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Heart of Hospitality Fall 2020

Enthusiasts of entertaining, party planning, and home décor, mixed with the perfect combination of proper etiquette, tips, and tricks, is the perfect recipe for extending hospitality to everyone.

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welcome friends,

What a crazy busy few weeks since our last issue came out! We are in crazy times, but we don’t seem to be slowing down at all here at Heart of Hospitality. Not only have we traveled to Texas for our Girlfriends' Get-away, but we taped 5 different interviews with Uniting the Nations, hosted out of town guests, hosted our annual Diner en Blush event, put together this fall issue, and celebrated our 1-year anniversary of the magazine! All this with a mostly mandated lock-down. Whew, I’m exhausted just reading it all back! But God has been so good at sustaining us through everything, and we have had so much positive response on everything we are doing. Leslie & I have been so blessed to be able to do something we…

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dearest friends,

With the wonderful colors, sounds, and aromas of Autumn, I welcome you to our Fall Edition of Heart of Hospitality Magazine. If you are from the Midwest, like I have lived most of my life, the trees are alive with colors that speak of warmth through the silence of leaves that change from green, to brilliant orange, to deep red. The days still feel like summer, but the nights are cool, inviting me to open the windows before bed. Even in California, my home now, the nights are cool and refreshing. We made this edition with the comfort and beauty of Autumn, and I am so excited to offer you our ideas of hospitality in the season of vivid colors and refreshments. In years past, the cool breezes, changing colors, and…

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girlfriend's getaway

WACO Our Girlfriends' Getaway this season brought us to the Lone Star State. We had such a fabulous time traveling around the state and discovering some great shops, sweet treats, and gathering with friends for a real Texas BBQ. We had a wonderful time visiting Waco, Texas. It was so much fun visiting old friends, and meeting new ones. We stopped by to see one of our favorite pastry chef's creations at Simply Delicious Bakery and saw some pretty spectacular cakes and confections. It was also exciting to see Magnolia, Chip and Joanna Gaines' fabulous empire with their coffee shop and store at the Silos. In the next few pages, check out their amazing business accomplishments of exquisite design. We had such a wonderful time in Waco, TX. The weather might have been stifling…

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There is something romantic and whimsical about stepping back into the late 1800’s. The beautiful designs of historic buildings invite you to walk through the doors of quaint shops as you stroll along the boulevard. It’s easy to picture ladies walking along with linked arms and wearing bustle dresses, while gentlemen follow along with top hats and walking sticks. Galveston, Texas takes you back to the 19th century with Greek Revival architecture that brings the late Victorian era into the old west There is always something wonderful to see on Galveston Island. However, in downtown, The Strand brings one back in time to a world of petticoats and parasols. Historic downtown Galveston was once known as the Wall Street of the Southwest, and displays a collection of some of the most…

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san antonio

There is nothing like stepping into the picturesque beauty of San Antonio, Texas. The infamous River Walk holds captivating appeal to locals and visitors alike. There is so much going on such as the Fall Artisan Show starting the 9th of October. If you are able to visit October 15th, you won't want to miss Zoo-La-La. The Taste of San Antonio fundraiser to support the animals of the local zoo by sampling fare from over 50 incredible restaurants! (Note: this event is for 21 and older) And, who doesn't want to catch the Haunted River on October 23rd? So much to do and all the time to do it! From mission to military post in just under one-hundred years, you won't want to miss seeing The Alamo. With over 300 years…

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have a pop-up party on the beach at sunset

We needed a great location to host our out-of-town guests for a leadership meeting, and what better setting for dessert and coffee than on the beach at sunset! We took everything we needed, including some table decor and an old delivery pallet, and created a tranquil pop-up party on the beach! It was the perfect start to an amazing weekend of connection and celebration for the ladies of Mon Ami Ministry. We stayed well after the sun had gone to bed, and shared our visions of outreach, community, and how to support others in need. Don't have an old delivery pallet like we had? Just throw down a blanket and some pillows and you have the perfect spot for an evening gathering.…