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High Times November 2020

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HAIR-RAISING POLICY A proposed rule change to add hair-follicle drug testing to government workplace screening was recently posted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and published in the Federal Register on September 10. The new rule change would affect workers who are screened before or during employment by federal agencies and federally regulated industries. The problem with hair-follicle drug tests, though, is that they can detect THC in strands of hair months after use, which makes them an unreliable indicator of impairment. The proposed rule can also be viewed as a racist policy, as darker hair absorbs more cannabis metabolites than lighter-colored hair does, and the results of the tests can be unfairly biased against members of the Black and Latinx communities. SAMHSA even admitted in an…

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@gregoshop @HIGH_TIMES_Mag Repression and coercive actions against pot smokers have never been so numerous [in France] since maybe the ’80s. Every day the first “cop” of France is publishing his poor and ridiculous results to French twitter on his account @GDarmanin. Dogs, horses, dozen cops for 2g of weed per region. @Spitdog @tomangell and @HIGH_ TIMES_Mag There needs to be a guaranteed certification from the city, county or state that [New York’s expungement process] in fact has taken place. We cannot believe our government to do what they say regardless of how small the task, they are impotent in following directions, guidelines or procedures. They’re pathetic. @Dave22198987 @HIGH_TIMES_Mag When is the FED going to do something right? Are they still against Our Father in Heaven and his creations? Oh that’s right they tax us, drug…

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the more you know

“SCIENCE IS MUCH MORE THAN A BODY OF KNOWLEDGE. IT’S A WAY OF THINKING.”- CARL SAGAN, SCIENTIST AND CANNABIS LOVER Oh my science! This issue of High Times covers everything you need to know about the science of drugs. We’re not talking about traditional pharmaceutical drugs, but psychotropic drugs that have the potential to help out medical patients suffering from a variety of conditions. Only through the scientific process, can we rule out which drugs are effective and safe. We spoke with leading researchers about their groundbreaking studies into drugs like MDMA, psilocybin and of course, marijuana. We also pay tribute to one of the greatest cannabis researchers of our time, Dr. Lester Grinspoon, who passed away earlier this year. “My dad was a real scholar and bookworm, and he always learned.…

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OH, CANADA! Canada is looking like a good place to live permanently as a new resident. What would it be like for a cannabis consumer? -Juan Snow RESPONSE: Maple syrup, friendliness and ample amounts of weed? Count us in! The citizens of Canada enjoy a lot of benefits, to say the least. Not only does this country have a younger, more progressive prime minister at the helm than its neighbor to the south, but the country’s recent dive all-in with cannabis legalization is a powerful statement to its people. If your main draw to living in Canada (and becoming a resident one day) is its cannabis industry, then it depends on where you live. Each province has a slightly different but still thriving industry. Some provinces have more dispensaries than others. The legal…

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valuing life and healing

Military veterans dedicate their lives to serving the US and its ideals, but the US government doesn’t always return the favor. Veterans often struggle to return to civilian life after their tours are concluded, and some take their own lives due to a variety of factors. High Times is honored to have veteran and cannabis advocate, Patrick Seifert, as a monthly columnist. Seifert understands firsthand the plight and struggles that many veterans face—and how cannabis can certainly help. Seifert served in the United States Marines Corps between 1992 to 1995 as a 0311 rifleman, scout swimmer, rappel master and in Marine Corps Security Forces. His military career earned him awards in rifles and pistols, and in 1993 he graduated from Jungle Environment Survival Training in the Philippines. He was stationed in…

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states can’t wait

The cannabis industry can’t hold its breath forever waiting for open state-to-state commerce while federal cannabis reform moves at a glacial pace. Federal legislation to end cannabis prohibition would open the door to interstate commerce, but it faces slim chances in the Senate, even if passed on the House floor. Interstate cannabis commerce would allow cannabis to be transported and marketed across state lines. One advocacy nonprofit is taking an entirely new approach—in the form of an interstate compact. A campaign by the Alliance for Sensible Markets—a nonprofit coalition of businesses and advocates committed to a thriving and just legal-cannabis industry—is the driving force behind the interstate compact and the #StatesCantWait social-media campaign to allow sales across state lines. Big producer states could supply the big consumer states with a steady flow…