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Home Cinema Choice April 2020

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Home Cinema Choice is the UK's best-selling home cinema enthusiasts magazine. Every issue features news and reviews of the latest home cinema equipment, from amplifiers, receivers, processors and power amps, to DVD recorders, speakers, projectors and flat panel TVs. Home Cinema Choice currently publishes 11 issues a year but reserves the right to change the number of issues in an annual term.

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Home cinema sound comes in many guises, and at HCC we love them all. This issue we audition two traditional 5.1 speaker systems from M&K Sound and ATC, double up on deep bass with REL subwoofers, and live the high life with Bang & Olufsen’s debut Dolby Atmos soundbar. Amongst all that, we report on this year’s Bristol Hi-Fi Show where sound systems big and small competed for attention. Even video streaming services are getting in on the high-quality act. Netflix led the charge with its multichannel and Dolby Atmos content, now Apple TV+ (see p58) and – arriving this month – Disney+ (p114) are following suit. Both have pricing models that make Netflix seem expensive. There’s a streaming service war brewing. And it’s going to sound good. Editor…

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John Archer: The experienced TV tester cut his teeth as an early HCC staffer Jon Thompson: Film producer and post-production expert delves into Hollywood and AV Steve May: HCC’s former Ed. is one of the UK’s most respected AV journos Martin Pipe: Technical expert Martin is renown throughout the industry Richard Stevenson: Former Editor of the UK CE trade journal ERT Ed Selley: Audiophile Ed mixes his home cinema passion with a love of vinyl Steve Withers: Movie fan, display calibrator and object-based audio obsessive…

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A touch of class? NAD T 778 ➜ www.nadelectronics.com Adding a twist to traditional AV receiver design, NAD’s new T 778 sports a full-colour touchscreen interface, first seen on the brand’s high-end Masters Series M10 streamer. Behind the scenes, Hybrid Digital amplification delivers a claimed 9 x 100W, with Atmos and DTS:X processing aided by Dirac Live room correction. High-res music playback comes via NAD’s BluOS platform and associated app, while the Bluetooth spec supports headphone listening. Available soon, priced £2,500. HCC ONLINE… For breaking AV news, blogs, features and reviews visit www.homecinemachoice.com Follow us on Twitter @hccmag Like us on Facebook facebook.com/homecinemachoice…

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huawei, devialet team up

Huawei has unveiled an all-in-one smart speaker, co-engineered with highly regarded French hi-fi maker Devialet. The Sound X is a bookshelf-sized omnidirectional music system with a high-gloss black finish and fabric base, clearly targeting the more premium end of the smart speaker market. This isn't Devialet’s first collaboration with a mass-market brand – the company previously partnered with Sky to produce the Sky Soundbox. Huawei, meanwhile, already has a long-standing partnership with optics specialist Leica for its smartphone cameras. The Sound X features six high-frequency drivers, coupled with Devialet’s ‘push-push’ woofer design. These dual woofers are visible from the cut-outs on either side of the enclosure, which allow you to see Devialet’s signature pumping action. The speaker also utilises Devialet’s Speaker Active Matching technology (SAM), which can be found in the brand’s upmarket Phantom…

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Joker (4K BD) The refined native 4K encode and HDR10/Dolby Vision upgrade offered by this UHD platter are no laughing matter. The Shining (4K BD) With Doctor Sleep hitting disc, we cracked out this 4K makeover of Kubrick’s chilling masterpiece. Come Drink with Me (BD) A superb restoration and chat-track make this a must-own for martial arts movie fans. Deadly Manor (BD) José Ramón Larraz’s final fright flick is given a fresh lease of life by this disc’s gorgeous restoration and entertaining extras. In the Line of Duty (DVD) Enjoyably propulsive real-time cop thriller that has nothing whatsoever to do with the acclaimed BBC series.…

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uk to carry on streaming

Apparently our thirst for streaming video services is far from sated. According to the latest industry research, binge-happy viewers will pay for even more when the content is right. The news comes as Disney+ enters the OTT market, challenging Netflix and Amazon Prime Video for eyeballs and subscription revenue. 'What we've seen since Disney+ launched in the US is that it is complementary to Netflix,' says Amy Jo Smith, President and CEO of DEG (Digital Entertainment Group). 'Netflix did not see a drop off of consumers, even though Disney+ reported 10 million subscribers in its first day.' Smith adds that consumers who once said they wanted 'one to three' OTT services are now open to having more. 'I think that what we’re seeing is that the pie is getting a little bigger. You're…