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Heart of Hospitality Winter 2021

Enthusiasts of entertaining, party planning, and home décor, mixed with the perfect combination of proper etiquette, tips, and tricks, is the perfect recipe for extending hospitality to everyone.

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welcome friends

I love change. There, I said it out loud. I know change is hard for many people, but I am one of those that thrives on change and gets excited to explore something new. I once lived in five different time zones in five years. Literally, from the East Coast to the West Coast and overseas. My parents had moved to Florida for retirement, and I had all of my belongings in boxes in a friend’s attic. I used to say I was a well-traveled homeless person because I didn’t actually have a home. I had places I stayed. This past year was full of challenges, and while many suffered greatly, I thrived in the changes that were brought about in the community. I made a choice to stay positive during…

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it's getting hot in here!

If you live in a state that gets even remotely cold, you're over it. I already know. I live in Texas. The average temperature is 4,000 degrees, which I say to excuse the fact that today I put on a sweatshirt because it was 74 outside. I can say with everything inside me that my, "used to be" northern self is annoyed with my apparently new "southern self." Growing up in Indiana, by February I was beyond DONE with the cold. However, my stubbornness won me most of the time. I will say that at times I felt like I was a little Elsa'ish. I can say that, "The cold never bothered me anyway was a very normal saying that I yelled through the house. Meanwhile my dad shouted from the…

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girlfriends' getaway

We started off our girlfriends ‘getaway in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. One of our favorite places to visit is Inspirations Tea Room. Prepare yourself for a peaceful respite from the craziness of the outside world. Enter the doors into an enchanting wonderland with great food and the most delicious coffee and confections. A gorgeous vegetable quiche, served with scones & lemon curd, and fresh fruit is the perfect start to your day. Each dish comes with an inspiring verse that you can tuck into your handbag and take with you everywhere you go. Your tastebuds will appreciate a chicken salad sandwich on fresh baked croissant, side salad, and a hot cup of soup on a cold winter’s day. Elegantly layered chocolate cake with decadent frosting pairs perfectly with a hot mocha and whipped cream for…

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a weekend in the sooner state

Pawhuska Oklahoma Ree Drummond could quite possibly be considered one of today’s modern day hero’s. In the sleepy little town of Pawhuska, Oklahoma, life was ready to be snuffed out. This old, western-looking oil town, long since dried up, was on the verge of extinction, unless something came to breathe new life into its folds. Located in a picturesque area right out of a movie set, the vibrant town may be small, but it sure is mighty! Pawhuska, Oklahoma, the gateway to Tallgrass Prairie, is an old oil town that flourished in the early 1900’s. Hard times caused by the Great Depression resulted in many of the businesses closing, and the revenue streams to dry up. Located in the Tulsa metropolitan area, this charming town of just over 3600 people, came back…

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happy monday

It was completely crazy in 2020. Now that we have closed the book on that year, we are ready to start fresh in 2021. One thing we found is that the Stayat-home orders brought out the best ideas we could think of to extend hospitality into our communities in safe and healthy new ways. We love the idea of Happy Monday. Inspired by Mon Ami Ministry, Happy Monday is a concept where we take a small gift, treat, or tasty snack, and bring it to someone who needs encouragement on any given Monday. Sometimes we just leave it on the doorstep, other times, we were able to visit for a few moments and bring joyful conversation to someone who might have been lonely and hurting. Always be respectful of others and their…

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dust off those old fashioned manners

I was in the post office the other day to mail a package and was caught by surprise at just how enormous the line was due to the holiday rush! In fact, I didn't even make it inside the main doors before a gentleman standing in the doorway looked at me and pointed a finger in the opposite direction I was heading. I turned to see that … oh my goodness … the line was not just inside lobby area, but was weirdly snaked around out the vestibule doors and wound through the postal box area, leaving a gap for the entry door where I was standing, meandering for another 10 feet or so to my left! YIKES! I thanked the gentleman and hiked my way to the end of…