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September/October 2021

Ideas is all about MAKING your world more beautiful. Packed with creative inspiration, fresh ideas, easy projects and step-by-step instructions, this magazine is the go-to guide for crafters, stitchcrafters, makers, cooks and DIY home decorators.

South Africa
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from the editor

CONTACT ME • terena@ideasfactory.co.za • instagram.com/terenaleroux It is so bitterly cold as I’m writing this that I can hardly believe spring is just around the corner. Mother Nature’s cycles are a thing of wonder. As are those of our lives and our moods. There was a day last week when I simply could not look at our gorgeous pages. Not while people were fearing for their lives and seeing their businesses, jobs and income being plundered and burned before their eyes. It just didn’t feel right. But the next morning I remembered why we do what we do. Why we create a ‘happy place’ where we can sit quietly and be creative. Also about the restorative therapy that we all find in creativity. Or even just in building up, cleaning and fixing. There has seldom…

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what’s new

💮 NEW SHOPS, DÉCOR AND CRAFT dala@ideasfactory.co.za 💮 FOOD AND RESTAURANTS ideasmagazinefood@gmail.com STRETCH THAT NECK Tech-neck anyone? Aesthetic doctors, chiropractors and physiotherapists say increasing numbers of people are not only complaining about a sore, stiff neck but also about an ugly one – largely because of our constant use of digital devices like cellphones, tablets and laptops. Bending the head forward while we look down to read the screens causes posture problems, deep neck wrinkles and sagging neck skin. Dermalogica describe their new Neck Fit Contour Serum (R1 790) as a personal coach for your neck. It’s a roll-on serum that tightens, lifts and smooths the skin. It contains powerful botanical ingredients such as rye-seed extract – which works like retinol to rejuvenate the skin – and a polysaccharide inspired by the Namibian…

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so much colour!

‘I have a soft spot for old houses and lots of colour. I am inspired by my surroundings, especially nature and when I feel good, creativity flows.’ Ella Vlug describes her style as eclectic, but the Bohemian look sets the tone. She enjoys blending vintage items with embroidered fabrics in bright shades and patterns, and daring choices in wall colours and carpets. Which is exactly what she did to this lovely old house from the 1920s. The family lived a few doors down in the same street in Zaandam in the Netherlands, but they had begun to outgrow that house. They knew the people who owned this house and asked them to let them know if they ever put it up for sale. And lo and behold, they did! However, it came…

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the way to your heart…

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be floored

DIFFICULTY: medium TIME: two days YOU WILL NEED ♥ sandpaper (between 180 and 220gsm) ♥ tile primer ♥ blue Rust-Oleum spray paint ♥ white tile paint ♥ clear sealant ♥ sponge roller ♥ stencil of your choice ♥ spray glue ♥ cardboard Start by giving your tiles a good clean. If you are painting on glossy tiles, sand them very lightly and evenly with fine-grit sandpaper. This is to ‘key’ the surface and help the paint adhere better. Wipe off the dust. Paint a coat of tile primer over the tiles with the sponge roller. Look for an epoxy formula as it’s the easiest to paint over. Wait for about 8 hours for the primer to dry and cure properly. Apply a coat of white tile paint over the primer with a foam roller. Once the…

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stamped flower silhouettes

Anything can be your canvas, even a plain white chair. Use flower silhouettes to create a lovely botanical pattern. It’s such an easy way to bring your garden indoors. DIFFICULTY: easy TIME: two hours YOU WILL NEED ♥ wooden chair ♥ flower silhouettes ♥ acrylic poster paint ♥ cardboard for flower silhouettes ♥ A4 sheet of paper ♥ craft knife and cutting mat ♥ paintbrush ♥ clear sealant HOW TO 1 Start by giving your chair a good clean and dry it properly. 2 Cut 4 or 5 flower silhouettes out of your cardboard in the sizes of your choice. 3 Apply a layer of acrylic paint to the one side of the silhouette and use this as a stamp to create your flower design. Place the silhouette painted side down onto your chair, place the sheet of…