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HELLO! Collectors' Special - Diana, A 60th Birthday Tribute

HELLO! Collectors' Special - Diana, A 60th Birthday Tribute

HELLO! Collectors' Special - Diana, A 60th Birthday Tribute


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editor’s letter

As we mark what would have been the 60th birthday of Diana, Princess of Wales, I am filled with renewed sadness that she is not here to mark this milestone, but also a sense of celebration at how relevant and popular the late People’s Princess remains today. In fact, looking at the evidence, perhaps her star shines brighter in this moment than at any time since she was so cruelly taken from this world in 1997. As a mother, philanthropist and member of the royal family, Diana’s natural empathy for others was trailblazing within “the Firm” and we will never forget her easy way with strangers and her words of comfort to the sick. We saw how she showered her own two precious boys, Princes William and Harry, with love. As we…

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her extraordinary life in pictures

She lived for only 36 years, but they were full ones. From the joyful day of her birth, 1 July 1961, to the tragic date of her death, 31 August 1997, Diana fitted in more love, despair, laughter, sadness, dreams and drama than most people would manage in twice that time. She was a shy young woman who became a Princess. A kindergarten assistant turned fashion icon. A woman who won then lost the heart of the heir to the throne but became the Queen of Hearts to millions. And an aristocratic English rose who became a global champion of the disadvantaged. They were extraordinary achievements. But above them all, what she valued most was becoming a mother to her two beloved sons, Princes William and Harry. Here, we mark the highs…

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jewel in the crown

Diana married the boy next door; only this one came with a coronet and an ermine cape. Lady Diana Spencer was born at Park House on the Queen’s Sandringham estate; Diana’s father John, Viscount Althorp, was equerry to the Queen and before that to George VI, who played tennis at the Spencers’ house. Growing up, she and her siblings would be presented every Christmas at “the Big House”. Her grandmother, Baroness Fermoy, was a confidante to the Queen Mother. Small wonder then that her path would cross that of the heir to the throne. The grandeur of the match barely scratches the surface of her singular appeal, however. By the time the curtain came down so cruelly on her drama, she had transcended the royal dynasty and Britain. She belonged to the world. If…

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the newly engaged couple shared their delight with the world, diana smiling and showing off her exquisite ring

Lady Diana Spencer was an exuberant and fun-loving teenager when she first caught the eye of the 29-year-old Prince of Wales at a grouse shooting party at Althorp in 1977. “I remember thinking what a very jolly and amusing and attractive 16-year-old she was,” Prince Charles said later. “I mean, great fun, and bouncy and full of life and everything.” They didn’t meet again for another three years. But when they did, at a barbecue, romance was in the air. Within months, the press managed to get a photo of the shy nursery assistant with the bright autumn sunshine silhouetting her long legs. The world was enchanted and a star was born. On 24 February 1981, Buckingham Palace made the announcement royal fans had been waiting for: “It is with the greatest pleasure…

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an occasion like no other

Charles and Diana’s wedding, on 29 July 1981, was attended by 3,500 guests, including most of Europe’s crowned heads. The bride’s dress, regarded as the most closely guarded secret in fashion history, was created by husband and wife David and Elizabeth Emanuel in ivory silk taffeta and sewn with 10,000 pearls. A 25ft train billowed behind Diana as she walked the 625ft red carpet to the altar. The rings were made of Welsh gold. Diana omitted “obey” from her vows, while Charles started a new tradition by waiting to kiss the bride until the newlyweds appeared on the balcony of Buckingham Palace (right). The couple and 120 guests went back to Buckingham Palace for the reception, which boasted 27 wedding cakes.…

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diana danced confidently on to the world stage as wife of the future king and a star was born

Pictures of the Waleses tell the story of their 15-year marriage as it was played out on the world stage, from their bliss as newlyweds to their eventual estrangement. Barely back from honeymoon, Diana was handling royal engagements and tours, both with Prince Charles and alone. The once shy young woman showed herself to be a star, her natural warmth and openness with everyone she met making even official engagements seem less stiff and formal. The most important pictures, ultimately, are those of the royal couple as parents, radiating a shared joy and pride in their sons. These images will endure as a reminder of all that was best in their union. THE WALESES’ PRIDE AND JOY IN THEIR SONS IS A REMINDER OF WHAT WAS BEST IN THEIR UNIONDIANA’S NATURAL WARMTH AND…