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August 2021

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3 min
crazy tube circuits

THE POPULARITY OF some electronic effects comes and goes with the flow of musical fashion. Fuzz was all the rage in the ’60s and then virtually disappeared until the ’90s. Vibrato pedals literally vanished for decades. Soon after their inception in the early ’70s, phaser pedals were everywhere — country, rock, R&B…you name it. But in the following decades, they became rare on the ground, a notable exception, of course, being Eddie Van Halen’s penchant for the MXR Phase 90. The sound of phasing seems to be experiencing an upsurge, making it prime time for Greek company Crazy Tube Circuits to release its four-phasers-in-one Cyclone. It includes their take on the aforementioned Phase 90 sound, along with emulations of MXR’s Phase 45, the famous Electro-Harmonix Small Stone and the rarer Lovetone…

2 min
piss take

WHO’S NEXT MAY have one of rock’s most memorable album covers. But photographer Ethan Russell’s image of the group in what appears to be post-elimination contemplation wasn’t exactly what Pete Townshend imagined for the band’s creation. “I talked to Pete about what was on his mind while he was writing the songs,” Russell recalls. “He talked about going off in a caravan and living off the land — obviously, that’s an idea that came out of Lifehouse. So I was going out and photographing landscapes with beautiful sunsets, and a lone Land Rover with its lights on. It was very poetic, but it had nothing to do with the album’s title.” For that matter, the group had rejected photos of an earlier concept featuring drummer Keith Moon dressed as a whip-wielding dominatrix.…

8 min
tone hound

IT’S NOT SURPRISING that Carl Verheyen’s latest release, Sundial (Cranktone Entertainment), is an adventurous album loaded with world-class guitar playing. That’s a given for this super-picker, who has spent his life as a first-call session player, a solo artist and a long-time member of the British group Supertramp. On Sundial, Verheyen covers everything from rock and ska to funk, Afro-pop and ballads, one of which, “Garfunkel (It Was All Too Real),” is based on a serendipitous event that took place when he was just 15. “I was at a hotel with my parents in Alberta, Canada, when I spotted a grand piano in the lobby and sat down and started playing the intro to ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water,’” Verheyen recalls. “When I got to the big Eb chord, the downbeat to…

3 min
orange amplification

ORANGE IS RENO WNED for its robust British tube-amp sound, and the iconic U.K.-based manufacturer continues to make inroads into the acoustic electronics market with the Orange Acoustic Pedal. This design basically takes what Orange accomplished with its complex and compound Acoustic Pre TC preamp and Crush Acoustic 30 amplifier, and boils the essentials down to a straightforward stomp box. The Acoustic Pedal is a single-ended Class A preamp featuring a parametric midrange with notch filter, a balanced XLR output and a buffered effects loop. The Acoustic Pedal looks quite different from its competition. While most acoustic electronics manufacturers go for a brown, wooden aesthetic, Orange displays its signature color in the form of a psychedelic swirl surrounding six jet-black knobs on a cream-colored box. Traditionalists may scoff, but acoustic rockers…

1 min
nighthawk redux

IN ADDITION TO making her debut solo record this year, Nancy Wilson has become the recipient of her debut Epiphone signature model, the Fanatic. Based on the Nighthawk body shape introduced in 1993, the Fanatic features a mahogany body with a figured maple veneer top, ProBucker humbuckers, a five-way pickup selector, and master volume and tone controls. We asked the designer herself to take us through the model’s background. The Fanatic is based on the Gibson Nighthawk. How did it come to be your signature model? I designed the shape for Gibson when they asked me to come up with a new body style. This was back in the ’80s, but then they changed management shortly after that. I guess they found the old drawings and decided to make the Nighthawk into…

18 min
the one that got away

“‘BABA O’RILEY’ IS ABOUT THE ABSOLUTE DEVASTATION OF TEENAGERS AT WOODSTOCK. ‘TEENAGE WASTELAND! YES! WE’RE ALL WASTED!’”— PETE TOWNSHEND STANDING BEFORE AN open window on the 24th floor of New York City’s former Navarro Hotel, Pete Townshend fell into the throes of what he calls “a classic, extreme, psychotic, New York anxiety attack.” It was March 1971, and the Who had come to the city on the recommendation of their manager, Kit Lambert, in a last-ditch effort to record a musical project that had been plaguing the guitarist. Lifehouse, as he called it, was the concept album that would surpass Tommy, the Who’s groundbreaking, 1969 rock opera. Since 1966, Townshend had been developing the format, first with his nine-minute mini-opera, “A Quick One, While He’s Away,” and then with the musical…