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Inside Soap Yearbook

Inside Soap Yearbook


The Inside Soap Yearbook 2017 reveals the best moments in twelve months of soap – as well as taking a sneak peek at Christmas and New Year. With fantastic interviews with your favourite stars and exclusive pics, it's perfect for any soap fan – or an amazing gift for the soap fan in your life!

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2019… from a to z!

A is for… Awesome! Yes, the soaps were just so full of shocks, plots, gasps and laughs, we’re surprised we can fit it all in one magazine. If next year is any more action-packed, we’ll have to make our Yearbook a two-parter! B is for… Bosh! Fists have been flying all over the place during the past 12 months, mostly in Ben Mitchell’s direction! Since he returned to the Square in January, we reckon that he’s been walloped a thump-tastic 15 times, by everyone from Callum to Keanu! C is for… Coming out! There has been many a gay day in the soaps this year. From Bernadette’s explosion on to the gay scene during Walford Pride to Hollyoaks’ Mitchell facing up to his true feelings, soapland has been flying the rainbow flag! D is for… Daddy…

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break the silence

Hollyoaks opened the new year strong, with the climax to its huge abuse story – which saw Ollie and Brody face vile football coach Buster in court. The week brought lots of huge plot twists, as Brody’s historic case was dropped due to lack of evidence – prompting his best mate Damon to lie to the police that he’d witnessed his dad abusing Brody when they were kids! Meanwhile, as the weeklong trial got underway, more of Buster’s previous abuse victims slowly started to speak out about his horrific actions – but what really sealed his fate was a voicemail he’d left on Imran’s phone, proving that he’d also tried to assault him. Buster was eventually sentenced to six years in prison for his actions, while Hollyoaks was lauded for this…

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look who’s back!

There’s no such thing as a quiet Dingle wedding – but Marlon and Jessie’s nuptials were more dramatic than most, after Dingle legend Mandy gatecrashed proceedings! It had been 17 years since Mandy was last in the village, and the fact that she turned up with her 16-year-old son Vinny in tow raised a few eyebrows – especially since she’d been in a relationship with Paddy just before she left! Could he be Vinny’s dad? It didn’t take long for a fight to break out between Mandy and Chas, but Mandy actually had another bombshell in store for Paddy when she revealed a secret about his father……

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out of control!

“I love you… but if your heart is set on having children, Pete, then I don’t think we can be together…”RHONA We’ve all been guilty of making the odd mistake when we’re hungover from a night out – adding too much sugar to our tea, or accidentally sending a message meant for our secret lover to our boss instead. Oops. But spare a thought for poor Pete in Emmerdale, whose morning-after blunder almost killed his girlfriend Rhona! The fit farmhand got behind the wheel of a tractor after one too many beers the night before, not realising that the vehicle was faulty, and posed a real danger! Then, he made the fatal error of trying to answer a call from Rhona while driving, sending him careering into a barn – where Rhona…

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the big moment

PETE Have you seen Cain? We must have worn those brakes to bits for them to fail like that, and if he’d have checked them properly he’d have sorted it, and Rhona wouldn’t be fighting for her life right now. MATTY He did check them. PETE Yeah, well, then he should have stopped us using the flamin’ thing… MATTY He sort of did… This morning, I thought he was on my back about the usual stuff. He told me not to use it. The tractor. PETE So you knew it was dodgy? MATTY No, not really, I thought Cain was just having a go. PETE But you still let me drive it? MATTY I thought he was just being Cain, throwing his weight around, trying to make out I didn’t know what I was doing on the…

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new arrivals!

EASTENDERS Habiba & Iqra Arshad and Mariam’s granddaughters Iqra and Habiba turned up on the Square – and were soon causing mayhem! It turned out that Iqra was running away from her wedding, having been keeping her true sexuality hidden from her loved ones – while Habiba was soon embroiled in a steamy affair… HOME AND AWAY Bella After searching for years, Colby was elated when he found his long-lost sister Bella, and she came to live in the Bay. But it quickly emerged that she was a very troubled young woman… EMMERDALE Bear Wolf Paddy’s search for his biological father took him to a wrestling convention in Hotten, where he came face to face with the legendary Bear Wolf – the man he believed to be his dad! Sadly, Bear mistook Paddy and his pals for fans,…