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Inked February/March 2019

Inked magazine covers pop culture and music for people that enjoy Tattoo art or have Tattoo designs on their bodies. Each issue has interviews with popular celebrities and the tattoo artists who decorate their bodies. There are tons of photos to inspire your next work of body art.

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This issue is our way of kickin' it old school. An homage to the days when tattoos were a badge of badass honor. When all it took was one strategically placed traditional piece peeking out from under a t-shirt sleeve — that also served as a convenient place to hold your smokes — to tell the world that you came from the "wrong" side of the tracks… and were damn proud of it. Hey, but this is the 21st century and we here at INKED are hip to the fact that things change. Time marches on and with time comes evolution and revolution and we embrace that societal Bibb as much as we dig hot rods and pin-ups, rockabilly and cool jazz. So, all you hep cats, kool kittens and madcap millennials…

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HOLIDAY ISSUE I hope everyone had a great holiday season, and is looking forward to embracing 2019 and all it has to off er. Our Holiday issue was received like a long-awaited gift and we are thankful to all of you who picked it up. For those of you who may have missed it on the newsstands — some reported early selling out of copies — you can still grab it as an online copy or hit up our back issues department. We also want to give a great big thanks to all who appeared in this special issue, including Ryan Ashley and Arlo DiChristina, who took time out of their super-busy schedules to come in for a full day of shooting and interviews. Without the cooperation of all those who…

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fiona stephenson

Fiona Stephenson is a trained illustrator who studied at Barnsley and Harrow School of Art in the mid-80’s. Her early career found her doing TV and magazine illustrations before comic book lettering for Judge Dredd 2000 A.D and Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000, which led to coloring work for D.C Comics. While being steeped in the comic book world is where Fiona discovered and fell in love with American Pin-Up art, in particular Gil Elvgren, Zoe Mozart and George Petty. After discovering the art of Pin-Up, Fiona felt the need to branch out beyond comic book coloring and decided to teach herself to oil paint. After spending a couple of years building up a reputation as an Elvgren tribute painter, Fiona then started creating her own vintage styled pin-up girls. Fiona is now…

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postmodern jukebox

In a world of auto tunes and face filters, Postmodern Jukebox offers a subculture for vintage enthusiasts. “People have a natural nostalgia for other times and a natural curiosity of what it would be like to live there,” Scott Bradlee said. Postmodern Jukebox answers this, and transports you to an “alternate vintage universe.” Scott Bradlee, pianist and Postmodern Jukebox arranger, grew up in New Jersey with a jazz background. While Bradlee enjoyed music as a kid, he didn’t like to practice, and said he wasn’t good when he started. Then, once he heard George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue,” everything changed. “I was so enamored with that sound. I didn’t know you could play like that,” Bradlee said. “I was used to scales.” The inspiration for Postmodern Jukebox started as a throw-away hobby. While Bradlee…

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brian newman

How cool is Brian Newman? Let’s just say, if there were a trumpet player in Goodfellas, it would have been played by Brian Newman. And if he were to get matching tattoos with someone, it would be with Lady GaGa and the tattoo would have been designed by Tony Bennett…and that’s exactly what went down with Brian and Lady GaGa. Meet Brian Newman — this cat’s got the chops to blow the roof off the joint, while dressed to the nines and droppin’ dimes with a lady named Gaga! Oh yeah, and did we mention he rocks some killer ink? Why do you think people have so much “trouble” with jazz? I think a lot of people don’t really know what jazz is. Most people think Kenny G or some weird…

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kareem jackson

The Texans are on a tear. What do you account for this winning streak? Everybody is holding one another accountable, and they’re all in. All 11 guys on the field are doing their job, and making sure that we don’t let each other down.. Everyone is doing what they’re supposed to do. We all have the same goals in common -- play well and win games. You know, that’s the main thing for us. Fans love to say that that game was lost because of one play. Do you believe many games are really lost because of one play? No, I don’t think it’s because of one play. I think it’s a combination of things. Maybe an earlier play in the game, or things kind of adding up. I mean, it’s…