your nervous system shifts into…