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Idealog Issue 66

Idealog is New Zealand’s premier business magazine – with a twist. Idealog is all about providing insights and ideas for forward thinking executives. Awarded ’Best Business Magazine’ five years in a row, Idealog is aimed at passionate innovators and thought leaders who want to reimagine how we all do business.

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cultural intelligence

Of all the many interesting insights from David Downs and Dr. Michelle Dickinson’s new book No. 8 Recharged, there was one that stood out to me: a lot of New Zealand’s early immigrants happened to be second sons. First sons had the benefit of succession, whereas those who weren’t so fortunate had to forge their own paths. The Māui explorers who travelled to New Zealand across vast oceans and transported their ideas to their new home also exhibited that pioneering, innovative mindset. These founding mythologies seem to gel well with our romantiren’t so fortunate had to forge their own paths. The Māui explorers who travelled to New Zealand across vast oceans and transported their ideas to their new home also exhibited that pion the common question to tourists: ‘are you…

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scanning the horizon

For the 2017 Innovation Issue – as with every issue – we wanted to try something new. So we talked to our friends at digital solutions agency One Fat Sheep to see if we could harness their augmented reality (AR) expertise. And, with the support of Chorus, we’ve turned the cover into an interactive contents page that brings the main sections and stories to life and blends print with digital. One Fat Sheep’s general manager Sebastian Deans says the beauty of AR is it’s like real-world magic. “Not only can a kid bring to life their favourite Pokémon character in 3D in their very own living room, but we can just as easily bring data to life, in an exciting and beautiful way,” Deans says. “We used the cover of Idealog as…

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pay to play

Matthias Bachmann has just spent time working at one of the world’s most renowned futurist think tanks in the US. Now, he’s coming back to New Zealand to help shape the direction of innovation and emerging tech in our nation. Matthias Bachmann, a 22-year-old UX/UI designer, has already worked with the likes of Fairfax, Vero and The Warehouse. And he has just returned to Aotearoa after spending several months in Colorado, where he immersed himself in all things innovation and emerging tech. “Initially, I came over to work with the futurist think tank The Da Vinci Institute,” he explains. The creative technologies graduate was there as part of an AUT scholarship and, while there, he was also part of a team involved with Magpie Supply, a platform that aims to provide insight to…

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david dear

By day (and the occasional night) David Downs is general manager, services, at NZTE. He is currently battling cancer and has just released a book with Dr Michelle Dickinson on New Zealand technology called No.8 Recharged. I’m in full time work, but thinking about setting up and running a business in my spare time. I want this thing to really succeed, so how much time do you think I should set aside for it versus my paid employment, and how do you balance it all? Budding Entrepreneur Dear Bud There are a number of factors bound up in this question; let’s try to unpick a few. Firstly, while it’s possible to set up a business outside of your main job, it’s not easy. New businesses are like new babies – they require a lot of…

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When community worker and Snells Beach local Mark Gatt was helping youth offenders, he’d noticed an ongoing pattern: Deep, meaningful conversations would be incredibly helpful for them, but the stigma surrounding therapy meant they’d balk at the suggestion of seeking professional help. “Even though I’m not a therapist, I was using cognitive behaviourial therapy (CBT) tools to unpack their beliefs,” Gatt says. “These guys were all over it, they loved it, but if I said to them, ‘There’s this therapist down the road and we’ll pay for you to go,’ they were like ‘no.’ And so, that got me thinking, how do we get CBT into their hands? How do we get it into their pocket? They’re all over their phone, so that seemed like the natural outlet. So, I said to Kate…

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helping hands for growing pains

Hi, I’m the Idea Log, Idealog’s spirit ‘animal’. Did you know wood products are New Zealand’s third biggest export earner? You did? Well, given your surprising knowledge of our industry sectors, you’ll also know that it is a low-value commodity. And speaking as a log, it’s also murderous and barbaric. So I’m here to propose a few solutions to help get our country’s A into GDP. Business isn’t all beer and skittles. Sometimes it’s more like leftover rum and coke from the night before and those terrible foreign lollies that fall from cheap piñatas. It’s hard yakka and entrepreneurs will almost certainly come upon hard times as they attempt to bend the world to their will. Founders often ask me for advice and, as an experienced angel investor, with large stakes…