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“Think about curating your spaces based on how you want them to make you feel.” I regularly have conversations with people about their interiors, and you wouldn’t believe how often I hear the words “but the house isn’t finished”. My usual response is that the only time a house is ‘finished’ is when you’ve sold it. In all other instances, there really is no finish line. The sense of urgency to get things ‘done’ is a bit of a modern affliction that sometimes sees us acquiring stuff for the sake of filling gaps, rather than making well-considered purchases. My advice is to slow down and take your time seeking out things you truly love, letting your interior evolve to reflect who you are and the way you actually like to live. Think…

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LIVE LARGE Go for broke in a single masterstroke with the latest magnificent mural-style wallpapers from local super-talent Emma Hayes. This sublime design is Daybreak, which sees swirls of paint dance across the wall, inspired by atmospheric events like dawn and the polar lights. It’s crafted by heritage manufacturers from paper sourced from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)-certified forests and ink made from organic pigments. QUIET STRENGTH Packing quite the visual punch with its impeccably refined combination of lines and curves enclosing expertly balanced negative space, Powersurge’s Fall coffee table has exploded into our hearts. Elegantly juxtaposing the lightness of the composition with the weight of the solid brass, it’s a minimalist dream offered in three finishes: Light Antique (pictured), Dark Antique and Blackened. MIX MASTERS Personalisation being the people’s choice these days, Freedom’s…

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Wild Child: Adventure Cooking with Kids by Sarah Glover (Prestel, $60) Yeah, inside is cool, but have you tried going outside for a proper adventure lately? Not a planned-to-the-nth-degree trip, but the kind you’d go on as a kid, when you’d just set off and see where the wind took you? Growing up in ’80s Australia, Sarah Glover didn’t spend her time in front of a screen — exploring with her siblings and friends and experimenting in the kitchen was her idea of fun. It allowed her to learn and create, and became her guide to adult life, in which she strives to retain that same spirit of possibility, discovery and daring. With this cookbook, she wants to spark your kids’ imagination while reigniting yours. In true ’80s style, the adventures Sarah endorses…

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Surf culture and art deco wouldn’t seem to have much in common, yet at Sydney’s Harbord Hotel, they’ve been brought together in an expertly eclectic interior. Refurbished by Alexander & Co in a palette of nostalgic hues enhanced by tons of texture, the bar, restaurant and event spaces of this century-old beachside pub feature a synergistic mix of décor details that combine to create above all a lived-in feel. Consider using paint, wallpaper or fabric to emulate this cool cut-out collage wall treatment, or style up your spaces with pieces like these:…

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In our humble opinion, customisation is always right, so we love to see décor that does the groundwork for you, then lets you take charge. Like the visual cohesion of a lounge suite but not the sense of similarity? How’s this for a modern alternative? King’s Fleur collection recognises that one size, shape and colour often doesn’t fit all. Instead, its mix-and-match items include sofas in three sizes that offer multiple seating positions through their adjustable back and armrests, a chair with a swivel base for 180-degree movement, and three different ottomans. A range of fabrics for the removable covers completes the building blocks of your ideal set-up. When their backrests are folded in to echo the rounded corners of the seats that curve down to meet lithe bronze legs, these designs…

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Hey Buster, what and where is Lamplight? It’s an independent bookstore in the award-winning Geyser Building in Auckland’s Parnell. The masterminds behind it are Melanie O’Loughlin and Courtney Smith, formerly of Unity Books. What was your design intention for the store? Books are visually noisy, so we wanted to create those lovely little moments of respite you want from a book-browsing experience — an inward cosiness that shields you from bustling Parnell Rise outside and allows the books to sing. Blocky, utilitarian forms hold the books, but are broken down into smaller parts to lighten the visual weight through the use of simple, square tiles of varying sizes. Just like the book selection, the design qualities of this store are considered, confident and there to be quietly noticed. What was your thinking…