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Ideas May/June 2021

Ideas is all about MAKING your world more beautiful. Packed with creative inspiration, fresh ideas, easy projects and step-by-step instructions, this magazine is the go-to guide for crafters, stitchcrafters, makers, cooks and DIY home decorators.

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from the editor

My runner son and I sat this morning chatting over a cup of coffee. We discuss his toes: There’s no getting away from it, they’re not looking good with nails that fall out regularly because of their constant battering in his running shoes. But it doesn’t matter, because it’s an unavoidable consequence of something he really enjoys and which is good for him. It makes me immediately look at my hands. I often tell people I don’t wear my nails long and painted, because I have worker’s hands. They type and cook and paint and drill, help me to do the things that make me happy. And I can also think of nothing worse than the sound of long nails on my computer’s keyboard. In her article about hands on page…

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what’s new

MAKE EYES! The delicate skin around our eyes and lips is thin and sensitive. Which is why age shows there first with crow’s feet around the eyes and barcode wrinkles above the lips. A product that pays specific attention to this is Filorga’s new Global-Repair Eyes & Lips (R1 290). This anti-ageing cream contains 50 mesoingredients (vitamins, antioxidants, coenzymes), nutrients for the skin (ceramide, the omega fatty acids in camellia, evening primrose and jojoba, vitamins A, D and K, and cellular boosters (hyaluronic acid to fill in hollows, collagen peptides to restore the dermis network). It also contains five brightening ingredients like niacinamide, vitamin C and phytic acid, and tuberose and sesame seed extracts to plump up the skin, so it appears smoother. Mwah! KITCHEN TRENDS Kitchen appliances are no longer just practical…

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sturdy stuff

COCOFEATURES.COM Tineke is a huge fan of old furniture. She admires the way it was made, by hand, and simply adores the weathered look, those traces of time and use. She has a special love for the sturdy stuff, pieces that originate from workshops, farms, factories… Industrial-style treasures of robust wood and rusty ironware catch the eye in her Frisian home, built in 1880, where she lives with husband Rick and sons Jasper and Bram. She certainly is a very precise stylist, admits Tineke. ‘I never put anything down randomly, everything must have its perfect place, down to the centimetre. I always notice when something has been shifted.’ Then, laughing out loud: ‘I guess you just moved that little bottle.’ She points to a small group of vintage laboratory bottles arranged in a…

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sleep, blissful sleep

MONOCHROME IS A WINNER Bright colours are not the only way to create the feeling of warmth in your room; this is a good example of how you can also get it right with a monochrome palette. You choose the base colour, cream in this instance, and then stay in the colour family to put the look together. Here the designer played with light brown, grey and taupe. The scatter cushions provide pattern and texture and invite you to curl up immediately with your book. If you have a bed on legs, use the space under it for extra storage. And don’t pack away the Christmas tree - put it in a basket and let its lights twinkle all year! LET YOUR WALLS BLOOM There is a reason why the walls in so…

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ombré shelves

DIFFICULTY: average TIME: weekend YOU WILL NEED ♥ Tjhoko chalk paint in three colours of your choice (we used about 500ml per colour)♥ wide and thinner paintbrushes♥ wooden planks (long enough to cut into 5 floating shelves)♥ L-shaped brackets for the shelves♥ bottles to mix paint in (or use small yoghurt tubs)♥ ice-cream sticks to mix paint with♥ thinners♥ equipment (drill, screwdriver and saw) BEFORE YOU START: Wipe down the wooden planks with thinners and leave them to dry properly. Then paint all the shelves in your ombre colours and leave them to dry - this will enable you to see if the ombré colours work. Adjust the colours if they are too dark or too light. Drill the holes for the shelves in the wall before you start painting. TO MAKE 1 Start by drawing…

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flower on the wall

DIFFICULTY: medium TIME: 2-3 days YOU WILL NEED MATERIALS ♥ diagrams on page overleaf♥ plywood (we used birch plywood) - 400mm x 400mm x 12mm thick (parts 1, 2 and 3)♥ SA pine (or any other light wood) - 35mm x 24mm x 25mm thick (part 4) - 22mm x 28mm x 25mm thick (part 5)♥ dowels (pine) - 2 x 32mm x 12mm diameter♥ 1 x 2A55 slotted hanger with screws♥ 4m x braided lamp cord (we used white)♥ 1 x 15 amp 3-prong plug♥ 1 x stainless steel cable management set CM-SS-GS♥ 1 x white inline switch♥ 2 x EKL1 6Amp strip connectors (small)♥ 1 x ceiling light: CFO47, 13W, 4000K, white (remove plastic cover)♥ wood glue (Ultra)♥ clear contact adhesive♥ 3mm thick double-sided tape♥ clear lacquer spray (we used matt finish) TOOLS ♥…