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May/June 2021
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Jaguar Journal is published by Jaguar Clubs of North America for members and Jaguar Enthusiasts. The magazine contains JCNA and Club news and calendar, Feature and Technical articles and a Marketplace section. A great information source for the North America Jaguar Scene, Jaguar Journal has been published for 60+ years.

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Jaguar Clubs of North America, Inc.
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blowin’ smoke

When the history of 2020 comes to be written, it will feature some spectacular ‘landmark’ events with truly – perhaps uniquely – global ramifications. Events that will echo through the ages in response to the metaphorical question “Where were you when you heard about… [insert event of choice]? But enough about Liverpool becoming the first English side to win the treble of Champions League, UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup; some other things also happened. Today, March4, having just received my first dose of the Moderna vaccine, the horrendous toll of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is obviously uppermost in people’s minds. This issue will be mailed out end April, and by end May we’re promised sufficient vaccine doses for everyone in the USA. Hopefully Canadian and Mexican members will…

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start at the top

JCNA members of ‘a certain age’ will recall that when they were sold new, E-Types were sometimes bought as a first car by fortunate college students or others starting their first job. In today’s classic car market, the high price of the E-Type makes that less likely and meanwhile, in the age of social media, interest in cars and getting a driver’s license is less of a rite of passage than it once was. Thankfully, there are exceptions to most rules and Gwyn Sonneveldt, age 20, is proud to swim against the tide by not only enjoying old cars and learning to drive with three pedals, but doing so in dad Shane’s Series 1 E-Type roadster. Judging by this photo, Gwyn is happy to trade the occasional hair tangle for the…

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another mold broken

The Coventry Foundation’s scholarship program has funded another student – its fourth – at Penn College. The recipient of this year’s support is Allison Hoch, a Restoration Arts undergrad who has been making an impression on the staff and fellow students with her can-do approach and keen eye for detail. Allison puts it this way: “Growing up around cars, going to car shows with my family and spending lots of time at the drag strip, my passion for cars came naturally – I knew I wanted to make it into a career. Starting at a vocational-technical school in high school, Berks Career and Technology Center, I began my journey in Collision Repair Technology. I wanted to take my education further and since I have been looking forward to attending Penn College for…

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age shall not weary them…

Most people involved in the Jaguar hobby, old or new, will have heard the name Philip Porter, or read one of the many Jaguar books he has written or published – usually both. Some may know him as the owner of 9600 HP, one of two coupes present at the E-Type launch in Geneva sixty years ago. He also bought and restored the E-Type featured in the Michael Caine movie, “The Italian Job.” More relevantly (if it were possible) is the fact that as cofounder of the E-Type Club with his wife Jenny, the Porters are ideally placed to organize an anniversary event, E-60, at nearby Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb venue – the world’s oldest motorsport venue still using its original course. Since August 1905, Shelsley Walsh has been through the ages…

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2020 jcna special award winners

Andrew Whyte Service Award Dave McDowell The Jaguar Owners Association of North Texas Dealership of the Year Hendrick Jaguar, Charlotte Charlotte, NC. Nominated by the Carolina Jaguar Club Karen Miller Award Matthew Johnson – Editor “The Jaguar’s Growl” Jaguar Association of Greater Saint Louis Website Excellence Award Richard Lloyd-Roberts – Webmaster www.CarolinaJaguarClub.com Carolina Jag Club Mike Cook President’s Awards Peter Crespin, The Nation’s Capital Jaguar Club Bob Matejek, Jaguar Affiliates Group of Michigan Les Garbutt, Canadian XK Jaguar-Register Lou Hardin, Jaguar Clubs of Central and Southern Arizona Lifetime Service Award Gerald Ellison, Carolina Jaguar Club Frederick Horner Sportsmanship Award John & Bunni Boswell Wisconsin Jaguars, Ltd. 1996 XJ12 and 2006 X-Type Special Thanks Cara Dillon, JCNA Administrative Assistant…

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2020 jcna newsletter awards

PHOTO 1. Les Garbutt E-Type Cover Photo Classical Gas, Jul/Aug 2020, Canadian XK Jaguar Register 2. Roy Pringle “The Light Before the Light at the End of the Tunnel” JagMag, Oct 2020 Seattle Jag Club HERITAGE 1. Frank Grimaldi “The ‘Lightweight’ XK120 Jaguars” Coventry Cat, April 2020 Jaguar Association of New England 2. Ron Smith “Mk 10 Insight vs Insanity” JagMag, Dec 2020 Seattle Jag Club TRAVEL 1. Bob and Tanya Book “Goodwood by the Books” JagMag, Mar 2020 Seattle Jag Club 2. Bob Matejek “Trip to Welsh Enterprises and Hershey” The Indicator, June 2020 Jaguar Affiliates Group of Michigan EVENT 1. Phil Crutchfield, Randy Drexler, Gary Hillebrand “London to Brighton Car Run” The Indicator, Dec 2020 Jaguar Affiliates Group of Michigan 2. Mich van Vlijmen “Team ‘Blue Nelson’ at the 2nd American British Reliability Run” The Jaguar’s Purr, Nov 2020 Delaware Valley Jaguar Club TECHNICAL 1. Ben Brown “XK120 DHC Windshield Gasket Replacement” JagMag, Sept 2020 Seattle Jag Club 2. Kevin Fitzgerald “The Green Lane Growler – To…