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Idealog Issue 68

Idealog is New Zealand’s premier business magazine – with a twist. Idealog is all about providing insights and ideas for forward thinking executives. Awarded ’Best Business Magazine’ five years in a row, Idealog is aimed at passionate innovators and thought leaders who want to reimagine how we all do business.

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to reach new heights, we have to embrace our depths

There has been a bit of chatter recently around whether our culture is holding us back in business. A recent Guardian article, ‘'New Zealand wants you': the problem with tech at the edge of the world’ identified an issue in our technology sector: our modest nature means we often don’t back our abilities enough. An American entrepreneur said Kiwis were ‘humble to a fault’, while Mixt CEO Jessica Manins said she has created an American persona to come across as more confident. In New Heights, New Depths, Peter Beck talks about the difficulties of building a billion-dollar-company in this atmosphere and says a cultural shift needs to happen if we want more of them. He often faced skepticism from other New Zealanders when he told them his vision, but look at…

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how to use the ar cover:

1. Download the Idealog AR app from the Google Play or Apple App Store. 2. Open the app and activate the AR city by pointing your camera at the Idealog Tech issue cover. 3. To change the scale of the AR city, using two fingers, pinch and drag the screen. 4. Tap the buildings to reveal the holographic wire frame of the city. The cover of Idealog’s 2018 Tech Issue is a truly collaborative affair. It began as a brief from the Idealog team to create an artwork that represented New Zealand's technology sector reaching new heights. This was given to 3D motion graphic artist Guangyu Li, who brought the idea to life with creative direction from Idealog's Wade Wu. Li says the advantage of using a format like 3D design to portray a future…

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the education system didn’t teach me about high-tech, so i taught myself

After a column he wrote outlining the problems with New Zealand’s education system got the online world buzzing, 18-year-old William Reynolds journeyed down to Wellington to explain to the Ministry of Education why new technologies, like AR/VR, AI and blockchain need to be covered off in the curriculum, so more kids are better equipped for the changes ahead. And now, he’s taking the path less travelled and interning at tech companies around the world rather than attending University. Here, he discusses why he wants more kids to have the opportunities he’s created for himself. It’s a shame because I’m not special. Everyone can go out and do this, and if they had been exposed to it in the same way there could be another 50 people from my school on entrepreneurial…

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dear david

By day (and the occasional night) David Downs is general manager, projects, at NZTE. Last year, while battling cancer, he released a book with Dr Michelle Dickinson on New Zealand technology called No.8 Recharged. Surely NZ is too small to be a credible and globally relevant source of innovation and technology? Scott the sceptic Dear Scott, I disagree wholeheartedly – for a few reasons. It’s certainly a perspective that I can understand, but it's just (excuse the pun) patently wrong. New Zealand has long been a source of innovation and change, and not just in technology either: first in the world to introduce the 40 hour working week, first to have universal suffrage. Heck, we even crowdfunded a beach and gave a river the same rights as a person! I won’t debate that in the…

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elevator pitch

Scan the QR code to watch the video Those who’ve worked in a bar before know that changing the beers kegs can be a time-consuming and often mismanaged process. The process is ripe for refinement, which is where Serato and Vend alumni Adrian Wills saw an opportunity. This led Wills to launch Trickle, a software for bars to manage every aspect of on-tap beer’s lifecycles from the moment it arrives in a keg, to the moment when it’s placed in front of a patron and slurped down. Its hardware component can also track theft and wastage of beers through gathering the data of every drop of beer poured (or spilt). “Without giving away our secret sauce, there’s a lot more to recording and understanding wastage than just logging everything and knowing what wasn’t…

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upgrade yourself

Business success is all about maintaining an edge and using the various tools at your disposal – whether it's technological, psychological, physiological or cultural – to crush weaker opponents and spit on their graves. Oh, sorry, what was that? Businesses need to have a heart? Social enterprise is the way of the future? The market does not know best? Pfffftt! As my dear friend Milton Friedman famously said, the only business of business is business. So here is my advice on how to do it at optimum efficiency. Hi, I’m the Idea Log, Idealog's spirit 'animal'. Did you know wood products are New Zealand’s third biggest export earner? You did? Well, given your surprising knowledge of our industry sectors, you’ll also know that it is a low-value commodity. And speaking as…